Nikon D5300 vs D3300 – 5 Key Differences

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“Nikon d3300 d50. 300 are quite similar cameras. They look the same specifications really quite quite similar. Which is why a lot of you asked.

Which one should you buy most of you are students new mums new dads new shooters. So we re going to give you two five key differences between these two cameras with real world examples in terms of the body design. They re quite similar they both come in three different colors buttons. And dials kind of the same but when we look at the screen d 5300 has a bigger screen 32.

Inches versus free inches 1 million dots. 900k dots on the d 4300 actually got a bigger view finder. 085 times magnification over point 8 2. Not really a big difference.


Though. Real. Biggie 5300. Has this what s so good about a tilt e screen.

It s so that you can take good selfies cropping out unnecessary stuff that clutter up your frame shop logos rubbish your friends not that easy with a d 3300 fix screen in used auto focus modes are quite similar phase detection. Contrast detect for the sensor learning on continuous tracking multi area. Selective single point single point face detection live view continuous tracking. But there is a difference d.

53. Hundreds points arranged in a fashion that just happens to cover the whole goal with the d 3300. There s plenty of gaps everywhere. Just like the man united defense more points more choice over picked by you or if you re letting the camera do the picking better for tracking finer movements.


Looks like hats are coming back into fashion for goalkeepers in an ironic way both of them have wi fi capability. But not straight out of box that s not the full story d 5300 as it straight out of the box d phi. 300. Not so straight out of box.

You have to add it on opening the flap and putting module in and you can t close the flap that s the d50 300 has gps those cheeky chaps at nick on put in bold fonts on the d 3300 page. That you could use your smartphone with it well cheers nick on it s also weather seal to be by an optional plastic bag put over the camera. The d50 300 is a more elegantly connected camera for social media. Savvy.

Peeps. Also with wi fi ready. D. 5300.


You can crop. Out the need. For friends completely. And take photos by yourself of yourself you need a friend to take photo for used e 3300.

But sometimes it s better that someone else does it for you who carries a phone while playing football anyway now both cameras have a graphical user interface and they also have effects and war processing within the camera. But there are differences they ve all got the same crappy filters. But the 3300 has easy panoramas easy by name not always easy by nature be easy. Now taiji panorama.

The d50 300 doesn t have an easy panorama mode or difficult panorama modes. But if you want panorama you can use your phone of course you can get hanna barbera s on your phone. But it won t look as good as d 3300 ones in terms of video performance. They both offer the same frame rates and the same 1080p.


The only difference is that the 5300 has a built in stereo mic 3300. Only mono to illustrate what the mic sounds like idols mean locke. Did some beatboxing doesn t and doesn t listen intended intended business ended hmm yeah. Anyway they look similar feel similar and shook.

Quite similar. There are subtle differences that set them apart slightly the d 3300 is a stripped down good enough photos. And video version is for people who don t care about having that slight extra ability or integrated wi fi capability obviously the d 5300 is just that little bit step further into the photography enthusiast side. So your poi.

Know if that little bit extra is worth a little bit. ” ..

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