Nikon D4s vs Nikon D4: 7 Main Differences between the Nikon D4s and the Nikon D4

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“Folks matt from our to the image calm and interesting news exciting news. We ve ve got a new flagship camera announced for nikon it s the nikon d 4s. ve already talked about it a bit but we have the official announcement now and with the official announcement. We have the official specs and so i want to talk to you about the seven main differences between the nikon d 4s and its predecessor that it s replacing the nikon d4.

So there s seven first and foremost we have an expanded iso range the d 4s has fifty to four hundred and nine thousand six hundred iso range. This is greater than the d fours. Which was fifty two to two hundred and four thousand eight hundred so a little boost in iso range. There and we do know that with the d4.

The camera was very very good at the higher iso. Unlike a lot of cameras. So bitching to see how the d4 s. Actually performs at this new enhanced iso range that leads us to our second point.

Which is related to the iso and that s the new x speed for processing engine in the d4 s. Which was not in the d4..

The d4 had the x speed three now as a side note nikon is actually saying this is a newer sensor. But it s still the same size sensor still a 16 megapixel sensor. So i m not really looking at the sensor as being new really i think there s just some tweaks in the background combination of a few tweaks maybe in processing in this new x speed for processing engine. So be interesting to see how much better iso if any we get out of the d4 s.

Versus. The d4 third we have a change in autofocus that was asked for by a lot of shooters and that s the ability to have group. Af areas. This is an option on the d 4s wasn t available with the d4.

So i think we re gonna see people liking this the other thing number four is 11 frames per sec get on the d 4s. So we boosted the shooting speed of the d for us to 11 frames per second it was 10 frames per second on the nikon d4 v up we ve got a change to our movie our video shooting ability and that s giving us 60 p. We ve got 1080 at 60 p. And we re also the ability to shoot at 42 or 20 mbps.

So that s an advantage over the d4. Which was only 1080 at 30 p..

And that was a 24 mbps. So quite a nice welcome advantage. There on these on the movie abilities of the d4 s. Over the d4.

Number six pertains to the ethernet. The d4 ass is capable faster ethernet speeds. And it is capable of 1000 mbps versus. The 100 mbps out of the d4.

So you know like a factor of 10 faster. So bitching to see in reality. How this translates when we re actually using it. But again a welcome advancement of technology on the d4 s.

Number seven battery life. They re claiming three thousand 20..

Shots on the d4 s. Whereas. The d4 had claimed 2600 shots. Always welcome to get better battery life it s gonna give us not only more shots.

But it s gonna give us longer time to shoot video with before our battery starts to fade. And we have to flip in another one and on the d4. The d 4s batteries those are a lot pricier than say what i m using on this d 5200. So nice to have a stronger battery life.

There so that s your seven main differences between the d4 s. And the d4. Nothing earth shattering all kind of minor updates. Which is why we see nikon doing this we have a d4.

Now we ve gone to a d4 s. Instead of it being the d5..

It s kind of a minor halfway through life update on a camera that is their flagship camera. So what do you think folks are these significant enough changes to warrant a d4 s. Is there a speck that s change that i ve missed that you think i should have pointed out do you think there s maybe. Eight main differences.

Let s have a discussion on the d for us. The advantages of these new differences and whether you think it s worth it does it make you want to trade in your d4. Does it make you want to consider a d4 us now when you wouldn t have when when the d4 was out let s have a talk about the d 4s and leave your comments in the comments below and we ll discuss it keep it civil thanks for tuning in folks. We ll be back soon here at art of the image comm with some new videos.

Some the articles and will keep you up to date. With what s going on in the world of photography. Videography and technology right here at our to the image. Calm thanks a lot folks.

” ..

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