Play any movie on your Nintendo Switch?

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“Past week was ces nand at the very end of it a little bit. Interesting interesting nnews that came out is that the lead developer for videolan announced that they to bring the media app vlc to ps4 roku and most interestingly. The switch before we talk about what this could mean for the switch potentially first. I realize that some of you guys don t actually know what vlc is clearly you did not pirate nanime in the mid 2000s.

I guess you always do what your big sister tells you to do okay gasps later n. Hey. Well what vlc is it s na media app. Available on mac pc ios android and even xbox one and the main point of it is that it s a media app that supports a very large array of ndifferent video formats way more than any kind of stock nmedia app would on your os now.

How this news actually came about is during the end of ces nduring. Some interviews. The lead developer for videolan. The company that makes vlc nmentioned.

Some of their plan to upcoming updates..

Including nthe ability to use airplay on their android version of the app and have actual native nvr support for video. But the more interesting thing was sort of a side note. He dropped about their interest in bringing it to more platforms. Including the switch and why this is especially nentering.

The switch is because as we all kinda know something that that platform is very weak on right now is media options. We ve brought it up various times before that there s a lot of really npopular streaming app options that are not actually on the switch yet but are available nbasically everywhere else the only thing it only has at the moment is hulu and youtube. We ndon t even have netflix yet. Which is one of the biggest nstreaming options out there.

So the idea of having something nlike vlc on the switch is very interesting. Because nunlike. More traditional streaming options that actually opens up a whole new room of npossibilities on the switch. Because we re not just talking about being part of a membership or service.

That gives you access to specific content..

But actually gives you na way to intentionally load content to your switch directly either by loading something on a sd card or potentially by streaming it from some kind of media server. This would greatly tap into some potential that the switch has to be something much more than a gaming tablet. The only shame is it s nprobably not gonna happen in the past. We ve nlooked at a lot of weird workarounds to show what nthe switch is capable of that nintendo is currently limiting doing things like being able nto access an internet browser use youtube before a youtube napp was actually released and even went so far as to nactually order an uber with one and it looks like he s gonna nbe here really quick actually it says two minutes now but they re already turning on this street.

I think that s him is that a that s what a nford fusion. Looks like right. But an important difference nbetween all those different applications nwe. ve talked about before is that those are all very nspecific things in mind streaming apps services nthings that are designed to do a specific task nwhereas something like vlc opens up a little too much of the switch in a way that i think nintendo is not really comfortable with they ve made it a point in the past with previous systems and nespecially with the switch to really focus on the idea.

That this is a gaming handheld not a tablet. Despite what it is capable of despite. What kind of npotential. It could have at the end of the day nnintendo wants to market this as a way to play.

The newest mario game not a way to order a car a part of this comes down nto nintendo s dedication to preserve what they see as their image which they have relented on na little bit with the switch..

We are seeing a lot more m. Rated content third party games and just nmore adult oriented stuff in general with the switch as oppose to the usual very kid focus approach. But at the same time nintendo. Still wants to have that limitation of these are the brands and nthings that represent us we don t want anything that ngives people full control over what kind of content is navailable on the system.

Another reason. That s kinda ntied into that as well in similar. But different is also nintendo s immense paranoia about piracy now to be clear this doesn t nmean that not allowing vlc is not going to allow piracy to happen. There s already been all kinds of home brew stuff opened up on the switch.

It s just going to happen. No matter what nintendo tries to do but nthat doesn t change the fact that they have this intense belief that they have ways of npreventing. Further piracy and that includes making nsure that there is very strict control over what kind of applications are navailable on the switch. And honestly i just think this nis all kind of a real shame.

There s so much the switch could do that nintendo is just handicapping..

It from doing out of fear of nsomebody. Able to affect their image or possibly nallow a form of piracy. Which let s face it the piracy is just going to happen no matter what they try. But it s just this entire argument of what is the switch meant to be and i do agree the switch nis a gaming handheld first and foremost.

But that doesn t mean that it can t do more nthings as just an option just by adding more media streaming apps or more utility apps or nmore just different things that are available on nmost traditional tablets. Doesn t mean that all of a sudden mario won t run on your switch. Or that you didn t buy it nfor games in the first place yes. Obviously you re not buying na switch.

Because you wanna have some kind of nall in one utility device. But it wouldn t hurt to have those things. ” ..


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