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“Guys blank bumper here and welcome to the new dlc. Oh yes i have bought bought it i bought cash cards. So i can show you guys. Because i am freaking hype to drive this and play this game again.

And i thought a new can t be a good way to get into it and some new clothes now look up the new threads look it all soon. I can t get enough of this thing. It looks awesome it looks weird because it doesn t have the two extra lights at the side like you should do like the proper car boots. We re gonna get in it anyway and drive it yes right let s go i love the little beeps.

It does it s like this is like littering. The first proper hypercar in the game. I know the antler counts as wanna stuff. But it really just they re all classed as super.

But they re not that there s a hyper cast this is a hyper car. But there is changing it so the light is somewhat different to other cars. Thank god they actually have different eyes. Why am i in kilometres who s been fuckin with my game.

And here. We are out of the mod shop for the auto repairs. We re not repairing it we don t need you what are the beef. What happens when you get out of it.

But just to say straight away this is not a ferrari. Yeah..

It definitely looks like something a huayra if you don t know where wire is stop naming cars your bloody pleb right anyway. Let s modify it can you open please i don t want to smash. It now watch mod jewelry have available. I want a max this thing out so they go through everything bumpers yes.

Please make it so there s a little like it s joe or or or what s next or oh. I just you just cool up oh look at that it s not even attached to the bottom of the car. It would seem that is pretty damn cool so we put your wall. We did the engine exhaust coming here.

What can we do makes it black makes it chrome. Yes. Please i quite like these fenders. They really suits.

It in a way. If you look at the front it just has a little bump to it looks blue damn nice skirts i like the sketch as the output can we get better apparently we can holy sheit to spoilers. I love wings. If you know me so we are gonna go through them now here we go once oh that suits it really really well i m hoping this one to be better.

Oh my god okay now this is a choice that s gonna be quite difficult for me because i like bigger wings. But that wingsuits it more we re going with the race wing. So there s a primary and secondary color on this color as well as orange on it i m not a fan of red and orange that just doesn t go right and i think on the gta website. They had green and red and that just look absolutely dreadful.

So what we are gonna do is change it to the proper color. So if i go to metallic..

Oh. My god that looks nice as it is what does white look like see that s a bit too plain for this car. I never thought i d say that before but it does now i was planning to go blue for the secondary color. Because that looks absolutely awesome.

But then i try black oh ma note that is bum nice or move it right what s chrome. I m gonna look at chrome. I m not gonna put it on but i m gonna look a chrome anyway because i know people be like i won t call mommy girl that looks right anyway. I think we re going with the carbonic z rims.

Now. I was actually gonna go with them in the chrome. But look how much more expensive. They are for what i can t see a difference in them.

So you re probably gonna get ripped off if you put those on but we re going with these ones. There looks damn nice let s get out of here. Oh look at it it looks marvelous let s get the other one up look at that. Oh my god that is probably one of the best looking cars on gta already like if you see me on gto can you piss off.

I m trying to show off macario you re not bad oh yeah go on then danny karan piss off you gonna go no this thing just looks incredible anyway let s stop right now just getting that drive do we want to drive. It don t do anything else move close the door. Please. The doors and the doors that there you go whoa prius.

The sound has got even better oh. This is probably one of the best articles of gta already late oh i haven t played this game..

Oh my god i m not gonna say anything else the rest of the video is just gonna be me being so happy that other fellow sounds absolutely amazing oh i m just going to drive it lieut fucking cock. I could just drive this thing all day look at it just seeing it fly down the road and being cautious of the family you might probably just kill yourself. Because you re in cinematic view. It looks freakin incredible.

So with also wanted to talk stats of this car well i ve got some great news for you guys this car actually matches up to the zentorno when stock i m not sure when upgraded. But my guess is gonna be basically the same it does have all wheel drive so it s very stable. What the balls are you doing. But i think it s some time soon.

We re gonna have to put this against the zentorno. If i do consider doing more gta. So if you do once see my gt. Please hit the like button more than ever because well normally gta in my channel doesn t do incredible so if you guys don t want to see that just don t hit like and yeah.

Then if you do want to see it they made sure to let me know cuz. I want to do more car meets and stuff in gta. If we do get the support on the videos here come. The police to ruin me shots can you bugger off.

I don t know if they oh piss off fuck off you want to go as well get away from my wire go away look. There s another one there somewhere merry christmas. Oh. There wasn t even anyone there you want to go to there s no shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.

I m going to die. I m going down okay back to the wire back to the wire get in go go go speed launch that all wheel drive style..

Oh. My god it freaking rapid. Oh. It would be great if you could stop popping my tyres people.

I ve got none now i ve got one left right to left got two left you re being generous here. I broke it i can see the end room. That s a good site. But it s also a very bad one because it means i ve lost half my frickin car where s it gone okay.

I think we re losing them just got a hide. We ve lost them okay. Why were you stay there you stayed. There i ll be back for you they just got out exactly.

Where i was i can do that are you taking the piss out did you see me fuck off get in the wire again in the wire again in the way where go go go you know what i man it off. I have hardened or fucking die. You nobs yes. Okay.

Now well that s fucking bollocks. So my car has been impounded that basically ends the build of today. You don t see more gta. Please be shocked sleeping like button as i said and i will see you guys in the next one hooks from their convenient we re on ” .


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