Pok mon Sun & Moon Target EVENT, Midnight Release, & Collectors Guide UNBOXING!

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“At it look at it beauty welcome. There s all your what s going on on everyone in c and d back again. It s you boy guys. Listen listen real quick once real quick.

One time so it has been a while since pokemon sun and moon came out. But i got some stories for you guys because i did film in a boxing for it i went to the midnight release. I got in boxing. I also got some footage from when i went to target to the little little event thing where they were giving out pikachu cards and a poster also the search to get this here collectors guide.

Which they actually released a week after the game came out so i couldn t get it right away win. The game launch which was really stupid. But this video you re seeing right now the reason why it hasn t come out until now is because right when it came out like two days later. I don t went on to a trip to puerto rico for thanksgiving.

I know it s pretty crazy that whole trip will soon be posted as daily vlogs on my brand new vlogging channel. Which holy crap you guys go click the link down below. It s on my other it s on my my more to come about that soon but in the meantime. I want to unbox this for you to see i want to see whatever it s in the back here and then i m gonna show you the the clips from when the game came out so let s flip the camera down unless a box this thing.

It s so beautiful. Oh. My god alright includes high quality little graph set plus. A bonus section of concept ooh.

I m already love this. But a pop up bomb trick in loving oh. It s a little full ok. We re gonna look at that in just a second you got sun and you got moon.


It s kind of like imprinted in there pokemon sun and wooo. All right. There s the back. All this is the concept artwork already caution some images may contain game spoilers.

I don t even care. Though. Oh no way that is beautiful. It is little tummy.

Oh no way there s some on the back too look at that ikki town oh that s just that look how beautiful that is boo olivia coney coney city nanu oh my gosh i m gonna have to put these all up on my wall you guys all the eyes. Oh. I ve seen that before my battle. The show.

There s so much like story and cutscenes and like character development in like all this song all their expressions and oh not that one okay that needs to be framed first time. Oh you can hear it you re gonna hear that s the first time opening it wait what this doesn t have the polka dot. All mine normally the collectors guide the whole thing to get the collectors guide is that it has the pokedex plus. The guide in the same thing.

Well that s gonna be another video. Then wow. This is bringing me back you guys. Oh.

Here s all these pictures. Again. Oh. And there s some more to even.


And there s an official aloha region strategy guide. Whoa check this all out look at the map. There here s the walkthrough itself. There is so much to do okay.

So let s just do a quick look look at that you can see out down. Eat every single one but found there s a lot of words that here you guys. What is this another little pop out these are this beat. Ah.

That s what i wanted the match up charge check this out. I started why on ruby state. Right there inventors started isn t it crazy to think that it s literally been three years since we ve gotten an entirely new generation. This this is history right here guys history.

Oh my god you all right check it out there. It is i got it game soft. Didn t have the question of it and ii didn t have any guides. What are you doing game stop tomorrow saturday.

Target is having an event where they re giving out a promo card plus a poster and it s just kind of promoting the game. And everything now they should have the collectors got all right wow you just you know it s gonna be goodbye how crispy that wrath came off check it out pokemon sun on the side got the nice little logo. There are you ready to become a trainer trade and battle with friends all over the world train your pokemon for battle and look at this wolf pokeyman. Oh.

My god they re for your pokemon. Help them grow. Oh. My gosh is that a blow dryer e for mild cartoon.


Violet. Here. We go the moment of truth. You guys ready.

Oh. My gosh is legit. No joke. There s actually something other than a man you what what the heck is this boy.

I want to be you can i be you okay. But here check it out there it is this little cartridge is going to bring us into the new world. The new a lola region. I m so ready for this well that was a total bust.

They didn t have an electronic section. There i got a sox though well yet another bust. I got the pikachu promo card. Which there s like no one around.

I swear i could have just took a handful walking out. I remembered that there was also supposed to be a free poster. But i didn t see any so i think i think i m gonna go hit up another target. If it s not too far away and also a game stop because they didn t have any strategy guides.

There what looking for the guy for the new pokemon well the vendors had actually okay we re still doing the pre orders for him family. They don t get the guides in for like another week. I don t know why they would do that yet another bust. Thank you yeah here huh thank you alright so in the interest of time because running light have to go to the airport.


Which you ll you ll see that later in my in my whole vlog series. But check it out this is the poster that you get from target. I have been go to a second target to get it the first one like i don t know they just didn t have it out or something and then here is the pikachu card. Which because i went to two targets.

I got two of them so you re there there s a pikachu the one target that went to i didn t want to just like leave with this free stuff and then like you know they re gonna think like i m stealing stuff. So i just picked up a pack of pokemon cards is the new series the evolutions one alright let s see what we got oh vulpix ooh. Oh. Magic our magic woo.

The reverse is a fire energy now for the rare come on let s get something. Good here. Whoo. Ah.

Oh whoa nice hollow hitmonchan that s actually pretty good all right so that is the video. I hope you guys did enjoy if you did if you truly did go down. Freakin super smash bros like oh. But more importantly subscribe down below watch.

Even more importantly. I need you all all right. I ll see you guys next time ” ..


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