Philips Ultra HD 4k 5000 Series LED LCD Smart TV Unboxing Review Black Friday

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“Ladies and gentlemen today. We will be reviewing the philips 4k ultra. Hd. 5000 series series tv look at the beautiful box 55 inch hdmi support usb support vudu netflix uhd led lcd tv.

3. Hdmi. Dolby audio and enhanced accessibility for the hearing impaired 4k ultra hd net tv. 75.

And more apps 120 perfect motion ray for smooth pixel translation wireless lan 802. 11. Ac mimo for super fast 4k streaming and 4k upscaling. A video and picture formats.

That are not 4k..

The lowest being 360p another shot of the box as we undo it i m going to pull up my pocket knife. I m going to slice open the tape ever so violently now while this is happening. I m going to tell you that you can plug a usb with mp4 video files jpeg picture files and music files mp3 into the usb port on the back of the tv and play them on your tv. And whatever format whatever size it s up scaled it looks beautiful now i m going to show you the caution read this first it tells you how to install it the proper installation.

The proper method for holding the tv without breaking it to ensure that you do not damage your product. Unless you get the cab plan at walmart. Which is where this was purchased you can find these tvs online from anywhere from 300 to 500 and 89. It depends on the website.

It depends on the part of the web. You re on all right we re back. We are tilting over the tv to get it out of the box. We re doing a full unboxing of this unit and an embarrassing moment is coming up next.

Oh god damn..

I have a nice ass. I just noticed that ladies and gentlemen in order to ensure the safety of your unit. Make sure you have at least two or more people to help you set it up take it out of the box and put it up on the mount it is very imperative. It came nicely wrapped in i believe that s plastic.

I i can t tell what it is honestly oh god there s my ass again. But yeah. It came nicely wrapped with even cardboard to protect the screen. Which is very very rare and they even have it taped.

So philips really does care about the products. They want to ensure that even if it s dropped. There s some form of security to the screen to the sights with the foam rubbers to their unit. They want to make sure that it can withstand at least some amount of pressure force that may or may not be intentional from transport to the stores or the online website warehouses or what have you so so far this tv looks really clean it looks really nice.

It s i m glad they re i m glad we got it i m i m just i m soup it i m i m speechless..

I m speechless. But i m still talking just look at it this is beautiful. We re gonna do some more close ups. Made by phillips obviously a great company energy guy says you will spend at least 20 on this a year in electricity.

You dolby audio your hdmi your philips and on the back. There is a panel on the back of left of this unit for raising volume changing the channel. The source like your hdmi s. And your menus and your power button and here.

It is if you want to know exactly where it is on the left. And now we can look at some of the ports over here to see what they have they have to audio read audio chords. A white cord a green a yellow a blue two more hdmi and ethernet cable and the usb is hidden blends in and now we re looking at the remote. A beautiful remote and it does come with batteries and fuel.

So some batteries take it back and get your batteries because they cost a shiznit lot..

But yeah. Here s the remote a close up look at it we ll review that there is a netflix and a view. Do a power pause play fast forward menu forward back okay stretch your screen mute different colors for the apps. A great tv.

I would recommend you buy one. If you don t already have one that s my review whoa. Oh. God what do you like that one ” .


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