Photon 2.0 $500 Gaming PC Build – October 2016

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“Guys this is austin. Today i m here with the photon 20. For 500 this this should nbe a pretty solid computer. But first we have to put it together 500 is an interesting sweet spot you re getting a system nthat s going to be a lot more powerful than one nof.

The ultra budget rigs while still not being nthat much more expensive than something like a console for the case. We have the nthermaltake versa h15. I actually really like this chassis. Not only is it going to nbe fairly affordable which is definitely appreciated non a build like this.

But you re really not losing a lot we have usb. 3. We have a nfull 120mm fan around back now importantly especially nif. This is your first computer build there s nplenty of room inside so it should be fairly easy to work on cable management might nnot be quite so clean we ll see in a few nminutes but this should be a great chassis to start with powering the photon 20.

Is this n500 watt evga power supply. This is actually a little nbit overkill for what need right now. However with nthat 500. Watts of capacity that means that you have a nlittle bit of extra capacity.


If you wanna do some upgrades. Nwhich is always nice. And it s still an 80 nplus certified supply. Which means that not nonly is it efficient.

But also should be nfairly well quality ized for the motherboard. We nhave a gigabyte h110m a now this is a fairly basic nmotherboard to be fair. However the most nimportant thing is is that you have a lot of future nexpandability options. While you can rock this guy for now.

Which makes the photon. A ngreat system for today. However this will support a core i5. A core i7.

We can bump up the memory. There s a lot that we can do. But this is a great starting point powering. The system is nan intel core i3 6100.


I m actually a pretty big fan nof core i3s for gaming builds especially on the budget nside while you can go. Amd i like the i3 for the nexpandability options. Here we have 37. Gigahertz of raw dual core hyperthreaded fury.

Honestly this is actually fine for pretty much any game out. There with that hyperthreading it allows it to act like a quad core nprocessor. So most any game should run fine on the core ni3 and we re getting it at like a hundred bucks nso. It s hard to complain for memory.

We have eight gigabytes of crucial ballistix sport. Ram. Now. I like this for a couple reasons.

First of all eight gigs of nddr4 clocked at 2400 megahertz is totally fine for nanything. We wanna do today and amazingly enough. It s nalso ready for upgrades because this is a single ndimm that means that we have a full extra slot here if nyou want to ever upgrade for example. If you wanna bump this up to 16 gigabytes.


It s super easy powering everything is the new evga geforce gtx 1060 graphics card now this thing is no joke and nespecially when you consider that this is a 500 ngaming computer build we re spending. Most of nour budget on the card. However that s a good thing graphics cards are easily one of the most important parts of a gaming computer. This is the three gigabyte nversion of the card.

However it s still going nto be powerful enough to handle literally any game out there around back. You have up nto five display outs so if you wanna go nmulti monitor crazy you can though you might not wanna ngame on five monitors at once. It also shares a lot of dna with its bigger brothers. Nthe 1070 and the 1080 all in all a great card for the build rounding things out nwe have a one terabyte western digital blue hard drive now i ve used these in a ton of gaming pc builds in the past they re rock solid reliable while they might not be the nfastest things in the world.

If you don t wanna go. Full nssd. And this is gonna be a lot cheaper than that this nis gonna be completely fine. However as always i nfeel like i ve said this a million times with this nbuild.

It s very simple to use an ssd on top of this to get not only the capacity. But also the speed however for now we re njust rocking the blue. Alright so the photon 20. Is done.


However now comes the fun part how does it actually perform get into a game like gta v. And you ll see we re easily capable of running on very high settings at n1080p with a solid 60 fps this is a great example of getting getting better than console graphics nand. A rock solid frame rate moving on to a title which has nbeen a staple of my testing for a while we have middle nearth shadow of mordor here. Again.

We re easily able to play on ultra settings at 1080p nat. Well over 60 frames. This is a title you can probably bump up to 1440p and still be fine getting into a directx 12 game. We have ashes of the singularity.

This is a much more demanding ntitle that especially taxes the cpu. But even nhere. We re able to play on extreme settings at n1080p with around 38 fps as always all the links nyou guys need to build this will be in the description. Nas well as a full tutorial on how to put together a gaming computer.

You also may wanna stay ntuned to the channel. There may or may not be a ngiveaway going on pretty soon ” ..

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