Nintendo 3DS Download Play review

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“Everybody i m back girl here back. Here real quick. And this will be my my third video for today. I m just trying to get as many as i in before i leave for a trip later this year.

So. But yeah back to what i m doing right now..

I m going to do a this is going to be very quick. But this very small review. It s not going to be rid of much it s going to be a three ds download play so it s basically just like the download ds download play on the original yes and the dsi as you can see if you hit the nintendo ds icon logo there it will connect to your wii via the nintendo other nintendo shop not strap down this the nintendo channel and you can download demos and other exclusive content and the 3ds one it will you hit it and it will search for nearby systems to download. Demos and play multiplayer titles.

And there are no software and stuff down. Because there s another three yes here then when you do that the little blue internet symbol up there we ll go to it ll switch grades..

Enabled and then it will turn orange saying for local like local play this is which kind of title you want to download but when you hit the at and then to reginald and nintendo original ds. It will switch the screen to the original screen size and turn it into the original dx and it says looking for software and download. But yeah. It s pretty cool because it like i said it um changes it and makes it the interface look like a richard yes with the color calendar and clock.

But yeah. It s not doing anything right now since the wii is not my wii is not on and transmitting any demos to download..

And you can also instead of hitting it with a stylus to go over here hit re button and go back. If you notice. They had the original ds sound. There s a little clicky sound or selection whatever you want to call it up and we re back to the home menu.

So that was it of the download play. I told you this would be kind of quick just just here to inform you guys and give you some information so hope you enjoyed this hope it helped you out and i hope you i would like you to subscribe to my channel and rate and comment this video..

” ..

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