NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 – Stock and Overclocked – Tested in 2017

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“Today we re taking a look at the nvidia geforce gtx 470. I recently did did a video with two of these cars running an sli so please check the for that link. But today. We re just gonna be taking a look at the performance of a single card.

The card. We re taking a look at today is a reference model card. I did pick both these cards up used and the previous owner kept them in great shape wasn t much dust at all in the heat sinks when i took the shroud off and the only thing i needed to do was replace the aging thermal paste. Even when i pulled off a memory mosfet plate.

I noticed that most of the thermal pads were still in good shape pretty surprising for a card of this age now. This is an older card. So you probably already know the specs. But let s go over them really quick.

It is built on a 40 nanometer process. It has 40 rops. The core clock is 607 megahertz. The shader clock is 1215 megahertz.

The memory clock is 837 megahertz with a double data rate of 33 48. It has one point to eight gigabytes of vram is built on a 3320 bit memory bus and it has two 6 pin pet connectors total tdp is 215 watts and the max operating temperature is 105 degrees celsius. I m also going to go ahead and put up the test system specifications here. So you can see what kind of system.

I m using to run on my benchmarks. I am slightly changing up my testing methodology. I m going to be including the average frame. Rates the 1 lows and the 01.

Lows. As well. I m also going to be doing testing with stock and overclocked. So you can see the performance increase with the card overclocked to the max table clock.

I could get i m also going to be using msi afterburner to show the osd frame time. So you can see frame times. While we re testing so you can see the variances if there s any spikes or any dips. So all those will be shown.

So here is msi afterburner. The card stock runs at 962 millivolts core frequencies at 607 and the memory clock is at 16 74. We re going to be running all of these tests today at a hundred percent fan speed to keep our temps in line. And here s the overclock settings.

We re running the card at ten eighty seven millivolts. We were able to get our core clock up to 820 megahertz and our memory clock up to 18 70. Megahertz. So it is significant overclock.

Our core clock is now up by 35 over stock and our memory clock is up 11 over stock. So it is significant. I also wanted to know all the games will be benchmarking today will be benchmarked at 1080p okay the first game. We re going to take a look at today is grand theft auto.

5. And we ve run the game with a mixture of normal and high settings and overall the game ran great the average frame rate for the game. At stock settings was 66 frames. Per.


Second our one percent. Lows was 50 and our 01. Lows is 42. Now as we go over to overclocked performance.

We are seeing some significant gains. Now our average frame rate is at 85 our 1 is 66 and our 01. Is 59 frame times remain similar. We do have some spikes here and there.

But it s nothing drastic and overall the game ran great the next game up is the witcher. 3. And i m going to spend a little bit more time on this title than the others first of all we ran the game at 1080p with low settings. We did run textures up at medium because we have the vram allocation fort.

But what i normally do my benchmarking run is i run from rahim castle to glory gate into novigrad and i notice off the bat that frame times were spiked in and drop in quite a bit now we did average a frame rate of 40 for a 1 low of 20 and 01. Of 14. Which isn t that great or when we cross the gate on horseback frame spikes and fame drops were pretty crazy. And it was widely fell as well now moving over to our overclock settings.

We did notice a small increase in our average frame rate to jump from 44 to 47. However our 1 went to 32 and our point 1 percent went to 20. So there is some significant gain. No longer were we seeing these huge dips and spikes.

We were seeing a pretty consistent frame time throughout. We did still have some but it was drastically improved now if you wish to play this game. And you have a gtx 470 and you don t want to overclock your card you do have two other options in order to get a better experience you can go into msi afterburner and limit the framerate to 30 or you can go into your nvidia control panel and enable adaptive half refresh rate. And what that will do is will set the game to 30fps and so you will see here by this run that our frame.

Times are pretty much a solid line. It doesn t fully get rid of the dot drops and dips 100. But there are lost a lot less frequent making the game. Much more playable and probably more console.

Like i guess you could say so i wanted to make a mention of that next up is deus ex mankind divided and we ran this game on the low preset 1080p and we just ran the internal benchmark for the game. Overall. The frame rates really weren t that good i would think if you d want to play this game. You want to bump down the resolution to 900 or.

720p the average frame rate was. 25 our one percent blows was 191. Was 16 frame times did have some spikes. But overall.

They re pretty stable and now we moved on to the overclocked results our average frame rate goes from 25 to 33. Frames per second our 1 goes to 26 and our 01. Percent goes to 24 frame times remain about the same the next game in our lineup. Is overwatch this game was run at 1080p at the high preset at a hundred percent render scale game.

Performance is very good in this title. We saw an average frame rate of. 63 one percent low of 47 and 01. Of 41 frame times were consistent as we move on to the overclock results.

We saw a significant increase in performance and our average frame rates they went from 63 to 82 our. 1 was 52 and our 01. Was 58 overall a very good experience playing this game. This game runs easily on a lot of systems.


And the 470 has no problem powering it at high settings at 1080p fallout. 4. Is the next game we re testing and we tested this game with no aaa and no af and all the settings set to medium low performance was very good. We saw an average frame rate of 60 to a 1 of 46 and a point 1 percent of 23 frame.

Times. Did have some spikes here and there not sure if it was because of the foliage that for some reason hits fps. So hard in this game. But once we moved on to our overclocked settings.

The frame rate jump from 62 to. 82 and our 1 went to 61 and our 01. Went to 29. So we could dial up the settings.

A bit more if we were to let the game run at 60 frames per second as it was intended the next game. We tested is tom clancy s rainbow six siege and we played this game at the medium preset. But we made a couple tweaks. We move the aaf to 16x and then we turned off aaa overall.

The experience was pretty good at stock we saw an average frame rate of. 47 a 1 of 40 and 01. Of 38 frame times were amazing in this game. No problems whatsoever.

And when we dialed in our overclocked. We saw that average jump from 47 to. 61 we also saw our 1 of 51 and our 01. At 48.

So the experience was obviously much better overclocked and i would prefer to play it overclocked and a frame time to remain consistent throughout. Very playable experience with this card. The next game. We tested is doom and we ran this game at all low settings and even had an 80 render scale overall the performance was kind of shaky.

The average frame rates were actually very good at 60 our 1 was at 24 and our point 1 percent was 21. So not that great gp usage. Was pretty good with our sy sub gp usage. Was pretty terrible as scaling was not very good.

But performance overall was what s kind of shaky as you can see in our frame. Times. Those spikes were actually felt quite a bit just didn t seem like a suit a smooth experience while overclocked. We did see a decent increase in our average frame rate.

We went from 60 to 74. But our one percent one point one percent lows were still rather low as i stated the frame times are not very great and experienced. It was just okay at best next up is battlefield. One and we ran this game at 1080p at the low preset on this card frame.

Times were excellent in this game. Our stock performance. We average a frame rate of 59. A one percent of 49 in the point one percent of 46 overclocked.

We saw some significant gains in this game. We went from fifty nine to seventy eight for our average frames per second our 1 was 62 and our point one percent was 56. So the very very smooth experience in a single player game this frostbite engine is very well optimised. However if we were to jump into multiplayer.


We would see these average frame rates plummet a little bit as it is a bit more stressful on the system. The next game up is a popular title from 2017 player unknown. Battlegrounds and with this title of gtx 470. Kind of met its match.

We re playing the game at 1080p low settings at 100. Render scale. And we re seeing an average frame rate of 27. With a 1 of 18 and a point 1 of 15.

So frame times. We re kind of up and down there were some big divs. However a lot of those up and downs were below the eight millisecond threshold. So they weren t felt quite as bad even overclock this game.

Didn t run really any better we went from 27 to 28. So we saw 1 frames per second difference overclocked. However our 1 did jump to 21 and our point 1 just went to 16. So it was an extremely playable experience.

I did still play it managed to kill one person. But it really wasn t that fun i would have to probably drop the resolution scale down or drop. The resolution down to see some games to make this game. At least over 30 frames per second on average for a more playable experience rise of the tomb raider is up next and we re playing this game at 1080p with the low preset frame times in this game were great we saw an average frame rate for our stock configuration at 31 frames per second our 1 at 26 and our 01.

At 24 overclocked. We went from 31 to 40 frames per second on average our 1. Lows was 33 and our 01. Was 31 frame times remain consistent throughout and you could probably play lock this game.

At 30 frames per second and enjoy it with a console like experience overall was very playable with the 470 okay in the last game that we re testing. Today is law breakers the beta version. We re in this game at 1080p with all low settings at 100 render scale. We saw an average frame rate on our stock card.

At 50 frames per second our 1 was 32 and our point 1 percent. Was 26 frame times were just okay. We saw some spikes and some dips a lot of the stuff in between wasn t really felt. But those spikes and drops were felt from time to time as we overclocked the card.

We went from an average frame rate of 50 to 65 our 1 also went to 42 and our point 1 percent went to 34. So the experience improved quite drastically so experience playing this game overclocked was very good on the 470 and i would highly recommend the game. As it s very fun some of you may also know that as of driver 3. 8.

476. Fermi now is dx12 capable so what i did is i went ahead and fired up to deus ex. Benchmark and ran the dx11 side by side with the dx 12. And what i saw was frame rate was actually better with the x 11.

As well as frame times frame. Times did not look very good at all in dx. 12. Now fermi doesn t have the highest feature level support for dx 12.

So i wasn t able to get some of the windows store games to work such as forza forza apex and games like that i will keep trying couple couple are things i want to do before i give up. But wasn t able to get them to work. But the in this benchmark in itself. The dx 12.


Came out. Twenty six point four frames per second and the dx 11 was 32 point eight. So obviously if you re going to play this game. I would definitely run it in dx11 and just as a note.

I will be actually running this benchmark with a slower cpu i have a seller on 1155 cpu that i will be running in this system with dx 12 on fermi to see if there s any benefits for a lower end cpu while running the x 12 titles. So before we get out here. I want to take a look at power consumption and temperatures for the gtx 470. Now i m testing an ambient of 26 c.

And i took all power consumption figures and i measured them with a kilowatt meter. So it s for the entire system at the wall. So first up the idle power consumption for the whole system was at 82 watts and when i move the gtx 470 spans to 100. It went from 82 wants to 88 watts now for testing gpu load.

I ll be using rise of the tomb raider. It s at the very start of the game. It taxes the gpu up to 100 and the cpu usage isn t too high so. What i did is i also test the game.

And i let the temperatures get. There s max temperature and stabilize that s the best way for me to test them so. The first test. I did was at the stop clock speeds with these fan just left on auto.

And when i saw at the wall was 266 watts. A power draw. And the temperatures were topping. At about 94 95.

C. With the fan speed left on auto. The fan speed did top out about 62. Now with those same clock speeds.

I set the fan to 100 and our power consumption dropped from 266 to 245 watts. We also topped out about 66 67 c. And now with our overclock results. We set the fans up to 100 and our power consumption rose to 378 watts at the wall.

And we also topped out at 87 c. So with a better aib cooler or some water cooling. We would probably see power consumption take a little bit of a dive as well so the power consumption isn t as bad as we maybe thought it was but it s still not great at the same time. But i wanted to share this information with you if anybody was curious well that about wraps up our look at the gtx 470.

I hope it was nostalgic for some of you guys that used to own this card and kind of see how it does today for anybody who still currently owns this card. I hope it least shows you what games. It s capable of running assuming you have a decent cpu behind it and it still was fun for me to test it in this day. And age with some modern games.

It still holds its own and believe it or not at 1080p. Even though most of settings were set too low and the majority of games. But anyways. I hope you guys liked this look back and could you questions or comments.

Please feel free to leave them in the comment section and ” ..

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