NP5 Prisma Network Player

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“This is terry and in this video. I want to discuss an exciting new little little product called the mp5 now what the mp5 is is essentially the prisma module. A separate standalone self powered box it allows us to add the whole bundle of technology. That is prisma to virtually any product with a digital input in particular.

It s an effective way of updating existing products like the pre. 60. The np 30..


And the i 32 with the mm 30 board installed in a way that we could never have done by simply updating the standard apps used with those products app and air. The restrictions of licensing hardware software were such that trying to update those apps. Was simply going to be unsuccessful and so by providing this separate box. We can offer the whole array of prisma technology and that includes connection by bluetooth airplay spot.

If i connect chromecast built in and everything that comes with chromecast meaning the ease of setup using the google home application to allow this to integrate into the network. Effortlessly as well as on the other end by being able to use voice control with google home speaker and google assistant and then there s the array of streaming services. That are available to us that otherwise would not be if we tried to bundle them in our own separate apps..


So we have over 160 with chromecast alone and that includes high resolution services like tidal haifa and qobuz with the resolution up to 24 96. We also have the ability obviously for airplay spotify. Connect and ease of use bluetooth connection. But where it gets really interesting is when we look at the back of this and i ll just set this down for a second and in the process show you just how discreet this product is by placing it on top of a product like the pre 60.

It s meant to kind of be tucked back and away so. That you d never know that it s there because it will be seamlessly connected to your product in this way. What we have is we have the power supply input..


We have digital outputs toslink and rca and then we have the array of inputs here is signified by the usba input. The ethernet port connection and then wi fi and bluetooth are available by antennas. That are hidden inside. The cabinet as a result of using this plastic case.

What s most important is this rs 232 connector here. Because once we ve connected the output of this digitally either from the rca or classic input. We can use the rs 232 connector between the np5 and your primary product to be able to effectively control..


Volume. An input selection up and down now this means that once this is integrated in your product. It will work your pre 60 your your i 3 2. At the mm 30 and mp.

30 will function just as it was intended to but with the array of features that prisma can provide that we otherwise wouldn t be able so for more information go to primary dotnet. ” ..

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