Pilot S20 Ballpoint Review: Real Wood, Real Quality

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“In this video. I wanted to take a quick look at a very cool and and very underappreciated pen that s the pilot s 20. Ballpoint. This is about a to twenty five dollar.

Executive pen from pilot that s known for sort of its premium features and it s wood body. It s more commonly seen as the pilot s. 20. Mechanical pencil.

So be careful what you buy and that s a great mechanical pencil. But i really do like it as the ballpoint. We ll get into that in a few minutes as for the pen itself you could see a nice tapered body. This is real wood.

It s not like plastic with a sticker on it or something like that it s actually wood you see some nice premium hardware here i don t know if this is aluminum or what. But it s very nicely made it s got this step. These two cutouts. Another step then a taper.

It s just nicer than it needs to be the grip area is clearly made of wood. When you re holding it you can tell the material. It is and you can tell it s not just some flimsy plastic or some coating or something like that it s clearly a real again. I don t know what type wood.

It is but it s clearly a real wood. There s not a lot of feeling to the grain. It s smoother than i would have expected. But it does feel real to me there s a band here in the middle.

It says. Japan. Which is where it s made and then s20..


This isn t part of the pure malt series. They usually partner with unni. Mitsubishi. It s just the kind of a cool offering from pilot.

The body again heavily tapered and also made of that wood here and you can get an idea for it. There you could see a little bit of where there s some exposed grain and more texture. But on the whole is quite smooth more smooth and again. I would have expected here s a clip and a clip is basically spring loaded around or like kind of coiled around the body.

So they didn t have to drill in the body or gluons in it anything like that so it s really cool ii cool and nicely done. There s a little bit of spin to it just because again. It s just sort of clipped on there and if you want to remove it you could remove it cap is also a nice metal. Some you know care was clearly put into this and then at the top.

We have a little i guess a cap on the button and that is also wood. Which is really nice to see nice click action nice and muted. But also a very precise feeling. It s very much in keeping with the executive style of this pen clip works really well you know i think you want to be careful with it because it could come off and it does spin got no complaint to this clip for giving its simplicity.

It works. Quite well. It is a little short maybe. I think aesthetically it looks a little short to me.

But you gotta keep in mind. This is not a very big pen and that is probably one of the bigger drawbacks people are gonna have with it it s just not that large here is it next to a sharpie. Which is on the you know tends to be on the fat side. But it s not very long and it s longer than this and here is it next to a pilot g2 you see the pilot g2 has a you know about a quarter inch on it and some extra width around the grip area.

It s a skinny grip here and gets wider in the middle and then just for the clip. When you sew and i do say the clip is a little short it s you know it s a good half inch shorter than the clip on the g2 functionally doesn t make any difference. But aesthetically..


I think it is a little bit of a shortcoming. It makes the s20 seem a little bit unbalanced to me. So. That is the pen.

I find it to be very comfortable a little bit on the small side and the grip or the section or going to call it but quite comfortable and when you re holding this real wood. It feels cool it feels this think they ve been interesting you know we all have a lot of pens with a rubber grip and they re fine they get the job done this is a pretty interesting and it feels a lot nicer than any of the other wooden pens or pencils. I ve had again like i it feels like a big step up from pure mole items. I ve had some of which i ve done reviews in the past.

If you want to go through the video archive opening this up. Just unscrews you can see again. The high end features keep going right you d see the the wood. You see some actual grain here it looks like it s just cut out of a single piece of wood.

But then a lot of brass on the inside to give it weight and so this opens and closes. Very easily on the inside here we see all metal hardware and then this band and this this screw piece is all as a single piece. Just like really nicely done. This is the original refill.

The pen came with and you probably recognize this. This is the pilot br fn 10 f. And this is the same refill that comes in a doctor grip. Which is another pilot kind of mid range executive type pen these originals are fine not great.

But they are they re reliable. They re they re fine. What are the cool parts about the s20 is you can upgrade the refill from the br fn. 10.

Which is this one to the point up here to the br fn. 30. Don t confuse those names..


It is like very confusing. Brf n. 10. Plastic body comes stock with the pilot doctor grip.

Brf n. 30. Comes does not come stock in a lot of pens. But is more of an executive higher end refill.

But you could get these things for and maybe like five dollars four or five dollars. It s there they re pretty affordable and they are quite nice. This is not a refill that fits in a lot of pens. But it s a great refill and i highly recommend it so between the two s20 with this upgraded refill you re looking at a really great combination and this is the medium which is a 100 millimeter.

The fine is uh think of point seven million perfect fit. It was like this was the refill. It was made the two are made to be interchangeable pen is a nice click smooth precise not too loud i just feels well done one thing i forgot to mention the s20 is sold in dark brown. Which is what this is and also what they call deep red.

So this dark brown is kind of if it was a wood. I would call it a walnut where the deep red looks more like a redwood or maybe a cherry wood it depends on what you re doing what kind of finish you re putting on. But again. If you re looking to match.

Your walnut desk. And your executive. And you want an executive. 10.

This is the one you would get let s get into the writing bearing in mind. I have the upgraded refill here. So this is the eyelet s20 with the i m always forgetting this be our f..


And 30 m. So one dot o millimeter. Refill. And this thing is quite smooth.

It s just a i ve talked about this refill. Before this is a great refill and i recommend that for all those people that have dr. Griffin s and they really like the grip and a comfort. But they find themselves not using them because they can t find a good refill for it this refill is really solid the 10.

The pyaare fm 10 is fine. But once you move to the 30. I think you re getting a much better writing experience and the combination the two again that s gonna put you at something like 28 dollars shipped. Which is it s like the same price is something like roaring maybe roaring 800 type price range or the new pricing or ro qing 600.

Never going to call it so you re dropping a lot of money. But you are getting a very cool pen is something very unique it could be hard to justify given that you have wood instead of an all metal hardware. It is nice to see all that brass. But if you re looking for something different.

I really recommend yes 20. I think it s a great pen very comfortable very nice writer quiet and quite distinctive. It s a nice pen to have and kind of enjoy day to day. Assuming you like the aesthetics and you can deal with the sort of narrower size of the grip and again it s not terrible.

But it is on the small side if you re gonna be writing all day. I do sometimes find myself holding it back a little bit more and this front area is short enough that if you hold it back a little bit more towards this fatter waist. It s really not that big of a deal so that about covers it ” ..


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