Pick the Right SD Card for Your GoPro

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“We are tackling a question i get a ton and it is what type of of sd card do i need to work with my gopro camera. There is a answer this which is what i give you when you asked us in comments. And that s go to gopros website and look at their recommended and supported sd cards. They ve got a great little table.

And it shows you sd cards. They ve tested and certified to work with all the different gopro cameras. The longer answer is that if you dig through gopros manuals for all the different cameras. They ll give you a specification for the certification on the sd card that you need to work with the different cameras.

And this specification is generally a lot lower than their recommended sd card. So if you just want the bare minimum basic sd card that s gonna work and gonna be able to record all the different settings all the different resolutions of your gopro camera then stay tuned because we re gonna go through exactly what you need to look for every sd card for every different gopro camera. Before we dive into that though. It s important to understand the classification system that sd cards use as it s super complicated and dump.

So there s three different speed classes. So there s the speed class the uhs speed class. And then there s the video speed class. And this is a new one and every sd card is going to have markers from probably all three of these or at least one or two of them written on it so it s a really good idea understand what these mean and where they overlap so that when you go to a store to buy an std card.

You know what you re looking for and what s just marketing wank so starting with speed class. This is probably what you re most used to this is the class 2 class. 4 class. 6 and class 10 cards.

And you ll see these written on sd cards with little circles around them just like that and they correspond to the speed at. Which you can write to the card. So this is 2 megabytes per second writes forming a bits per second writes. 6.

And 10 megabit per second or being a byte per second write speeds then we have the uhs speed class and this you will see as a you h s. One which corresponds to a scoffs 10 card and sometimes you ll see is written on the sd card as a you with a little one inside it and then there s a second uhs speed class. And that s the u hs..


3. Written as a you with a 3 in it on sd cards. And that corresponds to a 30 megabit per second. Sustained writes and then we have the new class.

The video speed class and this one is denoted as a v. So this starts with a v 6. Then there s a v10 again it corresponds to a speed class of 10. There s a v 30.

A v60 and finally of the 90. So this is a very basic understanding of the speed classes and how they overlap now just because some card is a class 6. Does not necessarily mean that it meets the standards of a v6. This is where it gets a little bit confusing.

They re tested in different ways and they do sort of mean different things. But it s a broad overview. You ll see class 10 card certified as uhs 1 cards. And that means that they ll probably be good enough.

If you require a v10 card. Now someone is gonna take offense to that because the systems are more complicated that but for a layman s understanding. You ve got speed. You ve got three different speed classes for whatever reason.

Why we don t just have class 30 in class 60 in class 90 cards. I don t know. But these are the three different speed classes you ve got speed classes. When you have class 2 class.

4 class. 6 and class 10 cards you ve got uhs speed classes for uhs 1. And uhs..


3. And now you ve got new video speed classes you ve got the v6. The v10 the v 30. To be 60 and the v 90.

And these cards here are going to be really really spendy for gopros. We re gonna need to stay around this area. So now we re going to dive into what you need for each different camera. We re gonna go way back and start with the original hd hero.

This camera requires at least a class 4. Sd card. And it can be any size up to a maximum of 32 gigabytes this trend continues for the hero hd hero. 2.

Which supports up to a 32 gigabyte sd card. However it now it must be a minimum of a class 10 card for the hero threes. It was a maximum sd card size of 64 gigabytes and again those cameras required a class 10 card for the hero force both the black and silver you could have up to a 64 gigabyte sd card. But it needed to be again either a class 10 or a uhs one certified card for the hero.

5. You need either a class 10 or uhs 1 card. And you can have a card up to 128 gigabytes in size for the here and that specification also applies to the hero. 5 session for the hero.

6 black according to the manual you only need a sd card that s classified as a class 10 or a uhs one card however. According to go more gopros recommendation sheet. They recommend you use at least a card that s either a uhs. 3.

Or a v 30. Standard andry and after i tested the actual speeds at which the hero. 6..


Can record to its card this makes sense in my testing if you re recording at 60fps in 4k you re gonna be getting really really close to sustain write speeds of 10 megabytes per second so getting a slightly faster card is gonna make your life just a little bit more heat just a little bit easier and probably also a little bit more reliable in case for whatever reason. The sd card. You got doesn t quite meet that 10 megabit per second sustained writes so if you ve got a hero. 6.

You re going to be always recording at that maximum 4k at 60fps. I would recommend getting something that s not class. 10. Stepping that up to a uhs 3.

Or av 30 spec. Maybe even higher. If you ve got the money to support it. But if you re not shooting at either 4k 60.

Then or 2 point 7 k. 3. By 4 at 30. You re probably gonna be a kid getting away with a class 10 card as most of the resolutions that you shoot in your gopro camera right at around 5 to 7 megabytes per second well within the tolerance of a class 10 sd card with that out of the way.

It s time to talk about the size of sd cards you need this is basically determined based on two factors. The resolution that you stand tend to shoot at and how you shoot so i shoot now in very very small bursts so a 64 gigabyte card can get me through basically a week long trip shooting. A little bit here and there because i rarely shoot a video clip that s more than 2 or 3 minutes long because i find that it takes a lot less space on my drive. And it makes editing a lot easier.

But if you re the type of person that likes to shoot long hour long videos. And you like to be able to shoot a lot of them. Then you are gonna be wanting to get a larger sd card resolution also plays a big difference if you shoot. Kenny p.

30. All day you re gonna get about double the record time of somebody that s shooting 4k 60. So i ve put together a little spreadsheet you can find it linked down below sd card record times..


And that s got a list of the different bit rates that a gopro camera. I hero 6 in this case will shoot at and the corresponding record times. You can expect to get with different size as d cards. Personally i find that a 64 gigabyte card is a really nice usable size card they re not that expensive they re a pretty sweet spot in size or storage per dollar and beyond that if you shoot more footage than that on your onto an sd card.

Why haven t you offloaded it yet like that s a lot of data to keep on a single sd card that s prone to failure are getting lost or getting broken like offloaded. I guess the only reason to take a larger sd card that either a 256 or a 128 gig card would be if you were planning on only taking your camera and not having any way of offloading footage for an extended trip of some kind sd card size is up to you. But the speed at which the cards record really is not as long as you re getting something that s uhs 1 or class 10. Or better.

You re gonna be ok with the majority of gopro cameras. The other trick here is to stick to name brand as d cards as their quality control is going to be better either. Lexar or sandisk. All those guys make great great cards.

If you look on amazon. There s a couple of links down below. But there s always sales on these things and they re always cheap. I generally pick up lexar 64.

Gig class 10 uhs 1. I think there s three six or six thirty three time read cards i get those online in two packs for well a reasonable amount of money they seem to be a fairly good deal especially conspired to buy them in the store. But hopefully this gave you enough information to not feel completely lost. When you go shopping for your next.

Sd card for your camera. Guys if you enjoyed this video. Give it a thumbs up let me know down. The comments below.

What sd cards you use for your camera s but most of all until next time thank you very ” ..

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