Nintendo Switch GoPlay Game Traveler Pack Unboxing

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“What s up anita. One sir james coming at you guys with another video in in today s video. I m here to give you guys a product unboxing and impressions of the nintendo switch go play game traveller pack by rts industries. I was at my local gamestop today to pick up a couple items such as hyrule warriors.

Definitive edition. Along with being a tattoo two titles. Which i have not gotten the chance to play and since i was there i decided to go ahead and check out some of the nintendo switch accessories because it s been several months since i did anything involving the switch on my channel. And i was looking for something that might be good for those of us who like to play.

Mainly in handheld mode. So which is where this accessory came into play because of this item. Here. Now what you get inside the package with this one which has the retail price of 40 by the way.

However i ended up using my points from my game stop rewards and i knocked this off 25. So therefore my grand total came out to be sixteen dollars and fifteen cents. So i think that was a much better deal than the main retail. So we get inside the box is that you have the gill plate travel case.

The gill plate grip stand. Which is the one that i m really looking forward to checking out you also have the thumb buttons. I literally what they re calling it here a cleaning cloth a game card case. Two of them and a micro sd card case as well if you go ahead and flip it on over in the back here it gives you more information about the product and the other thing that i noticed too is that of course.

I knew that the case was going to be a bit bigger to correspond to he ll play grip. However the other thing that i thought was pretty neat is that you have two dedicated slots for the joy. Con strap. Which i thought was pretty neat.

So let s go ahead and open this up. I m going to be checking the look at this for the first time..

I already have the tape free cuts just to save on time go ahead open this up. So. Everything is going to be housed in this case. Let me go ahead and kind of fix.

The camera here so first impressions as far as the case go. It s a more of a hardshell case. So you got a nice thick layer of shielding right here and of course same thing over here on the bottom side. So your switch is going to be very.

Well protected and of course. The sightings as well so definitely give first impression on the case. If anything this is actually going to be very similar to the casings that are around 20 to 25 dollars let s go ahead open this up of course. You do have the nice switch logo on the zipper.

So right off the bat. When we open this up. We do have our cleaning cloth and a red with the nintendo switch a logo. You also have a nice pouch here which of course you could store your extra cleaning cloths.

If you want to put some earbuds in here as well and of course maybe a usb c charging cable. So when you re on the go. And it s actually a pretty thick amount too so definitely a lot of padding between this and of course. Where your switch is right here.

So you don t to worry about any scratching of course you have this bag here which we ll take a look at just a second that has the the grip that we re going to be taking a look at go ahead and fix the brightness one more time here so inside of course. We have our little thumb sticks. Here or the little grips and of course. We also have our cases which i guess they both go right here alright.

So let s go ahead and just kind of remove everything here really quick. And there is the inside to house all the different accessories..

I do have these right here so we re going to go ahead and stick this right in here. And that actually works out pretty well so there you go so let me go ahead and remove this off the way. So we could go ahead and bring the main highlight here now as for these of course. This is pretty simple you should be already familiar with how these work you open it up and of course.

You could store your extra key games in here. And then over here would be for the micro sd cards pop that in there and boom. You are good to go simple as that cleaning cough you already know that is and of course your thumb sticks. But here is the main item.

So i have a feeling that this is definitely going to feel a lot better because you know when you are using the nintendo switch after a while it tends to feel weird holding this and because it s to the point. Where i wish i had something they grip on to and the back so this is where i think an accessory like this is definitely going to benefit that quite a bit. So let s go ahead and pop this into place. It should be as simple as sliding in and right off the betts let me go ahead and just kind of adjust to it really quick.

And i will say that this already makes a dramatic difference at least for me. I mean everyone s a bit different. I already have a game kind of booted up here and i will say while playing in handheld mode. Now my hands feel a lot more comfortable while holding the switch.

So especially if i want to be gaming for a long hours. At a time then this would be the way they go let s go ahead and turn this off here for a second. So yeah definitely these do make a nice difference all together. So if you re looking for a more comfortable way of using your nintendo switch.

This is definitely an accessory to go with now keep in mind that if you just want the grip itself you can t order it separately on amazon. I think it goes for like about under 17. So not bad and i know there s a lot of other third party brands as well and i think the only thing that you could probably top this set up is having these grips and even a battery pack to go along with it i think would probably be the best combination to get for the switch. I don t know if there s an option available where you have the grip with the battery pack.

I m going to have to look into that but so far this definitely feels a much better so let me go ahead and bring the case back over here. So if we could go ahead and store everything one thing that i actually forgot to look at is of course these right here..

See if these offer anything so yeah pretty much like i was right these are just grips for the joy cons and honestly i never really use these so. If you kind of like a little bit of an extra accessory you could use them me personally. I never end up using these so this is not something i m gonna have on mine. Let s go ahead and pop this up let s go ahead and put our games back in here.

So you put both of them on the same slot. And then over here for the droidcon straps. Basically you feed them through like so where they re in the center. And then the straps will feed along in here go ahead and take this pop it in here.

Like so. And then you basically close everything up. Oh. Yeah.

I don t forget to take your cloth pop. It in here. This is it the back up and you are good to go. It does have a handle so you carry it around with you or just put it back into your bag.

But overall first impressions. I am actually very pleased with this product. I think has a nice presentation. The case is solid the grip definitely a nice thing to have for those who like to play in handheld mode.

But overall easily giving this a 5 out of 5. But if you guys have any questions. Let me know in the comment section down below as for me. I m gonna go ahead and start my journey and painting a tattoo until then i ll see ” .


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