Newegg TV: NEC Display Solutions 27″ MultiSync Series Widescreen LCD Monitor with LED

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“Everyone welcome back to new egg tv. My name is paul and today. I m m going to be doing an overview on this monitor from any seat. This is nec multi sync.

Ei 273 wm here are some of the vital stats. This is a 27 inch lcd monitor it is led backlit has a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080 the monitor also has certification for windows vista and windows 7. It is energy star compliance. It has displayport and hdmi as well as all these other environmental logos.

Here on the right side. Here s a look at the contents of the retail box as far as accessories go you have some documentation here as well as a notice. Letting you know that any seat has changed their global address. So.

You should update your address books. You also have basic installation guides that have a walkthrough of the monitors setup as well as all the connectors on the back. It s in multiple languages..


So you should be covered here are all the included cable. So you get a standard ac power cable right. There you also get a usb cable and a 2b and that is because there isn t an integrated usb hub. That s part of the monitor you also get a d sub.

15 pin d sub. Cable for an analog vga connection you also get a dvi it looks like a single link dvi cable. So you can connect via dvi also you get this which looks at first like an audio connector cable. This is actually a cable for what it s called control sync and you can actually connect this to the monitor.

And then chain. It over to additional monitors. If you have additional monitors and essentially that will pass through settings commands that you can integrate here to all the other monitors. You have changed together that will allow you to get identical settings on multiple monitors of the same type also of course you have an audio connection cable.

So you can make use of the built in speakers and here s the monitor itself. And i d like to point out a few things about it first off. It has an awesome stand and that is because it can do height swivel tilt and pivot..


But also because it comes preassembled outside of the box. You actually don t have to mount the stand. This is just how it came so that s pretty cool. So.

Speaking of which you have you have actually a full 360 degrees of swivel like so or almost 360. It s probably just a bit. Shy. You also have height adjustment.

So you can just grab the back of the monitor and lift it up and down like that to adjust the heights. You also have tilt adjustment. So as you can see from the side here you can tilt the monitor positive or negative degrees to suit your viewing angle. And then you also have the fantastic pivot which allows you if you turn it the right way of course to pivot into portrait mode.

Which is a great feature for any monitor to have in just a few more physical specs about this monitor again it is 27 inches. And just in case you weren t aware that s 27 inches measured from corner to corner also if i flip it here to the side you can note that it has a noticeably thin panel right here and that s thanks to the led backlighting. Which is typically provides for thinner panel than say ccfl backlighting and also flipping around to the back here you ll notice the amount and that is a 100 millimeter base amount the controls on the display are located down here in the bottom rates they are all touch sensitive so there s no actual buttons you just touch directly on the bezel here and that activates buttons..


So you have of course. The power button to turn the monitor on or off you have an input button to select between the various video inputs menu button will bring up the menu with display controls you have arrows left and right and up and down here on the side and you also have an eco mode button. That will put it into power saving mode. You ll also notice these two small sensors on the front of the monitor this can actually detect the presence of a human and the other one here to text ambient light.

And it will adjust the displays brightness to conserve power based on whether you re sitting in front of the monitor as well as the ambient light in the room here s a look at the plugs and connections on the underside of the monitor of course you have an ac input therefore your ac power cable over here on this side you have a displayport input. They also have a 15 pin d sub. Connector and that s for an analog vga input. You have a dvi connection right.

There you also have an hdmi input. And finally this is the control sync connector. So again you have an input and an output to daisy chain. Multiple monitors together to control the settings on all of them you also have an audio input for your 8 inch audio cable.

That s included finally here is part of the integrated usb hub. You have the usb port that i m pointing at right now and that s your input. And then you have two..


I m sorry that would actually be your output over to your. Computer then you have two inputs here four usb 20. Connectors and then turning the monitor to the side right there on the lower part of the bezel. You ll notice that there is also a mic.

Connection i m sorry a headphone connection as well as two more usb 20. Ports. And that s going to wrap it up for this video. Once again.

This has been the nec multi sync ea 273 wm 27 inch led backlit lcd monitor i m paul with noumic tv if you enjoyed today s video you can head over to our new egg youtube channel. And don t forget to subscribe for more tech videos. Thanks a lot for watching and we ll see you ” ..


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