Own Zone Review: Wireless TV Headphones As Seen on TV

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“Is own zone. There we go it is a nasty on tv wireless tv headphone headphone set. But does it really work as advertised let s check it out in s review. All right here are the contents.

I ve been reading over the instructions for a while here you ve obviously got your headphones and this is the transmitter you got. Several cables. Here you have two microusb and you got three different ways of connecting your tv. Rca optical and auxilary now if you use one of these two you can listen to the sound from your tv and the headphones.

But if you use the auxiliary you can only use the headphones. Now if taking a closer look of the headphones themselves on this side. You ve got a power button. Which that s the power indicator right there this is where you charge your headphones.

That s where you can run an auxiliary cable. If you want to use it just like a regular hair pair of headphones. Without the transmitter over here you ve got the volume controls the scan. I believe is just for if you have to repair it with the transmitter itself headphones themselves are pretty comfortable easy to adjust pretty standard.

What you d expect the transmitter has a power button this is a scan button. If you need to re a parrot with your headphones your optical goes. Here. Auxilary and the rca is going here.

And even though. This is charged you don t really charge it you just plug it into a power source typically the usb connector. If your television. There is the charge port okay.

And the headphones are now charging and i just gotta wait and see how long that takes and then hopefully and get started alright. So the headphones charged last night. I took it about two hours and the light goes off when they re done charging and as i said before we got three different ways we can do it this one this particular tv. The rc8 outs are already taken so i m not going to be using the rca out on this tv.

But it does have optical and it has an auxilary out so i m gonna try the optical. So i can leave that sound on for the tv and the headphones with the auxilary. You can t have tv audio on the speaker s..


Only the headphones here we go now in nice. This cables pretty long. I think that s that s a good length 36 inches. Maybe okay so let me put it on the transmitter.

It also has optical alright. So i realized that you actually have to plug in the us. This does not even though it says the word charge right there. This doesn t charge is powered continuously through the tv.

So i have it running into the usb port in the television to continuously power and the optical. Now let s see if it works. Oh yeah. I hear it i hear it.

Now. There s a volume control on the side here. See the quality is really good actually now i have a sold out i came here myself talk so hopefully i m not talking too loud because i can hear the headphones really loud right now so hopefully. I m not talking too loud.

No these actually sound pretty good. I m happy with that it oh. The other thing is the transmitter and the headphones are supposed to be automatically pairs. You don t to worry about dealing with any of that there are instructions to pair it if it does get unpaired.

But i just turned it both on and automatically worked very happy with that it s comfortable over my ear. I m not sure if the bass is really as prominent as you would have unlike some really high end headphones. But for less than television. It they re comfortable they work pretty well and and you can adjust the volume separately on the television.

So i kind of like that too so my just my first test of it i think it worked right out of the box as i expected let me switch over to the auxilary and see what the differences without the television being able to play okay. So there s a there is an auxilary and output back here. There it is and that can go in right. There alright.

It sounds. Exactly the same the only difference is the television is no longer projecting the sound from its speakers. But it sounds the same as the optical..


We put on something sighs. Wow. I have kids tv on you yeah. You re a caramel your kids tv and we put something else on it s a music for something i can t put mtv on mtv.

Doesn t play music. I m gonna put on the classic alternative music channel. Again. It s not as bassy as i would like for like a really high quality headphones.

There s more mid range ii than bassy if not unacceptable even for music. It s not terrible. It s really good for just brailler television. All right so the owns own worked pretty well right off the bat on my son s tv.

But i want to try my tv. Which is configure. It a little bit differently let me show you this for my tv. It s hard to get into the inputs.

Either on the top of the bottom. So i actually go through this tuner here. Everything s plugged in from the tv. There so i m gonna see if i can get the own zone to work out of the two and see how that works first up the rca jack and the rca jack plugs into the auxilary cable.

That s how that how that goes because this is pretty small ok. So i ve got an out here. Which is pretty easy and then that just plugs right into the auxiliary of the own zone right. There are the tv s on headphones are on i do hear it.

But there s something awful on okay turn the tv volume down. It s cutting in and out it s like clipping. This is actually connected to my tv rca jacks already. I m gonna plug directly into that and see if it sounds better cuz that did not sound very good at all it was it it was kind of quiet and was clipping out let s try this right into the tv.

All right it sounds good. It s still a little bit mid range e trevally not a heavy on the bass. I would like a little more bass..


But it s the quality is good i have no idea what this show was by the way. But the other claim they have on tv is that this can work up to a hundred feet through walls. So let me go up to my backyard. And because i show a guy who d mowing his yard listening to the game.

I m gonna go outside and see if i still hear this let s go all right guess i ll hear it bailey. Oh bailey all right let me see how far i can go with this i still hear it it s not even cutting out. I can t hear myself hopefully you can hear me it s all way back there inside the house. I guess i hear perfectly clear so i think when they say hundred feet.

Actually you might get more than that all right so. What i want to do now is is kind of to see how long these batteries last so i m just gonna leave this on with the tv going and i m gonna see how long before the headphones go out because it is it lasts an hour does the last six hours. I don t know i m gonna find that out right now so might be later tonight before i check back in with you. But i m gonna let you know how long this charge holds all right so i was testing how long the battery lasts i put it on about 3.

Pm yesterday and at 1 00 am. It was still going. But the blue light was flashing. So i think it was almost done so that means it lasted 10 hours.

The box itself. Says that it will last 10 hours. So that s actually not a surprise. I actually didn t notice that until today though but here s here s what s interesting on the website for own zone.

There s an option to get a deluxe model. Which i didn t get cuz. I got mine at walmart and this deluxe model supposedly has higher quality headphones. Which maybe has a better base and a battery that lasts 66 longer.

Which supposedly gives you nine hours per charge. Now i may not have been a math genius. But i m pretty sure that nine hours is not 66 percent longer than 10 hours. Which is what i got with a regular model kind of interesting let s say you want to use your own zone.

Without the transmitter just plug in your computer. You can do that i simply plug in your heart your auxilary into one side of your computer. And that into your headphones..


Okay. I m listen to my computer. Right now. It does work you don t need to turn the power on because it s being powered by your computer.

But the other thing is about the auxiliary cable whether you use it plugged directly in or in the transmitter. The auxiliary cable you cannot control the volume on your headphones it has to be controlled on the source itself that s suppose to consider the rca and the optical you can control the volume from the headphones auxilary you can t. But it does work well as a regular pair of headphones in the computer probably in your stereo. You don t need to have the power on doesn t be charged for that to work.

I think. It s kind of a good addition to add that jack so you can use it as a regular pair of headphones. Without the tran without being charged pretty good all right as far as pros of the product goes. I sing.

The pros is that it pairs very well i plugged it in in several locations and it worked flawlessly each time. I also liked the fact that they added this jack. So you could use it as a regular pair of headphones. The 100 foot range.

That s that s advertised. I think i got more than that so it does work through walls and with a pretty decent range as far as that goes. The only real con. I have is that it s the base is not really prominent.

I would have liked a little bit more bass in there but otherwise they re comfortable. I think that that s a pretty good product. I ve paid 60 bucks for these at a local walmart and they re just now rolling out of stores. So look for them probably on the as seen on tv.

I love most stores have you used the own zone or something like it tell me. What you think in the comments. Below and please subscribe for more product reviews to meet james white with freaking reviews. ” .


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