PitStop Pro 2018: Vector editing tools

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“To this fourth video in the series showcasing the new features in pitstop 2018 in in this video. We are going to focus on one particular set of new features editing tools. We are very excited to introduce new tools from the world of line art and vector editing to pitstop and acrobat these new tools. Mean that you can edit vector graphics.

Within pdf files in many new ways without ever having to leave pitstop this eliminates. The inconvenience of opening line art objects in other applications. Ok let s take a look at the new vector editing tools here i have some basic vector graphics. If i open the pitstop inspector you will see that there is a new tab called line art editing.

If i select all the line art objects tools to unite intersect exclude front back and divided are available to me as you see there is also an option at the bottom of the panel..

So i can work with the original elements or a copy this functionality is available in the inspector as shown by right mouse click. And also as actions. So these features can be automated and also used in pitstop server and switch in conjunction with these pathfinder tools. We have also added an offset path action in this file.

I have created a single closed path and also a compound shape you can see these white shapes are holes in the pdf file. Not white fills. So the bottom element is a complete shape. I have 2 action lists that i ve created offset path negative.

Smaller and offset path positive bigger..

These are very straightforward and will select all objects and then make a copy of the objects and grow or shrink them by the value in the action list in this case. Three millimeters. This is also known as spreading and choking in older terminology here. You can see that the closed path at the top has been duplicated and as you would expect now has a car three millimeters.

Smaller around than the original the bottom shape. With the compound path has become smaller all over the outermost path has become smaller than the original shape. The innermost circles have actually become bigger. But that is because the shape itself is three millimeters smaller.

All round now we will use the other action and make a larger version with the positive action..

You can see the reverse has happened. The closed path is now bigger all round by three millimeters and with the compound path the outer path is bigger and the inner paths are smaller meaning. The overall shape is three millimeters bigger all round these tools are available as actions. But can also be used manually.

If the user options are set to run on user selection finally the last action. Which converts strokes to fills this is very important when working with the other actions. A stroke is a single line so it will not work with the previous actions. So we need to convert it to a fill first you can see this stroke.

Is nine millimeters wide and colored with a spot color..

If i run this action you can see afterwards that it s no longer a stroke. Which means i can now use the previous actions in conjunction. So i can unite grow reduce and so forth finally let s show you all these actions in conjunction with each other to add bleed and make a die line to a shape. So what i want to do is use them to make a die line and then also make them larger to generate bleed so as you can see i now have a new die line slash cutter guide that over prints and it s in a spot color.

So i can toggle it on and off. I could also put this on a pdf layer you can also see that my original shape has grown and has generated bleed all with one click of a mouse bear in mind that this process could also have been completely automated using pitstop server. We hope you like these new features and that they give you lots of benefits in your daily production watch out for the next video in our series as we build up to the release of pitstop 2018 in april. ” .


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