Persona 5 Analysis of DLC Personas (Are Persona 5 DLCs Worth Buying?)

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“Never buy dlc that doesn t add any nkind of story content. But someone in in the comments asked me if the persona dlcs nwere worth buying so i decided buy them to analyze them for this video. Nright. Now.

The available dlcs are kaguya izanagi orpheus magatsu. Izanagi and nthanatos first. I m going to say that if you buy them at the beginning of the ngame. You re going to break the game.

Whatever dlc you buy even though nsome of them are very high level. They don t have any level requirement and the nfirst time you summon them you don t even need to pay money first. I m going nto analyze them for itemization for example. The armor you get from itemizing nkaguya would be nice at the beginning of the game.

But by the time you unlocked nitemization. The defense will be too low compared to other armors. So it will be nkind of useless. Many of them can be itemized into accessories.

But for 90 of nthe game. The sp regen..

You can buy from the doctor is all you need the only ninteresting skill card is heat riser from magatsu izanagi. Because heat riser nis. The best single buff in the game. If you don t count the dlc.

The earliest npersona that can learn heat riser is raphael at level 80. You won t be able to fuse him nuntil much later in the game so having heat riser in mid game might be very nuseful next. I m going to analyze the personas themselves. I will only talk nabout the normal versions the picaro versions are almost the same so nthere s no need for me to analyze them first one is kaguya and from what i ve nseen.

She s probably the best one of the bunch ndo you remember in the strongest skills video that i did where i said that alice nis probably the best magical user in the game well if you have the kaguya dlc nkaguya becomes the best magical persona in the game. She has the skill shining arrows nwhich deals. 4. To 8 times light bless damage to all enemies and even if nit attacked only four times.

It would still be one of the strongest spells in nthe game. If it hits six times. It has around the same damage as megidolaon nwhich is the strongest almighty spell in the game. And if it hits eight times.

It deals na lot more damage than megidolaon in case. The enemy is strong against bless nyou can still teach kaguya megidolaon another point in favor of kaguya is that nkaguya is level..

16. That means that you can manipulate her stats. When she levels nup. So that she only increases magic endurance nand agility.

I m going to show you an example towards the end of the video. But nfirst. I m going to analyze the other ones next in the list is izanagi cross nslash is a very strong skill to have at the beginning of the game. It s probably ngoing to be the best physical skill until you learn swift strike later in nthe game.

But even then swift strike has a high chance of missing enemies. Whereas ncross slash has high accuracy. He becomes less useful as the game goes non. He s probably going to be still good in mid game.

But towards the end of the ngame you ll get a lot of new personas that have better skills ni. Think orpheus is the only one in the list. That is not going to break the game nat the beginning. But it has very useful support skills cadenza is the best nhealing skill until mid game.

And even then it still increases your evasion nrate. When you use it also he learns endure at level 27..

And without the dlc nthe first one that learns it is hecatoncheires at level 43. So having endure nwill probably save you many times from random deaths magatsu izanagi is na very strong one as he starts with megidola you won t be able to find a npersona with almighty damage until you reach the fourth dungeon and even then nyou will find the weaker version. Which is megido magatsu izanagi has nvery very low luck at 10. So trying to apply the effect from magatsu mandala nmight.

Be difficult. Magatsu izanagi also learns heat riser nat level 50. But you probably won t be able to level him up to 50. Until the nlater dungeons.

Still he learns heat riser 30 levels before the next persona. So nthis persona. Or at least his skills will be useful until late in the game thanatos nalso has an almighty spell. But i don t think his other two starting spells are nthat.

Interesting. He s gonna break the game. Just for the fact that he starts at nlevel 65. And when you reach the later stages of the game.

He s going to learn none shot kill at level 68 and enduring soul at level 70 enduring soul is the nbetter version of endure the only issue with him having these two skills is that nhe learns them much much later than other personas at that level you nprobably can make almost all the personas in the game nso later in the. Game i think he gets overshadowed by other..

Personasif you nwant to buy any of them and want my opinion. I think i will be the one nthat will be the most useful for the most time with the right skills. She can nbecome one of the best personas in the game. And i m gonna give you an example nin this video you don t have to teach her the same skills.

But it can give you nan idea mine will also not be 100 optimized instead of fusing skills into nkaguya. I will summon kaguya and then teach her nskills through gallows strengthening this is efficient because you can both manipulate her stats and her skills. The stats. I m going to increase are magic endurance nand agility for a magic damage dealer.

I think those are the three stats that you nwant to increase. So this is my end result megidolaon for enemies that nare strong against bless concentrate to increase her damage debilitate as a ndebuff for strong enemies drain fire for her weakness and repel phys. That she learns nby herself the other two are a lot more based on personal preference spell nmaster is not required because shining arrows already has a very low sp cost nand ali dance halves. The accuracy of enemies you can teach her other things nlike.

I don t know enduring soul or firm stance. But yeah nthis one is just to give you a very very rough idea. So this is the end of the nvideo. I hope you enjoyed it and found it ” .


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