Note 8 VS Note 5 – My Experience

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“Think it s time that i give you my nopinion between the galaxy note. 5. 5. And the galaxy note.

8. You guys know i had nthese two phones for while and it s about time. I will check it out now i m nnot gonna give you all the details side by side when it comes to all the specs nyou guys want to go check that out i m gonna have a link in the description nbelow. Where there will be a side which basically will have both phones with all nthe specs and you can have a better idea instead on this video.

I m gonna give you nmy opinion and everything that i feel that you re gonna gain from the note. 8 nand things are used you re gonna lose out of the note. 5 let s go check it out hey welcome back to this channel. And if nyou knew my name is mario and we focus on weekly tech videos everything about nthe collection note.

4 note. 5 note. 8 embarrass on the galaxy note. 9.

So if you nhave any of the node phones make sure you subscribe to this channel first nlet s look at the price. So right now. If you get a used phone a note. 5 or no date.

Nthe note. 5. Is gonna cost you between 200 to 300 dollars. If you want to go check nout.

The node. 8. Is gonna cost you between 500 to 600 dollars depending on where nyou are and that price may drop. Very soon since the note.


9. Is coming out nlet s talk about the battery if you get it used note. 5. Most likely you re gonna nhave to replace the battery.

Very soon i ve actually got a note. 5. That was used nand. I was getting about 2 to 3 hours of screen time a battery was going out very nquick to replace the battery is gonna cost you between 50 to 80 dollars to nhave someone do it for you.

But if you want to do it yourself you can pick up a nkid for about 15 to 20 dollars and then you got to do it yourself nand you have to run the risk that you may break the back panel or the front nlike. I did a couple of meters that i did a couple of weeks ago with the node. 8. Is nstill gonna have a pretty good battery life now assuming both of them have a ngood battery right with no data at first i used to go pretty much whole day.

Nwithout having to recharge the battery after 6 months getting close to a year. Nnow i have to recharge the battery around 5 or. 6 o clock. Pm.

Usually start nusing at 8 in the morning so heavily using it it doesn t give me to the whole nday. Without having to recharge at least once with the note. 5. Again with the new nbattery that i just installed on it it gives me about the same time.

I mean i m naround. 4. Or 5 o clock. I have to recharge the battery.

It s not gonna be the best nbut. It s still gonna get you through an average day on a daily use when it comes nto the screen size. We all know with the galaxy note. 8.


You re gonna have the nawesome infinity display colors are gonna be awesome this place is gonna be nawesome. It s just that whole new experience with the note. 5. You see you nkind of get a good display quality.

Very good very sharp the issue with the node n8 is that you re gonna lose the aspect ratio that you got with nfive what i mean by that well we denote five. It s easier just to handle the nphone. It s a little bit wider. It s easier to use to text an overall user nexperience when it comes to the know date even after almost a year.

I m still ntrying to adjust to it especially when i m typing and when i m trying to answer nyou guys on the comments below. It just it just harder for me to text or you njust use the keyboard now when it comes to the cameras. The note. 5.

Is still gonna ndo an awesome job if you re out there and in the bride date or you re taking npictures that are well lit. You re gonna get an awesome picture beauty. The nquality. What the no date is gonna bring to you is that it you have to take npictures in low light scenarios.

It s gonna do a lot better job now with the nnowadays you re gonna have the telephoto lens. Two cameras one of them. It s gonna nallow you to zoom in and get better picture quality s also the no date is ngonna give you the live focus feature. Which basically is gonna allow you to ntake awesome portrait pictures.

Where it s gonna give you the blurry nbackground effect. Something that you re not gonna get with the note. 5. A couple nof.

The features that you re gonna get with the galaxy note. 8. That you didn t nhave with the note. 5.


This one is gonna be water resistant something you don t nhave with the note. 5. Also if you have a micro sd card you want to slap it in nthere that nobody s gonna let you to have micro sd card which is gonna extend nthe storage capacity note. 5.

Sadly didn t have that feature i don t know what nhappened there but times and drop the ball there now when it comes to the nstyle of spin. Both of them are gonna do the job. The basics. They pretty much do nthe same.

Now with the galaxy note. 8. The stylus plane is a little bit. Slimmer nit s gonna be a little bit sleek looks a little bit better also is gonna have it nmore sleek more precise a pointer.

I think you get a better grip out of the nstylus pen from the galaxy note. 5. When it comes to the software features with nthe new wear os this title spend on the galaxy note. A.

It s gonna give you a lot. Nmore features something we can talk about in another video nalso. The no date is gonna charge faster compared to the note. 5.

You get the type nc port in the bottom note aid microsd port for the galaxy note 5 and both of nthem will have wireless charging capabilities now to me the most nimportant part is the performance the note. 5 is still going to do an awesome njob is still gonna be a pretty fast phone. Now you do have to remove some of nthe apps. That you don t use you have to disable some of the plot wear that you nget with samsung and some of the blood for that you get through the carrier nthat will slow down the phone.

But if you do that you should get a faster phone nwith the galaxy note. 8. I don t even have to disable any of those apps and this nform is going to perform super fast with this phone you i can basically do nanything. I throw at it i can multitask.


I can watch youtube do all the things in nthe back brown and he never slows down. It never ngets hot compared to the galaxy note5 also if i play some of the more advanced ngames this phone doesn t even blink. It will perform absolutely awesome playing npurp g for a couple of hours. While i have some test run in the background.

It nstill does a great job with the note. 5. If you re pushing a little bit too hard nit may get a little bit hot over time. So.

If you need a phone that s going to nperform. Very well that it s not gonna slow down on you because that s you ndepend on your phone. 24 7. And you re on your phone.

All day long then you ndefinitely probably want to go check out the note. 8. But if you just want to have na good phone that it s gonna perform pretty well it s gonna do the job on the naverage state. The note.

5. Is still gonna be a beast now you let me know in the ncomment section below. What do you think about these phones are you considering nupgrading to the note a from the note. 5.

Do you currently own one of these phones ni would love to hear what you have to say let s have that discussion and the ncomment section below remember. If you have one of the galaxy nnote phones consider subscribing to this channel for weekly tech video thank. You nfor watching. Which is smash the like ” .


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