OnePlus 5 Battery replacement

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“Your phone s battery is getting weak and you would like it to last longer longer this video shows you how to replace it a new battery also helps if phone keeps crashing or is always getting slower this repair is not very difficult because the display is not glued the battery is also easy to remove you need about 60 to 90 minutes. We recommend the following tools a torx t10 driver. A phillips screwdriver a plastic pick a plastic spudger a steel spatula esd tweezers and a suction cup a heat gun or a hairdryer helps you remove glue to parts you can find the required spare part in the video info. The most important tools together with our idoc magnetic pad come in our repair kit on our website.

I dot e. You you can find this guide with detailed photos and videos for each step before the repair do a full data. Backup and make sure your workplace is clean. And well lit.

If you have any questions just leave a comment below and now enjoy this fix first of all switch off your oneplus. 5 completely to protect it from damage press and hold the standby button until the switch off option appears tap again to confirm if your oneplus. 5. Touchscreen.

No longer works you can also turn it off by pressing and holding the standby button for about 10 to 15 seconds to open the oneplus 5 you need a torx t10 driver remove both screws on the bottom edge of the case they are located to the right and left of the usb port store the screws in the same box of your magnetic pad remove the sim card holder with a sim tool or a paperclip push the tool into the small hole on the sim tray and pull it out the 1 5. Consists of a back cover and a display unit..

All the electronics and the screen are installed and in the display unit. The back cover is designed as a case to lift off the back cover. You need a suction cup. A flat opening tool and a pic.

If the screen is badly cracked cover it with a strip of packing tape. So that the suction cup can stick attach the suction cup over the home button pull on the suction cup and then slide the opening tool between the display in the rear panel. If the opening tool is too soft use a pic when a small gap appears insert the pic you best use a hard pick with a stopper. So that it doesn t slip.

Too far into the device now run the pake around the whole frame you can twist the pic a little to lever off the display. The device is not glued. But clipped use the pic to release the clips one by one once all the clips are released you can lift off the back cover tabs at the upper edge come out last. The rear case is still connected with a flex cable gently fold open the back cover and hole to protect the cable.

The connectors for the battery and the back cover are under a bracket remove the screw from the bracket and then remove the bracket. It s latched in on both ends first disconnect..

The battery to avoid. Short circuits use a plastic tool for this then disconnect the second connector. It connects the usb port to the mainboard remove the phillips screws on the speaker unit. Then pry out the speaker with a flat tool now you can take it out of the device now you can remove the glued battery.

We recommend that you remove the neighboring parts such as the mainboard. So you don t damage them of course. You re free to follow your own procedure. If you feel confident first disconnect all connectors from the mainboard unplug.

The antenna connector with a slight twist of the tweezers disconnect the connector of the large flex cable from the motherboard and the small coaxial plug of the wi fi antenna next to the camera. Remove. The phillips screws from the mainboard one of the screws has a moisture indicator sticker you can remove the sticker and reuse it later or just throw it away unplug. The flex cable running over the battery.

The antenna cable is clipped on to the mainboard release. The antenna cable from the bracket bend all cables to the sides..

So that you can easily remove the mainboard now you can take the mainboard out of the device remove the two clear adhesive tabs on both sides of the battery. Now pull on the green tab. Until the battery comes out pull carefully so the tab does not tear. Be careful not to bend the battery.

The battery is not stuck very hard should the glue still be hard to remove you can heat. The unit from the display side now insert the new battery. Now insert the new battery make sure that there s some space on all sides. And that no cables get stuck.

Then press on all the adhesive tabs to make the battery stick now put the mainboard into the device first bend away all the connectors. So they don t get stuck under the board press. It in and make sure. The cameras are sitting properly stick the long antennae cable to its bracket and then clog the connector of the large flex cable to the sub board next fasten the mainboard with the phillips screws.

The screw hole by the battery plug stays free for now plug the connector of the small antenna to the top of the mainboard. Then plug the connector of the flex cable to the mainboard position the plug of the antenna cable and gently press..

It on so that you feel a slight snap be careful not to slip with the connectors as the small pins may get damaged. You should feel the connectors engage with a light snap put the speaker in its place and fasten. It the screws are all the same length. So you can t swap them attach the rear case at the right angle and plug the usb port connected to the main board also connect the battery connector to the mainboard now put on the bracket make sure.

It s latched in on both ends fasten. The screw of the bracket now attach the back cover to the display unit slide in the upper edge. First the back cover has three tabs here clipping the device together takes some strength. It s best to grab the device with both hands and squeeze the edges.

Together with your fingers insert any sim or sd cards and slide. The tray back into the device. Now fasten. The two screws to the left and right of the usb port.

” ..

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