Nexus 6 Wireless Charging Receiver Flex Replacement How To Change

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“Guys so today. I wanted to make a video to show you how to change change the qi charging pad in the google nexus. 6. By motorola.

So first of what you want to do is grab. The phone and use a sim eject tool or something and remove the sim card tray right here if you use a pin or something you can just push right in here. And this tray pops right out. So next.

What you can do is right in the same spot here. Where you pick out the sim card. There s a little hole right in there. That you can push in and push up kinda add an angle as you can see the back cover starts separating right.

There. So then what i did at the same time as i am pushing up on this part right here. I got this really thin pry tool in here. And we re just gonna go ahead and work this all the way around it just has adhesive under it just keep working it around and then once you have it work loose.


All the way around you can just kind of peel. It up carefully when you get down here in this part right here. You don t want to pull too hard. And then you want to try to work your way underneath.

This part right. Here. This is stuck down with adhesive as well so then once you get that all off. There then it lets loose and then the whole back comes right off.

I ll include links in the video description below the video. Where you can find any tools that i m gonna be using today during this process or any parts that i m gonna be using during these repairs. Today. If you do get a tool set just make sure that i have the torque size t4 in it next.

What we want to do is disconnect the battery. So we want to pry under this little part right here pull right out of there we re gonna disconnect this battery right here by prying up on this next. We re gonna want to pry up on this little flap right here disconnect that connector right there next. We re gonna want to carefully pry up on this right here.


And i m gonna use the tweezers. So you can seize your we re just gonna want to separate that out of there next. Let s just grab this and peel it up out of the way there very carefully next. We re gonna need to use the torx size t4 you can see right there the bin is t4 size.

We re gonna need to remove all these screws all the way around here now as you re removing these screws. All the way around don t worry they re all the same size. So you don t have to worry about getting it mixed up make sure to only remove the black ones. There s one silver.

One here holding in the volume buttons. You don t want to take that one out and just make sure to look at all these tricky spots. There s some in here as well not just around the perimeter make sure you get 22 of these black ones so next. What we re gonna want to do to separate this now that the screws are all out you can just grab.

It and kind of push and start separating should start coming apart and then this whole part here just lifts right off the genes of battery. What you want to do first of all you want to disconnect this little gold contact right in here just by prying up carefully when you use the tweezers to remove it here it has a peg that it hooks on right there. So you want to remove that then we want to do is we want to pry up carefully under this connector right here as well release that and flip this over. So you want to slide under these tabs here.


Carefully this one already came loose kind of when i took it apart. But you also want to slide up under this one right here and then this part here just lifts right off of there. So now to remove the qi charging pad. Just start prying up under here.

And it just has adhesive under it comes off you just kind of got to work your way around and once you got it loose. All the way flip this over it. Just has this little tab here qi charging pad comes off just like that now for reassembly. What i found is it works best if you put this back in the frame.

First we re just gonna start with this connector right here dude. It right down in the peg where it belongs here and then we re gonna want to flip this over and make sure that this gold part sticks through this hole right here like it s supposed to so we can go ahead and press that down so it stays a little bit and then we can grab the battery set it right down in here. So we know we only go in one spot. And we want to refasten this connector pretty much straight back.

So that way it contacts on the logic. Board here. Where it s supposed to so now that we got that all done next. We ll grab this back part set it right down on here press down.


You can snap it in place in a few places and go ahead and put all your screws in all the way around so next. What you ll want to do is grab this piece right here set it right down in there reconnect it to this connector down in there make sure. It s seated down in there then we ll grab this now this might be a little tricky to show. But we need to reconnect this right here slide it into that white line is even right there.

And we can close that and we ll just want to stick that down then we re gonna want to grab this cover snap it down in place there lastly. We re gonna want to reconnect the battery right here make sure. It s pushed down in there good don t put anything metal in there just plastic. I ll grab this log here for it set it right down in there to reinstall the back cover.

If it has plenty of adhesive on it you re probably ok with just putting this back on if you need to add extra adhesive. There s some double sided adhesive like this it s really thin narrow stuff. I ll link to this in the description. So you can find it the description of the video.

And you just want to grab your back cover on here line everything up and press down all the way around now. If you want to make sure that it stays on you could also apply heat with the heat gun or something here and then just press down and make sure that it s gonna stay on there and you re all set. ” ..


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