My RMA Experience With Corsair

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“They re great peripherals great cases great components at least from my experience. But do do they have great customer service. Let me show you my perspective. I ve had products fail on me from time to time and usually i would buy a new one since they were inexpensive this time was a little different 170 dollars different my corsair.

K70 rapid fire keyboard was still under its two year warranty when it failed on me and since i never exposed it to any water or abuse. I decided to exercise my warranty so i went over to the corsair customer support portal created an account and filed my claim in short. I told him that the keyboard stopped functioning and that i tried troubleshooting with no success. I received an automated response shortly after confirming down.


My ticket has been submitted and that i receive a response within 48 hours. Christelle then got back to me with other ways to troubleshoot the keyboard. They even provided me with the link containing instructions on how to do so i followed. What was instructed still with no success.

I informed corsair of my results and they approved my rma. I was then instructed to send them the defective keyboard so i can get my replacement. They even offered an expedited service. If i required it i didn t need the expedited service.


So i sent my keyboard back and received my replacement in four days your mileage may vary based on where you live. But according to their website. They have rma processing centers worldwide to keep what i received was brand new it still had its packaging plastic taped around its field retail box so if you have a coarser product fail on you no matter. How much it costs as long as it s still under warranty make them accountable for it troubleshooting beforehand will expedite the rma.

But seems unnecessary of course there appear to be more than willing to walk me through that whole process all right hand three to course. They re great purfles dessert expensive this time was a little different that knows their case or how far do you want to your family will get good is it to any water or abuse. I decided today so if you have a course our product fail on you no matter. How much it costs sound.


Okay your phone silence. Just two. No. Three.

Two. Okay. Thanks for watching. Hope.


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