Philips Hue 3rd Gen Bulb and Starter Kit Review

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“Welcome guys this is ben we re doing a review the philips hue starter kit kit now this contains a starter bridge that you need to connect your philips hue bulbs but it also includes a third generation philips hue light bulbs now telling which one of the third generation is not easy as flips you provides almost no information and you re on their website about it the easiest way to tell is by the box yep. You heard me you see on the box on the top right. Whenever you see it it s written with richer colors that is the indication that is a third generation. Philips hue light bulbs.

The website is pretty awful. It s terrible they have the most generic information that these are the type of models that we have and that s pretty much it it s still a topic of lack of information. If you go to the back of the philips hue box. It tells you can sync your lights.

With your music and movies. So it ll change the colors and pulsate with whatever sound is being broadcasted but the philips hue app. Can t do it in fact there s no information from philips how to actually achieve that you have to use a third party app in fact with confidence. I can say that philips you app is terrible because on google play and as a 28.

Rating. The particular third generation bulb that i m reviewing. Uses an. E.

26. Based fitting and is rated to last 25000..

Hours. It can output 800 lumens of light. And it turns. A white temperature.

It can reach a maximum of 6500 kelvin. Each bulb uses about 10 watts of power and on standby. Power it uses 01. Watts.

Now what i mean by that is when you leave your light switch on so. The lights are still ready to receive communication from your app for example for remote control. One of the most annoying things is that if you put a certain color on the light bulb and you turn your light switch off and you turn the light switch back on it will not retain that color that you set it ll go back to its default now you can use the philips hue light bulbs as dummy regular balls. But to use them as smart light bulbs you must have this philips hue bridge.

Which allows you to connect up to 50 bulbs at a time now. This is part of the starter kit or you can buy it. Sold. Separately if you want to and.

It consumes 15. Watts of power..

Then i have to admit the setup is pretty easy. That button on the center is what you use to sync. A new light bulbs that you want to add to your environment. Now this bridge.

Must always remain on in order for it to work and communicate with your light bulbs. It has a power port at the back as well as the ethernet port on for tree. There s no wi fi adapter built into the bridge. Which i find to be incredibly bizarre there are three led notification sections telling you the various statuses if the device is trying to connect to your home network or just trying to connect to a bulb and its power status for tree.

There is a mounting bracket at the bottom so you can mount it on a wall. If you want to it s easy to tuck away due to a small size now the main section of the philips hue app. Is where a lot of the magic happens you have your rooms listing and within each room you can list. All the bulbs.

So my dining room has five bulbs and you can choose a scene that is preset for each room. You can dim them higher or lower than these scenes kind of have various colors and moods kind of match the environments or just feeling a bit more mellow you can do like a spring blossom. Which is a type of white pinkish kind of theme. But you re not limited to what s here you can create your own.

So i created one called max light. Which is max light output at white..

So it gives you a very natural sunlight. Looking environment and you can go back and then if you tap the bulbs symbol within the room. This is where you can change all the ball colors at the same time and of course you do have the ability to adjust the brightness level. I do find the app cumbersome because these symbols you kinda have to tap it we re at the beginning to really understand how to use the controls for individual bulbs.

How to create scenes. It s just kind of a mixed match of where things are located and again this additional theme set here. If you really wanted to adjust them according to how you feel going through additional settings. There s stuff like my routine.

So you can have the lights turn on and off at a certain time you can have home in a way. So. If your phone notices that you re leaving your home area. It ll turn the lights off for example you have additional settings to log in and go through the philips hue website and you have the ability to add more accessories in the philips you light bulbs are very quick to respond to your commands they are compatible with ifttt.

Google home smart things by samsung. Just to name a few so we re saying earlier that the philips hue app. Can t control your lightbulbs with music or movies well. You can download a third party app like hue disco for example.

But of course. The developers got to make money so they charge you for this app..

Which i really blame them you got to make a buck right now. If you want to link to this apple put it in the video description for android. You do have a lot of customization. Here for example.

You have your music playing you ll kind of follow the setting of your music. And you can have them snap to a new color. You can blend them in smoothly to a new one and of course you have some other preset settings in which you can kind of have like a rave in case. You want to go like mental and have a seizure as if you want ecstasy or something.

But hey that s up to you write whatever turbo. But because the philips hue environment is kind of opened up to developers you do have a lot of customization here from third party developers that can sometimes do a fantastic job so using the hue disco app. It uses your cell phone s microphone to listen to the ambient noise and then project it into light bulbs that s how it knows what to sync with the movies and music that s being played so let s take an example of what i m using right now okay philips hue light bulbs simply put are great they re actually pretty addictive and i m actually purchasing more even after recording this review. The problem here is that philips doesn t really pride you in information as to which is a third generation of bulbs.

They don t tell you anything about how to communicate with your music or movie playback. Because a lot of other companies are releasing their smart balls for about ten to fifteen dollars cheaper per bulb and it just seems like philips is kind of like closest release it to the mass and they ll just get addicted to them. Which is true. I might have bizarre that the bulbs in itself are great.

But the small points that philips neglected just seems like they just didn t really want to care with finishing off those little touches of detail so if you guys found this video useful be sure to my facebook google twitter and instagram links in the description hit that like button it does ” ..

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