Opening Blizzard Games without Launcher

battlenet offline mode This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Opening Blizzard Games without Launcher. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“This video. I m going to show you how to open blizzard games. Without having having to use the battlenet launcher. There are two ways to do it one way don t need to have the battlenet launcher open at all.

But if you do it this way then you have to login every single time you open a game. The other way if the battlenet launcher is open in the background then when you open a game you ll automatically log in it s exactly the same as opening the battlenet launcher window and selecting a game. You want and hitting play so first i ll show you how to do it. Without the battlenet launcher at all so you can see it s not open.

So you ve probably tried this where you just go to the folder. Where you install the game. And you try opening the game. And you find out it s going to open the battlenet launcher.

So let s go ahead and exit that and it s really simple..

It s just in these support folders. If you want 64 bit version of the game. You ll go to the support 64. And it s just this application called sc2 switcher.

So if you open that it will open the game. And it will bring you to the screen just to the login screen as if you were in the game. And you chose to log out rather than exit. And so you can make a shortcut of that application put it on the start menu put on a taskbar whatever.

And it s seen actually nice like especially for starcraft 2. Players like i have three starcraft two accounts and i also play on multiple regions. So just opening it here and then logging into the account. I want in the region.

I want is a little bit easier than having to log out of the battlenet launcher and login to the battlenet launcher for the account..

I want so i can actually be preferable. And it s nice to have that as an option if you want it here s the storm is exactly the same way. It s got these support folders with the switchers in there. And i think wow is the same way i don t have it installed right now and i don t have diablo 3 or hearthstone installed.

But i imagine they might have similar things as well and with overwatch you can actually just open watch. And it does work. I m not going to show that right now. So that s one way to get into your blazer games.

But the more convenient thing is to actually use the battlenet launcher. So i m going to show you how to use the battlenet launcher and create shortcuts. So you can open games just from your start menu or from your taskbar. If that s what you prefer and it ll be like you re here hitting play you don t have to so first thing is the kind of settings.

You ll want to for the launcher to kind of be invisible to you have it start when you start your computer and then when it launches have it minimized to the system tray that way..

It s just down here you never even know that it s around. But you get the advantages of like if someone whispers you or game needs to update. You you still get the advantages of having launcher. But you don t have to use it to actually launch games and of course you do want to have keep me logged in enabled all right so i m a hit x.

But that just minimizes it to the system tray so it is open and then what you want to do is go to the folder. Where the battlenet launcher is installed and go to the battlenet launch for your application and create a shortcut and then go to that shortcut and go to the properties and for the target. You want to go all the way to the end here. Keep what s there go all the way to the end hit space and depending on which game.

You want you re going to put one of these things on the left here so none of this on the right you actually enter. I ve just labeled. Which game is which so for starcraft the code word is just starcraft. But you put that in with the quotes and everything and you re probably going to want the proper icon.

So to do that if you ve never done this before you just go to the folder..

Where the game is installed and select the file that has the icon you desire so just. The standard icon and you hit okay of course you re going to want to rename that i like sc2 and that s it this shortcut will be like coming here and hitting play. But you don t have to do so you can put this like i don t have it there yet. I can put it on my start menu start it up.

I m just going to log me and automatically so you can just do that for all the blizzard games. That you have you re just going to be making a bunch of shortcuts of the bed net launcher. Adding the correct thing to the end of the target field. And then renaming them and giving them a correct icons to make ” .


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