Oneplus 5 Battery Replacement – It s EASY!

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“Everyone welcome back to another video. I hope you guys will do well today we we re gonna replace the battery of my one plus five. I already had another without the knowledge that you need to calibrate one because the battery did i bought earlier died at 12 which of course. It s not good but turns out i need to calibrate the battery.

So yeah i didn t know that now i do so i got it on the battery. And this time. I ll be able to film. It much more clearly as well.

So what we do is we need to open up my phone. So we re gonna first turn it off like you should with all electronics so we re gonna turn it off and then we re gonna swap out the battery it s actually pretty simple um the one plus five it is not as difficult as you might think as long as you know where to get into the phone now the next portion is gonna be slightly more difficult because you need to remove the sim tray that s one thing. I keep forgetting about that thing so i ve just done it now and then you need to lift up a display slightly to create a gap between the body and now you need to be careful because there s two seams here i ll show you up on screen where those seems exactly are but the seams that you need to be focusing on is there s one for the display. Which is very easy to get into and there s another one for the body and that s harder to get into so if your ones goes easy it goes in very easy like this that s the display don t do that so you need to go and pry in the bottom.

And there you go that s much harder. That s the one of the body and go along the side here and just pry open on that side just slide it down like so create a gap here so now i m actually gonna grab the other plastic pry tool. This one s a bit more hard and i m gonna try and get under here i m gonna slightly twist. It so that the little plastic pops get out and now there s more of a gap here and we can basically start removing the entire phone.

So we can pry it open like so very simple. Ask the phone open. It s that simple be careful dog because i did went under the display quite a few times. I hope it didn t damage anything.

But yeah now we re on the inside you need a phillips head screw driver..

So we re gonna grab did a small one and you re gonna need to remove the metal bracket that is right here. So this is the metal bracket right here. And there s a screw in the middle here that you need to remove so here. I ll show you that little screw right.

There is what you need to remove so we ll remove that that s the metal bracket and i m just gonna plop that on my tray here then remove the bracket pull it out yeah. Then you can remove these little like lego connectors as we call them so i m gonna grab a little plastic pry tool again and we re gonna just pry that open simple as that and that s the usbc and headphone connector. So we can remove the back now. And then there is another six phillips head screws at the bottom here at the loudspeaker because we need to remove this ribbon cable that goes across as well so we re gonna remove these six as well so this is one two three four five six now though those screws removed.

We can remove the loudspeaker. So you want to grab another little pry tool. And you want to get in between the bottom corner right here. So here s a little corner.

And you should be able to re trying to focus there s another corner out there that you can focus on and then you can pry it in between here. And you should be able to lift it out so that s what i m gonna do now there we go that s the speaker. Gone. The loudspeaker and now we just remove this little ribbon down here at the bottom.

So this little ribbon. Here you just remove that there we go and with that we can now remove the battery. So there s a little pull tab then we can pull on why we call the pull tab. And that s the battery out.

I ve already moved through a couple times..

So this was easier for yards again for you it s gonna be harder and here s the new battery. So let s open it up and here s the battery it looks again like this is the same one that it look that looked like the previous one the previous one the bolsa brought back because it looks like a fake and it is a fake because it ball. If you were to get the actual original oneplus batteries that wouldn t be good for business that s one and two you simply wouldn t be able to own a battery. Like that because those batteries are two years old.

So we re gonna get a newer battery. And it is aftermarket. It won t have the same things on it as you can see here this is the oneplus one and this is the replacement one you see that there s a couple things missing like that little coat here at the bottom. But you know what that s fine as long as it works you know it s fine so we re gonna plop it in there make sure that it is nicely between those little stickers or a tape and then we need to get the battery connector on so that s just this one this little battery connector at the top here.

And yeah. We can just put it back together. So we can put this ribbon cable back in its place. We can use our fingers for that that s not a problem as long as you re not like conducting electricity you should be fine if you have a carpet on your floor.

I highly suggest using a anti static wrist strap. So uh and he s had a grease trap. Definitely recommend it connected to your earth connectors on your power outlet. And you ll be fine um.

And now we need to put the last speaker back in so. It s really easy we re just gonna plop it down vertically like so and then you should just be able to flop it back into place and then i m gonna grab all the screws back one two three four five six let me put the metal bracket back so make sure that all the connectors are in place. It is not there s the one that needs to be attached from the back of the phone. So that one needs to go back into place twist.

It slightly put that one back into place there we go and then all we need to do is put the metal bracket back on so that one just slides in like so on one side kind of bend it so that it goes on the opposite side in you need to put a slight bend into it otherwise it won t click into place there we go so that s in now and then we put in the final screw..

Phillips head screw that is like so that s a metal bracket into place and now we just put the phone back together. Which you ll start at the top. We ll just put that in there and just go along the bottom. And it s back together simple as that and well.

Then you could put the same tray in of course. And put the two torx screws back in okay. I was really dumb. I tried to screw it in with a sim tool.

That s never gonna work there we go moment of truth turn it on hello. Would get a full display. I was feeling real skeptical back then because people said you could do extensive damage if you go onto the display. And i did go onto the display of it apparently it didn t do any damage.

Although we ll see when the entire display lights up. But looks like a duster on and yeah. The entire display is working okay. That s great so let me fill in my password.

It s a 21 which is fine. I m gonna pull up a q battery because this will give me some statistics about the battery. So the first thing you need to do is completely run. This thing dry so make it run till 0.

And then go all the way 100..

And then back to zero. And then all the way to the 100 that shirt calibrate. The battery to the point that it should work. But you guys hear about i m here about me on that at a later moment.

But that s pretty pretty much it that s that s really simple opening up the phone and replacing the battery. You do have to keep a look at that seam. Though and you ll be fine. But other than that it s pretty much a easy task to do and it didn t take many minutes either.

I mean the video is now 15 minutes. But i mean that was easy i have to say that was easy of course. This is one plus five keep that in mind one plus six and sixty are glued so be careful. But one plus five you re fine and yeah replacement batteries work fine you guys hear me on instagram and that sort of thing how long the battery lasts.

Although i ll also do a recap video later on but anyhow that was it i hope you guys liked it and let me know if you learn something that sort of thing you know out goes. And yeah. I ll give you guys a regular updates. So uh you seeing you thank you for watching peace ” .


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