Nikon D5500 vs Nikon D5600 – Which is the best beginner Nikon DSLR?

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“What s up everyone my name is chris winter and in this video. I m m going to go through some of the main differences and similarities between the nikon 500 and the brand new nikon. D50 600 to see which one s the best camera for you now. If you haven t done it yet definitely make sure to subscribe because i m actually going to be giving away either a nikon d 3400 or a kind of t6 to one lucky subscriber so hit that subscribe button now to enter and guys.

I also want you to check out my brand new. List the top 10 at best dslr for under 1200. Now. Both the nikon d50 500.

And the dcp 600 come in on that list. They don t come in at number 1. So if you do want to check it out and see what comes in at number 1. I ll put a link in the description box below under this video you can take a look.

But anyway. Let s compare the b 5500 and dp 600 now to start off with this is probably going to be a relatively short video because to be totally honest. There s not a huge amount of differences between the nikon d50 500. And the nikon d50 600.

But if you don t already own one of these two cameras hopefully i can help you in some way to make the right decision on which one to get so one small difference. It might not have known about these. Two cameras is the weight. So the d50 600.

Now comes with a new snap bridge system. Which allows you to transfer your photos wirelessly to your phone and in doing..

So it probably needed some new internal. So the newer d50 600. Is actually 45 grams heavier than the older d50 500. Look is it enough to actually make a difference.

No it s not at all 45 grams. Is pretty much the weight of a camera strap. But if you are looking for the ultimate portable lightweight travel dslr that d 5500 is probably going to be the better camera by the way guys. If you like me to do a full on head head.

Comparison between the brand new nikon. D50 600. And the bigger brother. The d 7200 let me know by leaving a thumbs up on this video.

Now. One feature that i really do like on the new. D. 5600 that s not on the.

D. 5500 is its new time. Lapse. Feature so whereas on the.

D. 5500..

If you want to make a time lapse. You ll either need to shoot a really long video and speed it up in post or you ll generally need to use an intervalometer and bring the photos back to post and then stitch them together whereas on the d 5600. It s all built in and it works. Great.

If you don t take a lot of videos of time lapse with runny dslr. This isn t going to be a huge deal. But if you do want to get into something like vlogging. Where time lapses are used d.

5600 is going to be a better bet for you on guys let me know in the comments below. If you could win either a nic on d 3400 or a canon t6. Which one would it be and why and i ll take a look at your comment of course the big new feature of the nikon. D 5600 is its inclusion of snap bridge technology actually what snap bridge allows you to do is wirelessly.

Transfer your photos to your smartphone or your tablet. Now this can be really good. If you re out on the field and you want to show your nice photos you actually taking your dslr on places like instagram and facebook. Now if you re happy to just take your photos.

And then take your sd card out and put it into the computer. You ll be totally fine with the nikon d50 500. But if you are on the move. A lot and you want to be able to quickly transfer your photos to your mobile phone.

Or your tablet. The d50 600 s..

New snap bridge technology is actually pretty sweet. Now one thing that i actually wanted to talk about was the availability of the nick on d 5600. Now. I actually had to order my version of the d 5600 from london in the uk.

Because it s actually at the time of me filming this not available in the us. So obviously the d 5500 is easier to get because it s actually online. Which means you might be able to get it a little bit quicker. But i ve actually been doing a lot of research trying to find a d50 600 available for sale from american stores.

Because the majorities. My subscribers are from the us. And it did take me a while. But i actually found the d 5600 on amazon.

And it looks like it s available for sale right now. So if you do want to check it out. I ll put a link in the description box below under this video. You can take a look now it does come and go in and out of stock.

Very often so no guarantees it ll be there when you watch this. But it does seem like it s the only place to get it in america at the moment and one thing. That s really important to me. And i m sure is important to you i think it s important to talk about in this comparison is price and value for money so obviously you can tell i don t think.

There s actually a huge difference between these two cameras in fact. I think..

It s a little bit silly. That nikon brought out at d 5600. When there wasn t a bigger step up. But in saying that this is where things get really interesting.

If you look at the price of the d50 500. It comes in at 600 for the body. Only. But i was able to find the d 5600 body.

The new version for the exact same price on amazon again. I don t know how long this listing is going to last for but at the same price with snap bridge and time lapses. The d50 600 is the one that i d be buying now if you already own a d50 500. Don t worry you already own a fantastic camera and to me.

It s definitely not worth the upgrade. Especially if it means you have to go and sell your d50 500 to get the d 5600. But if you are looking at either one of those cameras in don t already own one. I d go for the d 5600 any day especially if you can get it at the same price that i found on amazon.

That s a bargain sounds a bit of a comparison between these two cameras hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you did the lebanese leave a thumbs up because it s always appreciated and definitely make sure to subscribe to go into the draw to win either a nikon d 3400 or a canon t6. I hope you guys have a fantastic date i m going to go make a copy i ll see you ” ..

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