Norton VPN Review & Tutorial

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“Guys and welcome vpn mentor welcome to our tutorial and review of norton vpn. Today. Today. We ll do an overview of the vpn service.

They offer check out the and payment process and install their application to see how it works finally. We ll tell the performance of their network. So you don t have to if you find this video helpful please like share and leave comments in the section below and here we are on the homepage of norton s vpn page and the first thing that caught attention is that the offer services for one or multiple devices. With 10 being the highest number as well as some bundles which we ll check out later also it appears they re available for all mainstream operating systems scrolling down.

We see their service includes several features out of which ad blocking comes as the most interesting one we can also see they keep no logs. Which is very useful for torrenting encryption is a part of norton s services. Which make sure your online browsing and moving through the pages remains anonymous. We can also see they re currently offering a bundle.

Which we mentioned previously. We re for yearly subscription. You ll get norton security deluxe coverage for a selected number of wi fi capable devices you connect cancelling the subscription is possible anytime and they include a money back guarantee as a part of the subscription under certain conditions. Which we ll check out in a few moments.


Here we can see a few pieces of advice on how to stay safe while browsing as well as the system requirements for installing the mobile app or desktop version of the program for windows mac android and ios let s check the process of signing up for a subscription now after selecting the plan for one device. We can see that the total may include taxes and they are accepting credit cards as well as paypal. Unfortunately. No bitcoin or any other anonymous payment.

Option is available here. We are presented with a sign in page. Where we ll create an account for checkout before assuming i should mention that we offer coupons on vpn services on our coupon page. So you can have the best deal no matter which service you choose if you helps cut down the cost of your purchase.

Please make sure you share with the world going back to the process of ordering after creating an account. We re presented with the billing page. Where we select paypal as the preferred paying method. But after selecting the required boxes there seems to be a problem with the service and we weren t able to continue with the purchase that s why we proceeded with checking out using a credit card here.

We can see the list of supported countries for billing is rather short including only north america. Mostly surrounding island states. So take that into account before ordering now when we re done with the order let s download and install a desktop application here we can also see that our subscription is active and the next billing. Date.


That s also the place where you can cancel your subscription now we ve install the program and after running it we need to sign in before using the service and we re sign in now and as soon as the window is open. We can see we re using an insecure connection and there s our current location and ip address by clicking on virtual private network button in the bottom right corner of the window. We enable the vpn. Which is currently set to out to select the network of choice is netherlands and we can see we re now using a secured connection based in amsterdam.

If you wish to connect through any other country. You can manually choose another virtual location tab our tracking tab shows us that the program is blocking ads on the go. With a number of ads blocked since installed. There are a few options to choose from the settings menu.

Where we can select the program to start when the computer is turned on to connect automatically upon starting and to install the same program on another device. There. s also a shortcut for the account settings. Let s take a look at the actual performance.

We re connecting through our original network to test the speed. And you can see our current. Location the current thing is 11. Milliseconds download speed of 40.


273. Megabytes per second. And an upload speed of 3 point. 95.

Megabytes per second resuming with the test will try to open netflix. Which has some content. That is restricted in our country. One of that is a tv series called futurama and as you can see there are a lot of results related.

But the actual show isn t there let s try now the same but with a connection from the us after connecting. We can see that our kernel location is new york and with a different ip address before we continue we need to clear cookies and other browsing data. And we re running the speed test ping of 130 milliseconds isn t. Bad but the download speed is only 476.

Megabytes per second. And the upload speed is 2 point. 33 megabytes per second comparing the results shows how big the difference between numbers is but that shouldn t be a problem for streaming content from netflix heading back to their websites searching again for the futurama series and here it is now to check whether it s working seems to be no problem in playing in buffering after completing a test. Let s try to cancel our subscription and ask for a refund here.


We can see that the subscription policy does not offer a refund. Except in special cases and canceling. The monthly subscription will only cancel the automatic billing from your account. Which is not something we expected if you d like to know more about northlands vpn.

I suggest heading to our review page. Where you can find out many details regarding their service. Like expert reviews their current rating. And also compare them to other vpn providers.

All cases to conclude a tutorial let s quickly compare the information. We got the good thing is that we easily unblocked any jurisdiction contents. They key prologue. So it s safe for charting and the application is available for all major operating systems and is very easy to use the main problem is that they don t offer a refund for monthly subscriptions.

Except in certain cases. Also the paypal billing method wasn t working correctly. When we tried it so that may be a head turner for some so that s it for tutorial if you found this video helpful please like share and leave comments in the section below ” ..


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