Never pay for cable again! SlingTV for FREE!

sling tv hack This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Never pay for cable again! SlingTV for FREE!. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s up guys. This is tommy verse. Annie from jaguares comm and today i have have something very special to share with you guys so how much you re currently for cable television. Most of us are paying anywhere from 40 per month.

All the way in upwards of 100 plus per month. I know i personally when i had dish. I was paying a hundred and six dollars per month for channels that i primarily didn t even watch the majority of the channels played replays played reruns things that i wasn t even interested in so. What i m going to give you guys today is five logins.

This is a test to see how interested you guys are i m gonna give you five logins for sling tv..

Now each of these packages are no less than 80 and a couple of them are 90 and one package. I believe is a hundred and thirty dollars for the for the entire package that i m giving you guys so i m going to share with you a little bit about sling tv. So what you re going to get is the basic channels like espn hd. Tv travel channel.

Cn n. Stuff like that and then what i also i m going to you guys on the seven day free trial is sports extra multi stream beta. Hbo cinemax broadcast extra abc univision hollywood extra kids extra lifestyle extra world news extra and then a couple spanish channels that are going to be extras. As well if you guys are interested you can go to jaguares comm.

And you can type in today s date..

Which is may 29 may 29th. So on the center of the page. You ll see a search bar type in may 29. That s going to give you a list of search results that are going to be the logins for sling tv.

Now the great thing about sling tv is that you can download the app to your smart tv to your android device your iphone your tablet or just simply watch it on the pc and these logins are going to allow you to watch them on multiple devices. As well the way i create the accounts are with our virtual credit card service. So we use avcc to create each and every one of these accounts. So you can rest assured that they are secure.

They are not stolen they are not hacked by any means and if you re interested in purchasing one of our vccs to do this yourself you can go to jaguares comm and on the bottom of the page you can click on the donate button..

And what that s going to do is take you to paypal and our vc c. s are currently going for 3 and keep in mind. The vcc will allow you to not only create sling tv accounts. But you can also create hbo accounts you can create ufc fight pass accounts you can activate an ebay account you can activate a paypal account you can create hulu plus plus showtime accounts numerous other free trials that you can also sign up for with the vcc.

The vcc is also last for 24 hours. So make sure if you do order one that you re signing up for all of these trials. Within a 24 hour period. Because after that they will be deleted.

If you guys need to contact me for anything at all you can leave a comment below..

But the best way to get in touch with me is via skype at jaggabhai trials. Via email at tommy at jaggabhai transcom or via phone at the phone number listed on the screen. If you re not a subscriber go ahead and subscribe so you can see future updates as well as future logins and more exciting stuff from jaguares comm and i thank you very much for you guys support and i ll see you guys soon. ” .


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