Panasonic Viera Plasma TV Review

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” re dancing yeah well you are i m not sure what i m doing doing doing the thing thing is i mean i m sexually assaulting. A horse okay agis the final tv of the week it s a panasonic viera c2 series 50 inch plasma now it s almost 4 inches thick which is a little thicker than the other ones. We ve had it has two hdmi along with inputs in the back and on the side. So it can be wall mountable.

What do you think of the designs. Um listen. I i wish. There was an hdmi port on the side because that makes sense if you re gonna if you re gonna wall mount a tv.

But it s a bare bones design. But you know you have to keep in mind. What you re paying for i mean i think it s simple and clean and and and i i don t know what more you would want i think. It s great now even for its price.

That does have a few features such as the viera image viewer. Which displays any pics you have on an sd card. What do you think about this well. I tell you i don t know about you guys.

I just love to go out and buy an sd card fill it up with images and then just jam it into the nearest device okay. When you re done that on a television. I ve never jam that sd card you never know that s true you know you never know in case. You need to get a slideshow.

Absolutely. I mean it can view jpegs that can turn them into a slideshow like you said. It s it is a nice feature to have but you re not buying the tv to show off your picks so 2000. Bucks now this has a motion smoothing feature like the rest of our tvs.

This week. So how does it compare it falls right in the middle meaning that we think..

It s better than the samsung probably a little worse than the lg. There were times. Where you felt like it was a little too blurry. But for the most part it was really good.

I don t know what this is that we re showing you never seen this that s not a sort of blue tree cat movie is it that s exactly what it s called yeah. Excellent. Now what we really care about is the picture quality so for a 720p plasma. How does this look it looks really great it has deep blacks.

Which we expect from a panasonic with a 2 million to 1 contrast ratio. There s less grain that compared to other tvs. That we ve seen this week. Especially because of the noise reduction option.

Which removes some of the grain colors are just the right amount of bright and accurate so it did a nice job well you guys can pick up this tv for 600 at best buy com. What are we rating. It well i excited i know candice really excited trap it in look at all this all the navi bots that you can see crystal. Clear.

Oh. I m sorry four out of five middle on the play inside. It has absolutely the best picture quality of the week. This is without a doubt for 600.

A fantastic value for the price amazing tv. Yeah and listen you know you keep in mind. The technology. So i m sorry.

Oh. No no you keep my mind of technology..

With so. Fast. You might want to buy a new tv in a couple years anyway so get this 600 tv like you ll you ll get used to the picture. I m sure i don t hit it radius and they all the same fine alright you re good to go everything s fine good.

It s going to say thank you chris. And that s why. I was ready to shake your hand. Oh thank you candice feeling today.

That s it for today s gadget pron. But if you have a gadget. You would like to see us write email us at gadget pron at g4. undo in photoshop.

Which is sweet now our next button is right click. This is ford. I just leave that where it is because brush tools all kinds of menus in photoshop. You want to be able to right click to open up more menus.

So i have undo and right click now moving on to the eraser you can flip this thing around and have it activate for instance your eraser tool. I have literally never ever done that to see if it works or not i just do this. And i hit efore the eraser tool or b. For the brush or usually i just use layer masks.

So i pretty much don t even use the eraser tool. But anyway if you like the eraser tool and you feel like flipping it around you can do that i pretty much just leave this eraser tool. Alone and now we re moving on to the mapping of your tablet. And that s a big deal because the size of your tablet.

Correlates to this size of your screen. Now for instance..

If i grab my pen and i move up here to the top left of the tablet. You can see i m at the top left of my screen in photoshop and as i move down to the bottom right of my tablet. I move down to the bottom right of my screen now this does make sense. However i m moving my hand quite a long distance to actually move across my screen.

If i just grab a mouse. I can move it right up here and i m at the top of the screen. And i can move it right down here. I m at the bottom of the screen.

So i m moving the mouse. You know maybe an inch and i m having to move the tablet you know ten or so inches just to move across the screen. So we can set this up to change the proportions so i m only going to use a portion of the tablet and have that correlate to the screen. So here we want to choose screen area you want to make sure that is on full you want to be able to edit the entire screen.

But your tablet area we want to choose this as a portion. So what you can do is click to define this area. I find it easy to just take these markers. Here and then bring them up.

I like to use the top left of my tablet. So now this whole area of the tablet down. Here becomes deactivated. Only the top area is active and you can see i m able to move around my screen.

Much easier and in this case. I m going to make it even smaller so we re gonna click there and make that even smaller and now without really much movement at all i m able to get to the top left my screen and the bottom right and i don t have to move my hand at all it s very similar to sensitivity on your mouse the more sensitive you like your mouse the smaller the portion you want to make sure you use on your tablet now comes. The other features. We do have touch sensitivity as well as a number of buttons on these tablets.

Now touch sensitivity is cool. I personally don t use it i find it kind of gets in the way..

And we have buttons where you could for instance control the brush size you could set keyboard shortcuts in here and to be honest i don t use those either i really enjoy using my keyboard for my keyboard shortcuts and when working in photoshop i find that is the easiest method for me. So i have my tablet here in my right hand and i use my keyboard shortcuts in my left. If i need i can just jump over and grab a key over here and then go back to my tablet. So here in the touch menu.

I m actually gonna just disable everything we re gonna uncheck all of these things and basically this is gonna say okay cool well now we don t have touch on this tablet again it s a personal preference. But i don t find it really helps me our functions. We re also just going to turn these off as well so we re going to click on each of these and down to disabled. There we go now you can see you do have a lot of different options here and of course.

This is totally up to you as far as how you d like to use it for me the tablet works really well simply as a tablet. I don t really need all these other things i just disabled all of them there we go. But you can see for instance. You have this scroll and zoom and rotate the canvas and all kinds of other things.

But for me i just find it easier to disable all of it now i ve got our settings. How i d like them let s go ahead and open up an image in photoshop and show you how the brush actually works when editing a photo here in photoshop. We re gonna use the brush tool to show you pressure sensitivity. But you can use pressure sensitivity with a number of tools like the clone stamp tool.

The healing brush tool spot healing brush tool basically anything that you can paint with in photoshop. You can use pressure sensitivity to start off. We re gonna go to window and down to brush settings. Now your brush settings.

We re gonna go ahead and turn everything off and as i turn everything off this is basically going to be just like you were using a mouse. So let ” ..

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