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“What s up does she fits you so let s go. I m gonna be be kafeel fucking videos. Today. But today.

We are going over cuz. You ve. All. Pat jin.

Right every. One of y all. Well yeah. Y all.


Can go see off the channel. I ll belong pretty sure in the descriptions and we ll figure out i do that guys i m brand new youtuber okay why is my son going not okay. But guys this today is we re seeing with pet burden lee finally first cus on camera. When i first saw it okay guys i m promising you if you ever see pet jin.

And they ve never said. A cuss word in front of y all. Before unless. You really like their first sub or something.

Like that no fucking. No high will get shit. But um yeah watch this video. I will be quiet as a mouse you you compete against me on your own free will and i m not liable for any injuries or deaths that could possibly occur.


Although i m like hey what s up guys. It s pat and today what we re gonna do is we re gonna do the habanero pepper challenge. I m actually really nervous about this one all you do is they re really cheaper like 15 cents a gallon right here there s 15 cents. I don t eat this i m terrified of doing this and you know what real men.

They go for time so we re gonna go for as long as we can without any water. I m really nervous about that um. We ll see how it goes up. I m in the kitchen this time.

I ve got i ve got milk with a whole cup of milk right here is that supposed to stop the burning when i he said. What i can t go any longer so i suggest milk or bread. Something like that water isn t supposed to help oh my god he believes it uh. I was convinced by one of you guys to do this so and watch a watch.


So yeah good luck oh no long the last chance with you but here we go i don t i hate peppers. I don t even like peppers. Don t touch your eyes after oh my fucking shit oh my god it s really fucking hot okay i m gonna die i m gonna fuck with my heart rate just went up like a hundred now it s like 200 okay we re almost 30 seconds. Can t you beat this videos gonna be fucking hilarious.

I wonder just thought if this would eventually go away by the way. There s a more dimension. Look this up online is perfectly safe to do for everybody. And it s actually good for you matt than that it s good for your heart.

One minute one minute. I do this actually you know what i think is actually hotter peppers is there it goes chili another hot it s alright. I m in this guy right now. My mom feels like someone lit it on fire and in my chest.


All the way it feels like lala isn t it s like a radiating up and down from my mouth almost my stomach nap okay guys so i probably have a description down below guys if i figure i had to do that and i what leave a comment on this video see listen please please says i don t like baby people. But please subscribe. I got zero subscribers. Now let s check out our inhales.

I ll say boys i don t have any subscribers. Please subscribe. If you like to see you this is one app at one videos. If you are your costs.

Hey you shouldn t be watching this video then ” ..

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