OnePlus Cardboard VR Headset Unboxing, Setup, and First Impressions!

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“Again guys had a package show up in the mail today. I wasn t exactly exactly sure what it was so i went head and started to open it up once. I saw what was inside of it i had to stop and open. It up for you on camera a little while back oneplus unveiled their brand new version of cardboard.

It s based on the google cardboard. But they ve made some modifications to it to make it work well with the oneplus one and this is what showed up as you can see here. It does say 1 plus dotnet on the cardboard itself. Looks like mine may have gotten a little bit damaged in transit.

Although that may just be the outside wrapper now this was a very very limited edition thing. It was 5 only when that was just for the shipping. The entire product was free all you paid for with shipping and let s just see what you actually get in it now unfortunately. I have not had a chance to try out the official google cardboard yet so this is going to be my first real cardboard style experience and hopefully.

This is still in good enough shape to be usable. So there you go you do have the oneplus branding on it says never settle on it and this has supposedly been slightly redesigned to work best with the oneplus one which means of course. It should work with just about anything here you see some instructions it does show one two and three how you flip everything open and then you turn the sunshade around and stick your phone in and you re ready to go so let s go ahead and flip this over we ll get everything velcro in place. Appropriately.

Now we have a little bit of shade. There. And it should be ready actually that s that s all there is to it that s very nice and simple. There s a little bit of a ding here it shouldn t hopefully be too big of a deal this appears to be the magnetic button that you use when you push that button it looks like it s actually moving something internally.


Like i said. This is my first cardboard experience so i m not really sure what else going on and it looks like some of the cardboard layers here have actually come apart as well i pushed them back together and they are sticking okay. But this was sticking out quite a bit just a second ago. But hopefully everything will be ok so at this point.

I need to go ahead and power on my oneplus one get the app from the oneplus site. They sent me an email. Which you can see here with a little qr code in it where you can download the app. So i ll go ahead and do that and i ll be right back with you ok so at this point.

I do have the cardboard app installed on my oneplus one unfortunately the battery levels a little low. But it should be ok so when it open on that says let s get you set up this is just the google standard cardboard application now does say on here find this symbol on your viewer. I m not seeing that symbol on the viewer. Unfortunately maybe.

It s the one that was in the email give that a shot all right my thoughts were correct. It does now say viewer identified the cardboard app is configured for cardboard viewer 11. So apparently this is not obviously based on google cardboard oh. And you can see there.

While it s been sitting here this has come back apart again. So i may have to put some glue on that to hold it together if i give it a little squeeze. It should stick together a little bit better at least temporarily. But now that we ve hit that let s say done it says here we have cardboard demos installed and a 360 video channel so i m gonna hit cardboard demos looking there s a bunch of stuff going on so i should probably go ahead and stick this in here close this up and see what it looks like and you can t really tell what s going on on there because the the lenses.


But you can see as i move it around the gyro kind of moves this stuff on the interface. And you can select stuff with this button. So i m going to go ahead and give this a look on my eyes. And see how it works.

I m really curious to see how it works with glasses specifically. Well it works interestingly. So far here you can see a little bit closer up. What s you re actually seeing inside of the cardboard.

As you move it around it does sort of move around in the interface itself. So there s for example. The tour guide there s a tutorial. There s exhibit.

I couldn t get out of the exhibit. Without actually opening the device up and hitting the back button on it there s the windy day demo. There s a photosphere my videos. I m gonna go ahead and try the windy day demo and when you press the button this button here it actually just pushes down something that touches the screen.

But there you go it does look like it is still loading at this point. It would be easier. If i just go ahead and take it out of the class at this point. Though there you go you kind of see what s going on on the screen.


When i look around this is the same kind of thing you see inside of the viewer. And then when you move around you can touch things that you re looking at and then if you go ahead and go into the 360 degree video channel 360 video channel. It says it has i guess popular 360 degree videos. I actually watched this one on youtube last night.

So i ll be interested to see what it looks like with cardboard. I hid the cardboard button. I guess when it detects its cardboards on it it gives you that 360 degree view. You can look around this is a warcraft skies of azeroth trailer.

If that does appear to be working. Now so now when i look around yeah. You re not gonna be able to see it very well from this thing obviously. But i m looking down on stormwind here and if i took it a different angle of course.

You d be able to see what what the person would actually be saying and that actually is a really cool experience. Except it keeps pausing for some reason doesn t appear to be terribly friendly with the the 360 video channel. Quite yet but there s more things you can do with it and obviously the main reason for this is when the 1 2. Launch.

Event. Actually happens. There should be a way to actually view it using the 1 1 or using. I guess any device with this card board.


So i m really looking forward to using this some more i m looking forward to more of the vr experiences. This is my first time using any of the vr devices. Except for sony s which i used at ces last year. But this is the first time.

I ve actually had my hands on one and been able to hold on to it longer term. So i m going to be giving this a more thorough test over the next few weeks. I guess it should be another. I think we can have for two weeks before oneplus actually has their event and i may do some more content about it.

If you guys are interested in learning more about this or seeing more of what it s capable of but that s going to be about all for me for today thanks to oneplus. We re making this available at a very reasonable price 5 shift is definitely not bad at all i m definitely gonna take some super glue or something and put down in here because this is not working out terribly well. But other than that it s been a good first experience. I think this button is working out pretty well and the interface itself is very interesting.

So if you do have any questions. Comments or concerns let me know down in the comment section below. But as always thank you guys so much for watching remember hit that like button down below. If you like this video and subscribe receive more videos when they become available.

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