Nikon D5300 vs Nikon D7100

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” s up youtube sapphire on super sach tv and in this video. I m going going to be comparing these specs of the nikon d50 300 to the nikon d70. The d50 300. Has just been announced today.

It sits just below dd 70. 100. In the lineup of a dslr from nikon. But how did these two differ well i do hit that thumbs up button and let s find out in this head to head spec.

Comparison. So we ll start off with the sensor size and megapixels the same size sensor on both of these it s a dx format sensor. So it is the crop sensor not the full frame on both of the dslrs here. The megapixels twenty four point one versus.

Twenty four point two nothing major here. 24. Megapixels. Is huge both of these come.

Without an optical low pass filter as well that s quite nice to see. Because the lack of the optical low pass filter will give you more sharp and crisp images. It s usually there are mostly solos to help eliminate aliasing distortions. But with the advanced technology and all those megapixels that s not much of a problem they kind of say for giving you more sharp and more crisp images is an advantage on both of these years.

So else. And it s clearly working from nikon. Because they are rolling out across lots of their dslrs. You ve got expeed for processing versus.

The speed three so a little edge here on dd 5300. Now auto focus points. You ve got 51 autofocus. Points.

With 15 cross type. On the nikon..

D70 100. On the d. 5300. You ve got 39 points.

With 9 cross types. So an advantage here for the nikon d70 100. More autofocus points are definitely beneficial and really useful. As well in terms of the iso.

Range dd 5300. S. Bateman. Advantage.

Here you ve got 100 at to 12800. Native extendable to 25600 on the d 5300 on the d70 100. You ve got 100 to 6400 native also extendable to 25600. So a lip of an edge here for the icon at d 5300 now continuous shooting.

You ve got five frames a second versus six frames a second on the nikon. D70 100. You can also shoot at seven frames. A second on the d70.

100 that s in the dx crop. Mode so 13 times crop. So it s going to be roughly about 18 megapixels. Not for 24 at seven frames a second but still an advantage especially if you re into sports photography.

Max. Shutter. Speed you ve got one for thousandth of a second versus. One eight thousandths of a second on the nikon.

D70 100. So an advantage here for td 7100..

Eve. Also got a higher flashing speed one a 250th of a second on the d70 100. Less is the one two hundredths of a second on the da 5300. The d70 100 also has 100 viewfinder coverage versus.

The 95 on a dd 5300. So we say more pro features on the d70 100. The d70 100 also has a built in focus motor. The d50 300 doesn t having a built in autofocus motor is deafening an advantage especially if you re going to be using some old lenses.

You ve got some new lenses. Then that s not something they have to worry about too much because that s already built into the lens. But if you re going to be using some old school lenses. Then the d70 100 does have an advantage here you ve also got dual sd card slots on the d70 100 versus do single sd card slot on dd 5300.

So for overflow or backup at the d70 100. Quite nice here as you can see it s got more of the pro features already the d70 100 has and that s mainly because the d70 100 is the highest and dx format dslr from the concert. They ve added some of those pro features that you may be getting in full frame on a 2d d70. 100 now these screens you ve got 32 inch screens on both of these dd 7100 does have a high resolution.

Though but the big advantage that the d50 300 has is that it s a very angle swivel screen. So you can move it around you can get some really nice angles. A big big advantage here on the d 5300. I really like especially.

If you re doing video getting some awkward angles on things is really easy to do on dd 5300. Now in terms of the video. We ve got some interesting differences here firstly. You ve got the standard 1080p.

At 24 25. And 30 frames. A second on both of these cameras. Here.

The d70 100. Does have 1080i at 50 and 60 frames a second now..

This is interlaced not progressive. But dd 5300 is the first dslr from nikon to include 1080p at 50 and 60 frames. A second so slow motion. A progressive is a definitely beneficial here.

720p also at 50 and 60 frames. A second. I would have liked to have seen 720p at 120 frames a second on the d50 300. That s not there but 1080p.

At 60 frames. A second is still pretty good they both have a mic in so if you re going to be doing. Some video having that mic in is quite nice. But the d70 100 does have a headphone ours so you ve not got that on the dd 5300.

Now these size and weight dd 5300 is a lot more compact. It s coming in quite. A bit. Smaller and also very light.

It s 195 grams. Roughly lighter than the d70 100. Now. This is the body only so a lot more compact.

Although. The d70 100 is a more robust and more sealed in terms of wireless transfer and gps. The d70 100 is compatible. But you have to buy additional units.

The w1a or the gp 1a. I believe now the d 5300 comes with this built in you ve got built in a wireless on gps. So you re not going to have to go out buy additional units and carry them around worried about losing them you ve got that built in a 2d system in that compact body. Which is really really nice to see now finally looking at the price.

The d70 100. You can pick it up for roughly about 1150 dollars in the us or around about 800 pounds in the uk..

So in the uk has dropped a lot compared to the launch price. The d50 300 is going to come in the middle of november. It s going to be available for 800 in the us or roughly about seven hundred thirty pounds in the uk so in terms of pounds. There s not much difference between these two in terms of the dollars.

There is a bit of difference. I m not sure why the launch price in terms of pounds is quite high for nikon cameras generally speaking. So those were the key differences between these two cameras. The d70 100 offering some more of those pro features such as the 100 of you find a coverage under the dual sd card slots as well things like that so that s quite nice to see.

But the d50 300 offering some nice new features especially the 1080p at 60 frames a second that swivel on screen is really nice as well so i guess it really depends on which track you want to go for and what your preference is between these. Two the fact that both of these don t have the optical low pass filter. Which suggest that you re going to be getting similar results in terms of image quality from both of these. But it really depends on what features you like better from both of these cameras.

Which do you like better. Which one would you go for do drop. Me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful.

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