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“Who s back it s nokia s back because nokia s back whatever its hmd hmd global. Now anyway. There are the executives who bought nokia back from microsoft snatching from the jaws of defeat or did they nokia s released three android phones so far the nokia three five and six all in the loads of mid range field. Now.

If you kept track of the contenders in these categories. Then you know it s an already packed market filled with high value competition nokia s game plan is to steal our hearts with classy good looks and make us stay for an uncluttered and always up to date android system stupid i mean it does sound kind of nice though but you can t have our hearts just yet nokia. We ve been burnt in the past figuratively and literally we re looking at you note. 7.

So the nokia. 6. Is beauty just skin deep or is it the total mid range package. Let s find out in my review of the nokia sex.

6. The nokia. 6 is a sexy phone while not curved in bezel lists like the reigning champion sex appeal. The galaxy s.

8. The six offers are refined in classy appearance with its aluminum body and shiny chamfered edges. Even the volume buttons are metal with polished aluminum at their sides the front face is clean and uninterrupted save for the 8 megapixel selfie cam fingerprint sensor and haptic buttons turning over the device you ll see light bouncing off the polished silver edges and in back a modest camera bump with the same shiny bezel lying within is the 16 megapixel sensor. Which is not carl zeiss paired with dual tone led flash.

We can t help but notice the strong resemblance to windows phones of the past as they successfully modernised and refined this trademark design language for the android offerings. The six looks like a windows phone that s all grown up and we quite like that coming in a variety of classy colors. The options include a shiny limited edition..


Black named art black a navy blue labeled. Tempered blue silver and a stunning copper edition. Nokia s website makes the claim that the six is lifeproof in reference to its sturdy aluminum body and solid build. But we just can t let this claim slide.

When there exists no level of water or even slash. Proofing the nokia is 55. Inch ips display depicts accurate colors and great details. Respectable 403 pixels per square inch.

Makes watching hd videos a joy on this 1080p screen especially with dolby atmos. Certified sound coming from the earpiece and main speaker. It can lean ever so slightly to the colder end of the spectrum. But overall.

We had no major complaints nokia promises to keep the interface clutter free and up to date vows on which they ve clearly followed through as far as android goes tweaks in the ls aren t perceptible. If they exist at all the amazon version of course has pre installed apps and lockscreen ads from the company. But on a regular nokia. 6.

The only non stock artefact is an app named support. Much like the settings menu on the google. Pixel support. Exists to extend a direct line of communication between nokia and its customers.

Security. Updates. Also came through quickly during our time with the device..


Receiving the latest updates within a day of their release. We suppose the biggest test will come with the release of android. Oh. However navigating the os were thankful for the lack of clutter.

But the snapdragon 430 under the hood isn t the most fleet of processors apps open quickly. But can take a second or two to load ones open. 2. Though absolute king is mostly swift and effortless a testament to the three gigs of ram onboard multi window app.

Switching will have a persistent stutter though in general the phone performs quickly enough that we don t see it being a big problem for most users those who crave lightning speeds simply needn t look to the mid range. But we must say a mid level processor. Like the snapdragon 625 would make an appreciable difference in the nokia. 6.

This is especially true in gaming. While virtually no mid rangers will give you an optimal gaming experience. The 625 could at least help with the nokia s painfully slow load times and stuttery frame dropping performance the fingerprint sensor which also acts as a capacitive home button authenticates decently well it s quick to process but missed more first try authentications than we d like to see we can t help. But feel like this is due largely in part to the size of the sensor.

Which we wish was a bit taller. These issues seemed less related to software or hardware faults. And more to do with the limited surface area of the sensor. Most annoying.

Though was the need to tap the sensor twice to authenticate resting your finger on the sensor once wakes up the device. Then you must lift your finger and place it back down to authenticate and enter the phone thankfully this appears limited to just the amazon sponsored versions in terms of connectivity you ll find all the bluetooth and wi fi standards you d expect but the addition of nfc is what we re most grateful for this enables features like android pay beam and quick pairing with enabled devices. This is something we consider it should be standard..


Even for mid ranger s nokia s windows phones were well known for their comprehensive rich camera uis. Unfortunately. This doesn t carry over to their android offerings. The app is pretty bare offering no special shooting modes or image adjustments instead you ll only find toggles for flash and hdr mode as well as the requisite buttons to switch to the camcorder or front facing camera.

Fortunately the six is prowess as a solid point and shoot performer helps offset this lack of features the 16 megapixel rear sensor captures great detail and color reproduction in well lit scenes. Though. The camera has a slight tendency to let in movement. If you re not cognizant of it skewing focus a bit on objects that would otherwise be perfectly.

Detailed as long as you re aware of this though you ll be able to take some of the best photos. We ve seen in this class outdoor shots. Do struggle a bit with dynamic range. Though leading us to enable hdr indefinitely in these situations.

Without it bright skies wash out completely and pictures can look less detailed than they actually are the only problem here is that hdr takes an extra three seconds to process thankfully the sensor doesn t let in movement while processing like other cameras. We ve tested so you can move away from the scene while hdr is still processing. But the fact that you can move away lodge processing isn t ideal. The payoff is good though as hdr does an excellent job pulling colors out from the shadows.

This also translates to good low light performance as the sensor is surprisingly able to pull in a decent amount of light flash is eager to step in but its tendency to light the subject and dark in the background. Paired with the already capable low light performance lead us to keep the flash off for more situations than we would with other phones videos taken on the nokia. 6. Were also well colored and detailed.

Though the lack of image table is a of any kind predictably allows for shakiness hdr doesn t exist here either. So expect trouble is improperly exposing bright skies. Just as was the case in image quality..


At least video recording afford to some shooting modes. Though specifically to set up options and two for slow mo. Though slow mo will require you to change the video resolution to 720p calls on the nokia. 6.

Come through clearly and the dolby certified dual speaker setup aids the speakerphone experience but we still wish it could get a tad louder the nokia s battery life doesn t blow us away. But 3000 milliamps will get you through the day in most usage scenarios. The battery takes just under three hours to recharge making the mode of g5 plusses efficiency and turbo power charging sound pretty good about now nokia s highest end android phone to date leaves us with a bright outlook for the company s future. The vivid and detailed display complement the similarly capable 16 megapixel sensor.

So it can let in some movement. Details are crisp colors are accurate and low light performance is impressive. We of course love the phone s design and added features like dolby certified down. But we long for a quicker processor and hope that smaller kinks in the camera software and lack of features will soon be ironed out its competitors are solid.

But few the iphone se is a better point and shoot performer with a faster processor those android. Competition can be seen as more of a toss up between division heavyweights like the moto g. 5. Plus.

And honor 6x all in all we re happy to say that nokia is back and we look forward to seeing their flagship offering. I m. Corey gaskin. The phone arena thanks for watching and be sure to ” .


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