Nest Gets A Slow Death As Google Back Peddle On “Works With Nest” Shut Down

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“Guys google here we have heard your concerns about the works with nest program being being unceremoniously axed. Without apology. And what we re going to do instead is inject with some poison so it dies slowly instead we re hoping this will allow your concerns and quiets you down a little bit on social media. Because you re making us look bad.

That s it i can t sit around chatting. I have some evil to be doing so if you ll excuse me evil you may have seen on wednesday that i released a video telling you that google is shutting down its works with nest program. Which is stupid don t do it google google have decided to backpedal just far enough to really annoy me. But not far enough to actually fix anything here is everything wrong with google s new plan.

The big question on everyone s lips is is this thing still going to work in august. The answer is buried very very deeply in google s nest websites and it says this we are working with amazon working present tense. Why is that in present tense. That means that they haven t got it sorted out.

Yet despite the fact that it is nest that created the echo skill. So is completely in their hands isn t it surely google. I ve got to tell you you might you might not realize this amazon flipping hate. You and they really flipping hate.

You if we re reliant on them to get your skill working which sounds weird to me. Then i don t know what s gonna happen in august. So google s new plan. Following a massive media backlash is to leave the works with nest platform on you know that one apparently wasn t private or secure enough.

Ten minutes ago put now apparently as private and secure enough to leave on because everybody s mad at them the real reason apparently and all i m sure always was was that it s now easier for developers than ever..

I m pretty sure. It s the developers that are mad at you because you re closing this platform. The other thing that they re doing is they re making it so it s completely crippled. They re gonna make it so that anything you ve added previously will still work.

But you can t add new things so. If you like me and use if for this then that s you won t be able to add new. If this then that recipes all your old ones will work you contacted anything new. Which sucks.

Here s why. This is a cheap door sensor and eventually this cheap door sensor will break. And i will replace it with another cheap door sensor. I will then go into if this then vats and sata if this then that s when my door sensor opens control my net yeah i can t because google have told me i can t make any new connections.

I can only keep my old ones so when that breaks is dead when this breaks is dead. When this breaks is dead all of the things that i own currently eventually will die a death and when they do my thermostat becomes a pretty brick like i said in the last video. So what google is doing instead of killing it all in won t go there just gonna make it really slow and painful and frustrating um. That is not better for me.

That s just as irritating in fact is more irritating because all of the media is now going oh. We ve got a reprieve. No you haven t they ve just made it look like you ve got a reprieve. While making it even more annoying second of all do not i repeat do not make the mistake of upgrading to your google account from your nest account as soon as you do that everything s broken.

The nest..

Account must be kept open and it s the nest account you need to use in order for all of this stuff to stay working after august. If you ve got existing automations and you want them to remain. Working with your thermostat. You must not upgrade to google s account don t do it look people in the comment section.

Saying you ll never be happy will you you ll never be happy no matter. What they do the reason. I m not happy. And this is really straightforward.

I bought the nest thermostat having been told by the company that sold it to me. Then it worked with if this then that they told me they had a works with nest program. Which connected it to so many people is ridiculous. And now google have come and said nay yeah.

No policy just me we re not going to do that anymore. That is flippin and disgusting and if you can t understand why that s disgusting then i don t know what to tell you it might and if i came into your house. And said these things you re not using i m just gonna take him you would punch me in the face and right so so if you re thinking. It s almost like paul s punching google in the face.

Guess what i am yeah. But google have got a new api. Why doesn t everyone just move to the new api. Everyone doesn t want to move to the new api because it s only got half the functionality of the old one basically.

What happens is you can set the temperature of the thermostats..

But you can t get the thermostat to tell you to do stuff so if it reaches a certain temperature. I want something to happen something won t happen anymore. The same will be true of all of the nest products and this is why i imagine people like if this then that i ve gone fit. We re just not gonna do it then and google are very obnoxious lee gone well we re we re google.

We re just going to move ahead anyway because we re massive well i don t care how massive you are i think you re a bunch of jerks. Oh look more comments from people saying things like but amazon did this with ring. You re just picking on google let me get one thing clear i find both companies equally frustrating. Absolutely equal measure across both teams.

What is very different here though is ring never worked on google. There is a big difference between withholding a product from your competition and withdrawing your product from 30 separate individual partners. I mean if you can t grasp the difference. I don t know what to tell you there were people in the comments section of the last video and probably on this one too saying well i m glad i ve got local devices.

I m not reliant on the cloud. Everyone should get local devices because the people that own the cloud are but i totally agree with that perspective. But there is a major problem with the the whole rolling out of that everybody that is in the smart home market right now got there because it suddenly became really accessible. I was around long before she that should not be named existed and the smart home market was one complicated and there was like nothing you could buy because well there was no money.

There the money is only there because people are buying the products and therefore. We are going to be reliance on the cloud for quite some time and i wouldn t have it any other way because i don t want to see the smart home market take this nasty little nosedive. So the situation is simply this i want to see a world where all of these big players your google s your amazon s your logitech s all are forced by some flipping courtroom to get together and amalgamate the clouds so that it can t fail because the situation we re in now is untenable. It is gonna pop at some points.

And this for me is just one little bubble popping and what eventually you will be a much bigger bubble..

And if it isn t put stop to now by people like me going. This isn t good enough and other companies and newspaper outlets going this isn t good enough then nothing will ever change. So if you knock him in the comments. Because i m sorry front of a camera is saying.

This isn t good enough you re part of the problem next week. I will be reviewing some sort of product. Which is cool make sure you don t miss that i hope you ve enjoyed this video. If you have please give it a thumbs up if you want to see some more of this guy.

Yeah. That subscribe button. I come and hang out with me at all the social media. Type thingies and honestly i can t thank these people enough.

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So you may have seen on wednesday. I released a video about the fact that google earth with where were you born google have decided to nest and they re amazing amount of you know but google have got a new api where doesn t everyone just move to the new api spirit ring. Never worked on google and therefore was with whole with ” ..


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