OCULUS RIFT BLACK SCREEN (but audio still works) FIX!!!

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“Is up everyone i am going to give you a tutorial on how to fix fix your oculus rift. Basically. So i have one. Here.

It is. Oh wow. You actually see all the like little infrared sensors on it. That s pretty cool.

Even when even when it s off..

I guess. So basically i had an issue a couple days ago. Where my oculus rift turned black. So i was able to hear it didn t even turn black.

It just didn t even turn on so i was able to hear the audio of like the main hub of your oculus client with your headphones on or you had your on. But no visual. It s all black right so basically i want to give you a tutorial does this fix the issue for me and a lot of people are kind of search this up and can t find the correct issue. Because everyone s giving these complicated issues is actually a really easy fix at least for me.

It is a driver issue..

I thought my auctus headset broke and i was gonna be really mad you know i ve only had the damn thing for like one year. I actually bought it like a year ago this past december. So basically what you re gonna do is go to my pc right so or this pc. You know because of new stuff.

And what you re gonna do is you re gonna go to local disk c. You re gonna go to program files. You re gonna go to oculus and then you re gonna go to support now you re gonna see oculus drivers and then you re gonna see this application to run your oculus driver setup. Which basically will reinstall and replace your current drivers and fix any issues that it had you know basically update to the latest version of oculus rift drivers so now when you double click it i m not gonna double click.

It s already fixed the issue but basically you re gonna hear the sound..

If you have your audio on on your pc. No window will pop up no no installation window. No basically nothing will pop up you re gonna hear the sound give it about a minute let it load. And then boot up your oculus.

Again and it should be functioning and you shouldn t get a black screen anymore and if it if your problems persist. I would recommend just looking up forums. But this might be a common issue. I don t know.

But it should it should work i hope that helped you guys out i figured i d share this a little bit more just because i kind of had to look dig through reddit in a few forms just to find this information..

So having a video tutorial is always nice if you guys like the video. Please. Like and subscribe. If you didn t well i keep saying that every time.

I do that ” ..

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