Pixel 3 Fabric Case vs. eBay

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“Right today. I m gonna be testing the google pixel. 3. Case.

This is the the fabric case. The nice one that s for 40 against the best chinese knockoff could find on ebay. So let s check these out first of all i want to get this out of the way. I ve got a screen protector on.

Here i got it on. Amazon this was 799. For the 3 pack. And just want to show you that in case.

You re wondering what is going on with that screen..

It s got cutouts for sensors and cameras. It s got cut out for the bottom speaker and top speaker. Not too bad here is the kit. I ll try to put that link down below it comes with everything you need it is glass.

It s not plastic. So that means when it s glass. It does have a little bit. You re gonna have screen overhang on each side because they physically can t put glass out there because of that curve so all right i got a cheap case on amazon.

I can t remember what this was 8. I bought this while i was waiting for the pixel. 3 to arrive even though i knew i wanted the google pixel. 3.

It s the material case it comes in a nice package..

I got the black one i have had the cement one before the only drawback to this case is it s 40 bucks. It has a nice suede internal the buttons are really really responsive when you put your pixel in it i ve had this for both pixel. 3 pixel three xl pixel. 2.

And pixel to xl and you cannot go wrong with this case. I really like it i ve dropped it before it does afford decent corner protection. Although. It is not a massive piece of plastic.

I think the xl s are a little big and slippery in the hand. But that s just me let s take a look at this kw mobile and there it is ebay 7 40 cents free shipping. I don t know i think this came from china. So you do have to wait a little bit for that i mean.

7 bucks..

It was worth the risk so i thought i would take that risk and show you guys so that s what it s called kw mobile. I already see some faults with this already can you tell that s plastic your pixels. Not sitting in that nice warm blanket of pretty suede like it would be with the google case so there we go a couple more differences. We don t have wrap around bottom.

Here. You re gonna have a little bit of coverage issue back here and look at what we have here no button. Coverage. Then that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

So let s try putting it in well it didn t fit like i wanted it to fit right there. But it s it s on alright. Let me hold this kind of still and put this. Here for reference looks like the cameras are nice and centered the fingerprint sensor is nice and centered that s not bad it feels wow.

This feels softer than this this feels like this has a like a denim feel to it right this has a soft like suede ii material feel how does not a soft as that but alright let s look at..

Though. I don t know if i like this lack of corner protection right there i mean if that hits on the corner. I don t know seven bucks that s power button i mean that s fine that access feels okay. I guess.

That s up to you that felt really wrong didn t it. This is such a nice case. I feel like this case is worth it this case. Maybe when you re inside indoors.

This is your travel case. I don t know what to tell you it s definitely better than this thing this all this is awful this amazon. I can t even link that to you it s so awful all right tell me what you think down below 40 7 40 cents. ” .


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