PlayStation Guy Plays Halo: Reach for the very FIRST time! (Part 1)

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“Music is enough for me ladies and gentlemen boys and girls around the fakin world world welcome to halo yes. This playstation guy has been playing playstation soon his entire life is about to embark on the journey. That is so new the halo journey so welcome everybody to halo the master chief collection listen i music take it all in lights take it all in here we go halo reach it begins. My halo journey finally begins with halo reach here.

We go lots and ladies the opening cinematic to halo reach it s so beautiful see an element. I see a spartan helmet. Here we are here we are lives with halo reach lemme tell me contact with visi grant relay. Was lost last night.

All signals flatline to 2600 hours. I responded with trooper fire teams. Which have since been declared mi. A and now you re sending us.

The office of naval intelligence. Believes deployment of a spartan team is a gross misallocation of valuable resources. I disagree commander so that s our new number six. Okay you read his file.

Only the parts that weren t covered in black ink. Anyone claimed responsibility sir. Only thinks it might be the local insurrection five months ago they pulled a similar job on harmony hit a relay to take out our eyes and ears then stole two freighters from drydock that cannot happen here reaches. Too damn important i want that relay back online noble.

One sir consider it done then i ll see you on the other side hollowed out lieutenant commander sarah. I m carter noble team s leader that s kai at noble to kneel and george four and five you re riding with me noble six. Not gonna lie to you lieutenant you re stepping into some shoes. The rest of the squad would rather leave unfilled.

Me. I m just happy to have noble back up to full strength just one thing. I ve seen your file even the parts. The only census didn t want me to i m glad to have your skillset.

But we re a team that lone wolf stuff stays behind clear got it sir you got it welcome to toy. I m so excited for this journey. I m so excited for this experience for the first time. But this is crazy crazy here.

We go ladies and gentlemen listen up noble team. We re looking at a down relay outpost 50 clicks from visit grad we re gonna introduce ourselves to whoever took it out and then kats gonna get it back online rebels want to cut off from the rest of the colony. We got a chance maybe can ask him. George command that we just lost.

Our signals at hq backup. Channels. Nada ca. N t say.

What scamming us. You heard. Her dead zone. Confirmed.

Command will not be keeping us company. This trip. Oh. I gotta have that master cheap juice.

Hey guys are you doing what s the craic. Oh. It begins make out any id negative. But it s military where d.

Ya that s where they are noble. Three and you confirm any ex residue of the earth. Alright noble looks like there s nothing here. But to move on alright permission to engage the be selective we don t need to telegraph or presence whoa.

What the hell huh all right then i m right behind you dude. I got your back. Oh shit. We got that big gun doing it we ve got military casualties.


Two of the missing troopers. No that s nasty. It s messy here s something see anything what we do carter. What do we do see anything.

Oh shit. What we re crap. The action begins now lights come on let s do this. Ostriches save the ostriches save the birds gila great fuck.

Oh oh shit zero debts. I didn t die. I swear i didn t die you guys have experienced the first death in halo. All the way no way get it oh no okay let s go how do you drive.

This thing. Oh this is so cool it s gt and right boys. The tree stop their lives sure. It s pretty linear oh no i m sick that can happen we lost one bit of a tight squeeze.

But sure why not the fucking monkey god where am i going oh use your minigun shit. Oh. I gotta lay down all right go yeah. Oh shit how dare you shoot my car alright oh crap oh charlotte break glad to see we go well hon oh danger danger danger danger danger danger why are there so many of them holy crap jesus.

Oh look wow that was noise that was too much fun skeleton crew good job good job. Everyone great form great teamwork. Fantastic can t see a thing noble. Six turn on your night vision suites go.

Easy sweets. All healed up number six search that buddy oh. Nice watching them all make sure you leave a follow on twitter. If you haven t already this is gonna be one is sound the germs all right corporal stay put we ll get you a combat surgeon damn plasma damage found something now take that six i really don t think you do but it s still really ugly piece of shit.

All the music. Oh no they re not hostage. Negative force stay on the entrance to handle her five and six clear the hole. That s clear the hole baby.

It s going down. I see oh we re doing it man. I d see weed eater like my vision surprise motherfucker bark. What those are instant kill are you kidding.

The bp0. Dense. Oh. God oh.

God oh. What the hell sykes s shit. You loop. The lupus.

Get the fuck out of my face. Oh. No he s here already no stay back you piece of shit. I ain t talking again suck my balls.

Hey come on big dude. Come help. Me. Ha.

Oh. It s about to get real. Now for you i question of my wife. If the question is when will the station be back online.

Two weeks earliest. This is plasma damage or major uplink components of fried two minutes is too long. Which is why i m splicing into the main overland bundle to get you direct line to colin in holland. You re in my light commander find out what she knows what s your name do you live around here i ll never judge shara shara said but let us amend your accent sounds familiar shaboom dang gauri friend of yours father i m sorry why would you be oh never forgets.


What he is sometimes she just lost her father huh. Yeah. She needs a full psychiatric workup. She s not the only one lock it down both of you get her on her feet.

The body stays here thank you sir signal. It s patchy. But it s there not take it let s not touch anything you wouldn t want to ground this place. Getting you what s your situation over colonel.

This is noble. One there are no rebels the covenant are on reach acknowledge come again noble one did you say covenant affirmative. It s the winter contingency may god help us home. Oh.

My god this game is so much fun holy shit. I was not expecting it to be this much fun. Now. I know this is the more recent of games sword base bob haha isis shelf.

July 26th year three and two or three for your current lz is hot rod that dodge vampire is neighbor respond. Yes. Commander coordinates received initiate immediate course correction. The office of naval intelligence or base is presently under siege from the corvette class covenant personal due to the sensitive nature of this facility use that all little rounds as being for the moon created it regrettably my efforts to obtain relevant data on enemy forces have been unsuccessful however current defensive forces are insufficient oni has requested tea noodles direct intervention to help secure sorties all right people we re stuck with that ship for the time being let s focus on the hostile infantry those troopers ahead god thinks you re out.

Here george emil your neck can prep. Let s move lieutenant oh. We re about to begin once again on the greatness. Here.

We go yeah. Actually never stops inhaler game just stop it hahaha. Oh. My god what are you gonna do now.

Oh. God let s oh. I can t go very. Fast.

Mistake. Why no what is the purpose of this no i got a mission to do lines. I don t wish to do one later mission now this is green hot shit right now we re in so much on sheet. It s all steamy and sweaty and smelly no i disturbed him oh no i m so sick ear shit.

4q. Eugene buddhist is strong. I like this gun whoa. What s that that s so sick oh.

Well. I did it we re taking everywhere. Oh shit. Oh.

What what s out okay. We re all fired up ready to go all that so that of soda. Oh. My god so today come on let s do this let s do this oh hello hello.

Hello. There here you you fucking piece of shit that s what you get that s what you get who s gonna drive can t you drive not booth then my slope your night stuff boom for cars. This is war is literally just doing donuts have you get out goddamnit cut. We re gonna die out here okay yes i m gonna drive this time okay because you are an absolute disaster woman come on get in ah you didn t see that you did not see that okay get it not get it i was just showing you how you drive oh excuse.

Me that s just insult injury. Okay. We re just gonna do some rings drifted let s run over these fools get out of my face. Woo shit shit shit no cat i m so sorry about this mrs.

Cat. I swear to god if you kill us we re on fire cat we are on fuck. We are naturally on fire. Ah fuck cut.


What is wrong with you no get off the damn rig cat just get off of it hey you are you one of us you want to join the team i watched this one though she s a fucking weapon. Wait we re see cat four foot six get in the car dude get in the car. I m ditching cat. She s a psychic shit.

She never listens to me oh i kind of feel bad. I ve got a conscience goddamn. It cat get back here come on let s do this what how those things whoa. What the hell are they you must be area.

Oh. No they re hookers. No. They re cold.

Oh shit here. We go king gotta shoot him in the back. That s a weak spot. No shit.

I m using forklift. Yeah. Oh shit. Oh.

No what oh shit okay. It s okay. It s okay. It s okay excuse me really fuck what the hell is going on up here holy shit.

He s invisible got it let s go we did a boys beautiful ain t so much take a picture nice work by the way i aim to please. Five six. Get down to the science. Wing.

Dr. Halsey want to debrief and command. Faint roars repeat sounded like you said hosey. I can t copy that on our way.

Don t need tomorrow to tell me been all hers half my life. I requested your assistance commander and do not need a report on events that occur on my own doorstep. What i do require is a detailed account of your previous engagement george. It s been too long sir.

What have you done with my armor. Just some additions. I ve made indeed visit grand relay. It s data center was home to one of my zeno.

Archaeologists professor laszlo sore mad perhaps you could shed some light on his death. If he was a civilian male in his mid 60 s he died with the covenant energy sword through his abdomen reads. Then they engaged us as well. It was just just after we found your scientists daughter mom.

She was hiding in the end. The elites. Tell me more about them zanuck class. 1.

Got bias. Their leader from the looks of it you re certain their armor configuration matched shield strength too i gave the order not to pursue our primary objective was to get the station s relay back online your primary objective commander are you a puppet or a spartan ma am there are those that only myself included who believe the covenant dispatch elite advanced teams to hunt down artifacts of value to their religion survivor accounts suggests such teams are small nimble and almost always zealot class. No doubt they came to the station for the abundance of oni excavation data stored there and you let them get away data retrieval was not a command directive even had we known we had other more urgent matters to attend to warning the planet professor sore vads final entry in his field notes made reference to a latchkey discovery latchkey not a word he would use lightly so let s hope that the data module your lieutenant commander stole contains it chad before you ask i was alerted at the moment you can access its contents as i am with any unauthorized tap that data is classified tier. One i could send you to the brig for interfering with my work maybe you d like to join her i m sorry we re currently under emergency planetary directive winter contingency.

I m sure you re familiar with the punishment for civilian interference with the spartan deployment are you threatening. Me commander just making a reading suggestion ma. am hmm ballsy noble team that will be all george. So that was that actually he s mother who s he just call her like mia like ma.

am ma. am mom recon team bravo reporting in three and six in position. It s starting to get crowded of your cat okay we re closing. It supports any common instructions are devising direct action may be necessary copy that when the cat runs enough direct action is always necessary yeah you may need these high velocity armour.


Piercing they ll take the hat off an elite at 2000. Yards and they ain t cheap i ll be in touch hall but us you can gather the city had escaped electronic surveillance say it would seem to know their head okay. It is yours huh what huh excuse me when they die. Oh shit are they supposed to see you sneak up on them my bad.

What do we do now join so you do bro shane. I m lost without me sprint. You know that jesus so many of them. What is that bro.

What what is that jordan johnny think we should go back. I think we should wait really you you weren t following me. This all day come on john oh. Good john is that you was that me look at the size.

I think like some vc. I ll call revealed. What the fuck. Oh don t eat me john don t do it why have you watched star wars.

We need the high ground for fuck s sake just get the dev know so i can t for some reason. The kappa europe whoa. Oh shit here we go oh god get off get off it get up. I m too exposed to engine.

With what i ve got no ammo. In anything wow. Oh. Yes.

Please. As i m talking. Would cora. Get.

Fucking killed. Oh no oh come on really he plays a game you re gonna lose me too shit oh man i m so done wow that she oh shit okay. Okay. Last get away from right ah dudes.

I ve done i ve done. I m gonna get okay. It s that point of rage. Now and i don t want to get there.

I don t want to get there not now not now oh i have to say lads. This was such a good experience really really fun game. Obviously. It s getting to that point now of difficult we re playing this on heroic mode.

Right now. And it s gonna take a little while for me to actually fully fully a use of the mechanics. But i m enjoying it for sure like a hundred million percent enjoying this game. It s a lot of fun.

But it gets really tough when you come down really low on ammo and you don t have a whole lot of health and there s enemies coming from all angles. It is quite challenging but man it was fun can t wait for more guys. It s gonna be freakin awesome. It s gonna be so fun.

I just love it i m really enjoying halo a lot i m enjoying the crap out of it just a whole the whole franchise. It s so awesome anyway dudes. I m gonna end a stream here on the end video here as well. If you guys enjoyed smash.

The like on the video and of course subscribe to the channel. If you re new as well and as always dude stay geeky stay cool be awesome and be happy. And i ll see you dudes in my next halo video. ” .


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