Overwatch – Origins vs Collector s vs Standard Edition – WHAT SHOULD YOU BUY!

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“Guys. This is undercover dudes ottaway from down under and today. We re going to to be having a look at the overwatch kree orders should you buy the standard or collector s edition. Or wait until the game comes out let s get right into it now before i start all three of these packages have basically the same in game experience in terms of gameplay.

There is no extra maps no extra weapons or in game. Playable content is included with all of these choices. So there is no advantage at all. Now let s start with the standard.

Edition and that s 6995. Australian and in my opinion surround the right price for a triple a game pre ordering gets you the noir skinful. Widowmaker now moving on to the. Origins.

Edition and this is 8995. Australian. And it is a bit more pricier..


But you get a few more goodies to play around with the first is five exclusive origins skins for a variety of heroes. Which i believe you cannot get any other way. You also get some extras for each of blizzards other games eg getting the tracer hero in heroes of the storm. The overwatch card back in hearthstone etc.

Etc. Is one the starcraft. 1 for diablo. And so on and so on and of course.

You get the noir skin for widowmaker as well now we move on to the final package. Which is the collector s edition and it comes in at 199 dollars and 95 cents australian. Which is by far the most expensive of the free. But this is a physical package.

Which comes in a very nice looking box you also get everything from the origins edition. Along with a visual source book that soundtrack to overwatch and a metal statue of soldier. 76..


Which is pretty damn cool now. Which one should you pre order or should you pre order at all. It is obvious to say that if you love overwatch anvil lore surrounding it go and pick up the origins edition. Or the collector s edition.

But what about the rest of us who just want to go and play the game for the majority. I suggest not pre ordering a game and for a few reasons on for blizzard site. They charge. The recommended retail price and the only difference between the official site and the physical retailers is the fact you get a skin.

Which isn t worth it in my opinion. The reason why it isn t worth. It is because physical retail retailers generally have the game at a cheaper price at jb hi fi witches in the trailing electronics store. The origins origins edition.

Is selling for 79 with free does 50 delivery instead of 90 bucks. And you get a physical copy. Which is a very significant saving and you go and get the game in your hands..


Which is pretty cool now if you re able to wait a week or two maybe a little bit more after the games being released the game will become significantly. Cheaper as sales come out so. If you re not fussy about playing on day one make sure to grow it in a way. However you can go even cheaper.

There are sites like g2a in kinguin. Which sell game keys online and you can go and get the origins edition of overwatch 456. 49. Australian on d2a.

Which is a very very big saving. But you only go and get the digital key now. It s the same as before as well the longer you wait the cheaper the game will become. But you ve got to go and weigh up do you want to go and wait.

But you want to go and get into the game. So you ve got to go and weigh up how much money you actually want to go and spend on the game. But saying that this key selling business a lot of people don t like it they think..


It s a bit shady. But i m not going to go and pick sais personally. I m probably going to go and buy it from g2a because i like going and saving money. But some people like the physical copy some people like this and that but overall.

There is many many options which you guys can go in use so in conclusion for the cheapest price buy online on sites like g2a in kinguin. What a physical copy byte from a physical retail and pick it up at a decent price. And if you re hardcore overwatch fan well there s no point in watching this video. You re gonna go and buy two collector s edition anyway because that is a pretty pretty cool package hopefully guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to go give it a like rating.

But other than that undercover dudes all the way from down. ” ..

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