Panasonic DMP-BD70V VHS/Bluray combo player

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“Everyone and for this video. We ll be looking at this vcr well not really really this vcr. But well everyone knows about the vcr. It s pretty ubiquitous device know from the 80s and 90s this model here is toshiba.

I tried to find that kind of a higher end one because i m gonna compare it to what this video is actually about so i think most of them that come across our four head vcrs. This is a six head unit. Toshiba. It has a little thing for fast for it s a later one s s.

Vhs. So it s a bit of a higher end model. So the thing about vcrs. What they would output at is pretty much the best uv.

It was s video. It was composite and s video and i did some research. I didn t spend hours researching. But i did some researching on it and i think well maybe pal.

Maybe you re a penal insane rgb as a standard over there from what my research came up with the even pal vcrs really only output composite or s. Video through scart and if you try this thing around you can see it s s videos and composite and then stereo nrf. But i will say that maybe about six or seven years ago. I think it was the neo geo forums.

Someone was selling a vcr and it had component out that s the red blue green and i don t remember much about it i was kind of mildly interested. But that s the only time i ve ever seen vhs type machine that had anything other better than s video or composite. But i think that was like a special. I m guessing that was for like a broadcast studio.

I m guessing that that player was not meant for the consumer market..

I haven t seen anything about it yet. I ve been check out 80 forums. Most people claim that these jars with connections other than s. Video and composite.

Don t even exist so i m guessing they didn t make many of those but anyways why am. I telling you about a vcr and all that stuff that can well. That s because oh let me tell you what when i get a good will i they usually always have a stack of vcrs dvd players and vcr just stacks of them and i always go through them. Because you never know what you might find like usually.

I m looking like new on players or uh. You know laserdisc players or you know even flick game systems that really look like these years like some of the models of the philips cdi laser active players so yeah i do go through the big stacks of dvd a vcr and now blu ray players. And what i do see a lot is i see combo players and comic players have the vhs and the dvd. And you know that was it makes sense.

There was a transition period going on and so there were people that were transitioning to dvds. Then they still had a huge vhs collections. So that makes sense we ve got one player you can play your vhs movies and you can play your dvds. The thing with those players that i ve always seen is even though they do have component bow on the back usually usually the component output.

Only works if you re playing a dvd. If you re probably playing vhs. It will not output through the component will only output through the s video um. So just to get on with the point here while back i was going to goodwill and i was going through the units.

And i saw this real quick. And i was like another combo player big deal and then i noticed something interesting. And what i noticed is that yeah. It s a blu ray player vhs player combo and even more interesting its vhs 1080p that s 1080 progressive hd output.

Yeah i didn t have a clue this thing existed it really intriguingly now this is a panasonic you see it s vhs..

It s not it s not s vhs. But yeah i had to pick it up it was like 20 bucks. It was way more than i want to spend i already have a blu ray player you know good quality you know. But i it was so weird to me that i had to pick it up because i mean i can understand dvd vhs combo.

So there was a transition going on. But blu ray came out far after the death of vhs. So i mean. It s just interesting this i mean of course.

This also plays dvds. So you ve got like a triple threat here you got your your vhs collection. And you ve got your dvds and your blue reds. So yeah.

This thing really intrigued me yeah. But yeah. It really does it it converts your vhs um show you the back of it. So.

We ve got pretty standard case. You ve got standard ac in that s kind of like the type of like a ps2 or xbox uses hdmi you got land this isn t wireless optical audio out and then you have your component and stereo over here for audio yeah i did a little bit of research on this there are some downsides to this one is i don t have the remote this opens up here. There s a slot for an sd card. There s a usb slot.

And you ve got play pause. And stop. There s no rewind on here you got eject power and open close for the tray. But there s no root wine or fast forward button on this i m assuming they re on the remote.

So that s kind of a problem with vhs tapes on this..

If you don t have a route probably a lot of other features you don t get because it is very sparse button wise on this thing even playing blu rays on this i couldn t i had like a you know like a gamma movie collection because i love me some giant japanese monsters and i couldn t i had to watch the first i can only watch the first movie on the dvd. Because you can t go through the menu. Because i don t have the remote and there s like no buttons for on it apparently there s another model. I believe it was only released in japan that that had okay as far as i know you cannot record vhs on this either.

But i think there s a model up from this that you can record. But i think that might have only been released in japan. Don t quote me on that i also believe there was some issues with this model at first. But there were firmware updates.

I think that fixed that issue whatever those issues works. I don t remember it s been a while since i researched it um. But yeah it works if it does work it really does up convert vhs. Now the blu ray part yeah.

It looks good. I mean i don t i don t know i mean it looked fine to me i d put it on it put it on my hdtv look fine. Does it look any different from if i play now a ps3 or my glu ray player. So i mean that part s fine.

You would expect that the vhs on it it s hard to explain it it looks good it look definitely looks better than straight through a vhs player in s. Video. It it was very weird and static feeling cuz it almost looked the best way. I could explain it is it looked like when i was a kid watching the movie like on the television and before hd and yah you know it looked good it didn t really look bad.

I don t know that s a weird explanation for it. But yeah. It did it does good it does what it s supposed to do um. I don t really know what else to say about this thing.

I mean i just mostly..

I just want to do the video to show people this thing exists. People might be interested in this kind of thing. I did take uh some comparisons with that vcr so i want to do some comparisons i hit some images that i m gonna put on the blog and i did a video which i ll put at the end of this video. If you re gonna be wrapping up in a minute here and hopefully i ll get flagged for copyright crap.

Because it s just a quick comparison. There is a couple problems with my comparisons. Though so keep mine first of all with this vcr. I don t have the remote to it either so on any footage.

I ve taken from a filming this vcr. There s a stupid calendar at the top and a play icon. It doesn t go away. I m assuming i need a remote to like exit out of that second problem is i have no way to strip.

The protection currently for hc pc or whatever so when i captured from this i had to do it through component. And i couldn t do it through hdmi. So the upscaling going on is i m guessing 1080i and up because it s not gonna be 1080p. Because you can t do 1080p through component cables.

So just keep that in mind with the comparison video unless for some reason it gets struck down. And i m just gonna cut it out and do it without then you could just go check out the images that i did the still images but anyways yeah panasonic vhs blu ray player they exist i ve never seen any other ones in all my years. Doing the goodwill thrifting thing so i m guessing they didn t sell exceptionally well and they re not exceptionally common. So if that s your thing.

And you see one grab it grab it up just kind of weird. But yeah so thank you for watching and hope you learned something i sure did when i found this thing so yeah. The blu ray look the blu ray vhs combo player from panasonic. ” .


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