Nvidia 9800 GTX in 2018 – How bad can it be?

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” s up guys. My name is howard welcome to tech hunter today. I m looking looking at a 9 year old graphics card from nvidia and i m curious to if it s still functional in 2017. It was released in july 2008.

I believe and it was still producing during 2009 this is quite revelation graphics card away a lot of people really appreciate this and this is the 9800 gtx. I had the 9600 gc back in 2008. When this came out i can afford the 9800. I was poor back then i m still poor now this graphics card is hopefully going to still prove pre pretty useful we should be a place of teasing games of decent stands.

I think so like you can a strike your over watch your games like that will hopefully play reasonably well on this card. I ll be playing it on my pc. So i ve got 16 gigs of. Ram i thought i 6700.

K overclocks of 45. Gigahertz and we should be able to see some fairly respectable frame rate obviously able to have to do it on a 1080p monitor. Because the monitor behind me will not function as dvi..


You ve got a display port only monitor there but two dvi ports and even a ps2 smaller than that so the two dvi ports. So now to put them into one of these monitors on the right or the left or i ll find another monster from somewhere. We ll use that one have a look at the card. It s clearly not what you d expect compared to the cards.

You see today. There s a lot more on show. The heatsink is on show. There s no protective plastic shrouds you ve got a fan and cable here so you can plug it straight into the motherboard to make your fan spin.

It doesn t spin with just the usual power connectors so this is some pretty old school technology. But hopefully. It will still be a patient for today pretty reasonable demands so i ve got some games. See how we go on so first up we have counter strikes go obviously running at 1080p with high settings.

Which is very good for a game for a graphics card story that came up nearly 10 years ago also you could get well above 60 fps fairly consistently. You is going to drop the settings down to say medium or even low a lot of people like to play csgo with low sayings anyway just to keep himself on that high fps account. So they don t feel like that this client..


Compared to other gamers next up. We have broccoli rocket league was a difficult one because you had a lot of fairly consistent and solid frames around the 60 fps mark kind of jumping up to the 70s as well. Then you get the odd really kind of harsh stutter. Where it may jump down to even say say 20 or 30 fps.

Which it s fairly playable. But now and then is just a bit of pain in the ass. It probably happens about one at once or twice every single match. The third game.

I ve chosen is dishonored. This is an older game it came out in 2013 again through 2012. But we ve managed to play this at 1080p with the highest settings possible with fxaa on the average fps around 70. Which i think is pretty decent and the combat sayings and the fine scenes we drop down to say mid 50s to 60s.

But the general exploration walking around there still emerge to maintain a quiet respectable frame rate up next. We have skyrim. We ve got 1080p medium settings for this we obviously a nine thing..


The skyrim is it has the vsync constantly locked and if you switch that off they can cause some issues. I ve got a few different modes that are caused during combat in the town getting around 40 to 50 fps. Which is still fairly playable and respectable. When you go outside and you start exploring play smaller areas like caves or quite wide open areas.

But it doesn t really have to render as much kind of the same stuff you get that seeing lots of 60 you could possibly push is higher than medium. If you re willing to take a hit in the busier areas finally. We have batman arkham origins. This is a fairly good game is released in 2013.

The things at 1080p and medium we average some good fps getting around the 60s and 70s quite easily even during the fighting and combat scenes obviously if you re willing to sacrifice a few frames you could even bump it up to maybe high or you can just switch aaa on just to try and improve things a little bit. But this game played flawlessly and honestly really well i had no issues with this no dropped frames. Nothing too obvious alt. Even nothing painful to game on overall.

I m pretty impressed with coi seen with the 9800 gt. A right the nice thing was the 9800 gt. A dude with today s games..


What do you guys think for nine year old card. I think it does pretty well considering how things have come along and how much games improved. How much more powerful pcs are compared to that in the day keep these. Nowadays or for sure pcs are running with especially the rising processes up to a cause.

As your standard day to day processor. The high call clock rates on the new table a stuff we hit up to 5 gigahertz overclock is fairly easy and standard do pc hardware has evolved a lot and i think chrome pushes the 9800 gtx. I think it s done pretty well considering what do you guys think is this something that you could consider around 20 or 20 pounds you could pick one of these up point you don t even cheap you can get one for free. If somebody doesn t even know what it is just barely be seen card.

If you try and build a really tight budget gating of the couple it with something a bit more modern like say a 93 kinda budget. Friendly or even like an old core 2 quad. She better get some flexible frame rates in today s modern titles. Anyway guys my name is carl can i ” .


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