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“Up it s the blu ray collected. 3 06 here and we re back with with another collection video but in this video. We re gonna show off the wii and the wii u collection maybe a little bit of some other of the the other nintendo stuff. But let s get right into this barbie jet set.

Lynn style cars cruisin deal or no deal dj. Hero donkey. Kong. Country returns.

That s a cool game dragonball revenge of king piccolo goosebumps horrorland. Guitar hero aerosmith guitar hero world tour. Guitar hero warriors of raw geek or just dance kids. Just dance disney party just dance summer party.

Just dance. 3. Jumper griffin s story legend of the guardians the owls of ga hoole the legend of zelda twilight princess lego batman 2 dc superheroes lego indiana jones the original adventures lego rock band the lego star wars the complete saga madagascar 3. Madagascar carts madden o 7.

Mario kart meet the robinsons..

Nerf n. Strike need for speed hot pursuit need for speed the run prince of persia rival swarms rapala pro bass fishing for paulo rayman raving rabbids rapids tea party resident evil. 4. Rock and roll adventures rock band 3 scooby doo and the spooky swamp sonic unleashed spider man 3 spider man friend or foe super paper mario super mario bros wii super smash bros brawl oh this one my dog you got into it surf s up never leave your games.

Lying around winter sports. The ultimate challenge wally wreckit ralph and disney universe that is it for my wii collection. I do have extra zelda twilight princesses that i found at garage sales and also another nerf. They didn t have no packing took it but going into the wii u.

Double. Oh. Seven legends call of duty black ops. 2.

Captain toad treasure tracker donkey kong country tropical freeze just dance 2015 just dance 2016 hyrule warriors our haru toys disney infinity the legend of zelda the wind waker hd mario and sonic got rio 2016 olympic games mario party 10 mario tennis ultimate smash monster high 13 wishes the super mario bros u. Super luigi u. This one is like timed you know like timed on every level then 10 doland rayman legends this game is also on other platforms. But i think it plays best on the wheel are you with me the smurfs 2 sonic.

All stars racing transformed that s a cool one p split tuned super mario bros 3d world super mario maker you re gonna ask how come some of them don t have plastic on them because those ones i m currently playing super smash bros wii u..

The walking dead survival instinct yoshi s woolly world sass ins creed 4 black flag. I think this was also one of those ones. I found for a quarter. I guess i ll show you guys this switch.

It s not very big. The legend of zelda breath of the wild mario kart. 8. Deluxe pokemon let s go pikachu split tuned to super bomberman or super mario odyssey.

Super. Smash bros in super street fighter. 2. There is other switch games that i am looking to give and also to build on the wiiu collection since we re showing nintendo.

I might as well show you these these are my regular nes. I bought these cases from custom cases calm the chess master double dragon mickey mouse capade got the super mario bros with duck hunt and not just the regular super mario bros super mario bros. 3. Teenage mutant ninja turtles and uncanny x men.

To show you regular regular nes and like my small 64 banjo kazooie same place i custom game of cases calm diddy kong racing the legend of zelda ocarina of time rampage world tour south park toy story..

2 tarak. 3 shadow of and then i have star wars episode one racer ready to rumble boxing. A lot of these i find that like thrift stores and stuff pokemon snap. Not the greatest though i enjoy pokemon but i m just saying it s not the greatest enough damn sticker pokemon stadium mickey speedway usa and ten going into the why not they re not the greatest of ds s games.

But control twist bring age to cooking mama did he call racing the legend of spyro dawn of the dragon. The legend of zelda phantom hourglass mario kart das mario and luigi bowser s inside story mario vs donkey kong to march of the names monsters vs aliens missed pokemon the white version also called that one soul silver the white version is actually in my dms. Right now. And i take it to work.

Scooby doo first right this seems to cast away super. Mario des super mario bros toy. Story 3. And up despicable me and shrek s carnival crazed party games and madagascar charts luigi s mansion mario kart 7.

Pokemon omega ruby since three sims 3 the pants super mario 3d land super mario bros. 2. The ad foley call a duty finest hour call of duty 2. Big red.

One cars flushed away the incredibles..

The italian job jimmy neutron boy genius i enjoy myself some adventure games. Jimmy neutron boy genius jet fusion lord of the rings. The two towers luigi s mansion mario party for mvp baseball 2005. Need for speed underground 2.

Need for speed. Most wanted. Nhl 2004. The sins busting out spider man spiro enter the tragen love me some spiral spiral heroes take and tony hawk pro skater.

3. And the last one is wwe day of reckoning so now that is basically all my nintendo collection at the ps3 3d tv. There actually have two of those but hit that like button subscribe if you enjoyed the content and drop me a comment. Anything you have to say my collection is still growing and will continue to grow yeah thanks for watching we ll see you guys in the ” .


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