Nike Zoom Shift Performance Review!

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“Rubba zone. 10 movie here we are the soul brothers let down back up in in it with the performance review this time and nike shoe. They called this one zoom. I mean the zoo shift sorry slip of the tongue there i don t know whether these are good or not because these are sam s and sam s been testing her budget model for y all s budget model for y all s my my knee.

I m getting over a little knee injury. So maybe back in the game that you know every month every few months. I go down that s probably good old this guy very bad to like steve nash right now good. And me right now abdi rosie s out anyways um blues hopping and look at the stretch.

That s kind of interesting so it s when we eat kind of reminds me of like tire tracks. Yeah. I read know so that s we re going to call it talk. It was good stopping power is of not amazing like the d row seven of the kyrie.

2. So it was up there it was real good and but it does pick up dust. So it doesn t pick up dust really quickly. But when it does pick up dust.

I i did have to wipe then i was good to go for a few more plays so um dust what okay and outdoor use. I do not recommend the rubber is actually pretty soft within the entire tread or whatever is thin. So after you stick with it but overall indoor use it s a pretty nice traction. We re okay the couch cushion what is this here i absolutely absolute garbage.

But it does say the nike zoom on it so it must be invertible. Yes. Um. No not really nike zoom is of course.

Very very it depends on the model yeah you know..

But yeah. It s just fine line. I m pretty sure it to bottom loaded zoom in on or foot. Or.

The view in the forefoot right yeah um. So ya know. It s it. It s really stiff impact protection wasn t horrible.

Though like in the katie tracy i 5. You know though was it s too bad i feel like it so it s like honestly kyrie. 3. Like a little bit better than the cars during but it s not still not amazing yeah um.

So yeah. I guess you do regard me. A responsive cushion that s good. But like impact protection stuff like that not the best option.

And it didn t make my feet hurt after playing it in a while so yeah. There you go okay moving on to the upper is just like just like mesh performance woven knit. It looks like they just say i think they just said some text oliver yeah. Well i don t know i mean it looks it almost looks like a baby fly mint yeah or like a jacquard mix.

But it s like not that nice yeah yeah definitely. But it s nicer than like the kdj. 5. 5.

Like this piece of material..

Yeah. So i m glad like nike was using a really crappy mesh for the past few models in their budget model. If it was like in the prime v. Df.

It was a really crappy mesh with you so i m happy with this material. It gets the job done it gets really soft and you don t really need to break it in conform to your foot. And you do have like a neoprene nylon material. Here.

It is a 1 blooper show right um. So materials were okay. They weren t the best. But it s good when i wasn t mad at it and also putting it on it s okay.

I feel like nike is doing a really good job with this kind of like a pulled out so it s not super hard to put this on even though the ones we so that s good moving on a state. I did go to decides. But it does run super snug like it wasn t a problem where we it was scrunching it i was crunching my toes up and hurt. But it was like right i was right at the end mmm hmm.

So if you don t like that probably go up a size and width wise. It also does run a little bit narrow narrower than normal with so i guess if you re a narrow footer go through the size with your normal flash wide footer and you don t like a snug fit and go up outside right all right all right support support with good. There is no no stretching in the materials at all. I was good contain laterally and stuff like that so that was good i mean.

There s no ankle support. But yeah i really it out really love. But whatever no not too much okay a lockdown is a very aggressive keeley s live here yes for your heel. Very nice good lockdown.

Very good lockdown..

I do not have any problems so i guess one booty uppers aren t it switch like contributor to heel slippage. If durham right or going on right you know it s more on like if you get this part right yeah so on. But anyways yeah. There s no give us a.

Bitch very good cool pinions where he s out real quick 115. A very very light does it feel like it feels very like a very responsive shoe especially for a garden. I m pretty sure that s what nike was designing for so yeah. I feel super.

Liked were okay ventilation nation was okay. It was not not super cool not super. Hot through durability. I thought.

I should be okay. Oh screams yeah. I ll let you use the outdoors. But then acting.

She did mmm aesthetics. I like it it was pretty joke. I really like this nike foucha with the placement your school now. And it has like a iridescent kind of you know when you shinin like it yeah.

Now of course. It does look like a little budget ii. Yeah. You know it doesn t look like like a cobia or any colby even though it s like its silhouette is nice.

It s just i guess this material so in materials and like someone s stitching and but i don t know that yeah i m actually pretty dope yeah..

So all this wrapping things up this is a hundred bucks. It s a budget model and i feel like this is supposed to you know it s like the heat pool would i be surely the hypership yeah. What makes a good shoe. Yeah he tried it i feel like the materials are the same and stuff like that um yeah.

It s actually pretty nice. I i enjoy playing it it feels like a guard shoe. You know if you re gardening. We made a really responsive shoe and that s what you need because you know i m trying to think of what it feels like until keo is kind of like the kyrie but like the kyrie 2.

But a low top and nice and material well not a good track. Yeah. So yeah. If you re a guard.

And you want you want to fast respond to shoes. And this is a good shoot again and supplies remodel. It s a budget auction and i would definitely recommend it i big model planes so there you go where s buck like you zoom shift approved. I guess nike stiff neck.

He doesn t like hyper anymore it 1 0. It s soon res zoom live oh. So i guess it on my hyper anymore. Though sort of the hybrid dog.

What about are they going to are they going to call it this soon down just do it uncle c alright. Well that s it so brothers won t be helped you guys out we ll catch you ” ..

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