Pokemon Quest Hydro Pump vs Vine Whip – Best Pokemon Final Verdict

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“A minute don t i know that song from somewhere welcome to watchmojocom. And today. Today. We re counting down our picks for the top 10 secrets in the legend zelda breath of the wild before we begin we publish new videos every day.

So be sure to subscribe for more great content for the record. We are not counting glitches or exploits and although the game has an impressive physics engine. We re not looking at tricks that rely on these stasis or magnus s runes either needless to say there are minor spoilers ahead. So consider yourself warned ready to you what happened 100 years ago.

Number 10 temple of time music. The wild is chock full of references to the other games in the legend of zelda series one of the most poignant is also right near the beginning of the adventure. The music that plays near the abandoned temple of time on the great plateau is actually a very slow arrangement of the beloved temple of time theme from 1998. The legend of zelda ocarina of time it can be kinda hard to hear in game.

But if you speed up the music. It s pretty easy to pick up number nine. The lord of the mountain hyrule is full of rare and unusual animals for link to ride. While he explores the countryside giant horses skeletal horses even bears and deer.

But one extra special mount stands out from the rest a nod to the mysterious forest spirit in the classic princess mononoke. The spectral being pays homage to the film. And its creator hi. Oh miyazaki.

Whose work was rumored to be a source of inspiration for the game s designers. The lord of the mountain is skittish it can t be stapled and it ll disappear if link dismounts for more than a moment. But riding it it s worth the trouble so get some screenshots number eight the high end shield buried deep in the bowels of hyrule castle is this special shield that longtime zelda fans will instantly recognize as link s defensive armament of choice in ocarina of time and many other games in the series. It s guarded by a sub boss hidden far beneath the final area of the game which drops the shield s treasure chest.

When defeated fortunately equipping this iconic piece of zelda history easily makes up for the difficulty of getting to it it s not quite indestructible though. But it s so close that most gamers never notice and besides who can resist the classic hylian crest motif number 7 dark link costume. It s hard enough to find kelton the mysterious monster obsessed traveling merchants who can eventually sell link this unique outfit. He s lurking in skull lake with india collar agent and once found he starts roaming from town to town at random only appearing at night kelton sells some neat stuff though including monster masks.

But the real treasures don t become available until after our hero has conquered all for divine beasts at that point if players managed to track down tilton again. They ll be rewarded with the chance to buy all three pieces of this costume. Which disguises linc as his infamous mirror match. Shadow self glowing red eyes and all number six melania.

The horse god horses are links. Most loyal companion in breath of the wild unfortunately like any other living thing in the game they can be injured and even killed. But if your horse does die don t lose hope this hidden being can resurrect. It you ll have to find melania first in a secluded canyon near the southern edge of hyrule and you ll have to awaken.

It with an offering of rubies once that s done melania can resurrect any of your previously stabled mounts that have fallen in battle so. That you never permanently lose your favorite horse best of all for fans of the series. The horse gods theme is based on epona s song from the ocarina of time. I m fine immortalized legends zelda are you mixing me up with the princess again fun to say you re both pretty magical not every reference to be found in breath of the wildest fantasy based both satoru iwata.

The former president of nintendo who died in 2015 and the late comedian robin williams who was such a big fan of the legend of zelda series that he named his daughters alta are immortalized in the games..

Npcs lot rick and ernest guardsmen found in hyrule field looks like you oughtta while dato who spends his time near a stable at the foot of mount doom. And robbie a short doctor and researcher. Each bear a striking resemblance to williams. We d like to believe that both of them would appreciate the gesture.

Please take a look number. 4. The forgotten temple and a gift from the monks deep down in a massive canyon. That seems like it should be bottomless players can find an enormous ruined underground temple full of ancient guardians.

Although they re stationary the overlapping positions of the guardians means that it ll take all of your reflexes and cunning to make it through reach the back of the complex and the hero will be rewarded with one of the most remote and well hidden shrines in the game. As if that wasn t enough if link revisits the temple after conquering all 120 shrines he ll get a special reward the of the wild armor set with a classic look and monster sword enhancing power number three survival challenge even tide island far to the south east of the hylian continent. There is a large island if link manages to make it there either by gliding or by raft. He ll find all of his items.

Including his food and armor taken away from him the only way to recover his belongings is to undertake a multi part challenge called stranded on eventide using. Only the items and material that are already there. Which is also crawling with enemies by the way including a mighty hynek s it s a satisfying and unexpected side quest that forces players to stay on their toes. And find fresh solutions to problems that would have otherwise been really easy number two hidden words in ancient script.

That is a sheikah slate take it it will help guide you after your long slumber. It looks like a mishmash of made up characters. But there s a little bit more to this mysterious language than that many people on the internet. Have noticed that the ancient sheikah script used exclusively in breath of the wild is actually a substitution cipher and that english phrases are encoded into various parts of the game.

Deciphered phrases. Include such iconic lines. As it s dangerous to go alone from the very first zelda game. And all your base are the infamous all your base are belong to us dialog from you know that friggin meme.

Number. One tarry town and grants shop. This long quest chain begins with link purchasing a home in hatton. O.

Village. And eventually sees the hero traveling back and forth all over hyrule collecting lumber rupees and npcs looking for a new home when it s finally finished cherry town is a multicultural village full of great shops and even a little true love. But that s not all there s another hidden shop on a rooftop run by a highland named grant grant will sell link missing pieces from any armor set. He s only partially collected and will also have otherwise irreplaceable items like the hylian shield for sale if they ever get lost or destroyed.

Now that is good customer service. Do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from watch mojo. ond that is gonna be taking like very small amounts of chip damage and i don t think that there s enough to actually kind of follow through with it and nothing is like if it was the best we d be seeing it on the leaderboards. But right now.

We don t have a time on the leaderboards for a vine whip. It doesn t mean it hasn t happened. But no one s posted video. No one has done anything like that and even then like there s a non star.

Me team that has fourth place currently you can get of 115 without star meme..

So that s what we have this right here. The it s still hydra font. Though it s gold ugh mixed with the kangaskhan. But still very powerful.

It s still a lot of damage and just guys hydropump carries. Whatever team is going to be on and then you can do pretty crazy stuff right there. But i feel like so so my college is gonna be hydropump is better and i m suffering from a little bit of cognitive dissonance. I ll admit that because i m the off meta guy i m the guy that you know it s all about the crazy strats and no one ever thinks of trying to be the best and when you re going in that auntie meta mentality.

It s easy to kind of want to go well. What about vine whip. Like there s the potential. There.

I feel like vine whip. Might under the ultimate perfect scenario have that chance of beating out hydro pump. But if hydro pump was given the same ultimate perfect scenario. Then i still think it just has that raw damage.

The raw numbers are there even more this is actually just a bad run for the hydro pump any if you re going speed run wives like any pokemon. It uses like the defense boosting is it is just a run killer right there. But i mean. It s just the hydro pump is ridiculous in what it does.

But that s why i was thinking like what about a hybrid. I feel like that maybe to offset the hydro pump cooldown having a very powerful vine whip pokemon they re just kind of chipping and contributing in might be able to shave off like that extra second that extra half second to maybe find itself in like a first place can like potential that wouldn t have been picked up by just the two hydro pumps. Alone and that just because like that hydro pump has that long cooldown. It has that weight so if we re like finishing off those legendary birds really early because there s a vine whip.

That comes through and like cleans up all the pokemon or maybe. The legendary pokemon dies. A half second sooner. Because that vine whip.

Going. Boom boom boom takes it out. Instead of the hydro pump all this wind up all this having to have like the moves come out and hit. But even then like look look at that we didn t even hit zapdos and moltres with like half of those and they re almost gone.

So we do have like that one round potential on the hydro pump that we don t have on that vine whip. So it does make the legendary. But like violet does make the legendary bird fight look really good. But the hydro pump is just too silly like this move is absolutely busted and i want to show you guys what it looks like when we pair hide your pump with the vine whip.

Because it s still very successful and looks very nice also i do want to talk about the actual like move set. Because it looks like the best of vine whip on the bulbasaur s. It s going to be one scatter shot and then two whack whack stones because it just hurts. We we see the impact of it and like i said bulbasaur doesn t have that too much of that knock back so it can bounce around it can get a lot of those hits to land.

And i guess if we re talking about like victreebel you need just something impossible happen where all the pokemon are always like pinned in the corner..

And you re just wailing on them with full attacks by just don t think that s gonna happen that vine whip. Is very powerful like it s single target. I ll give that like the single target is better than a hydro pump. But when we re actually dealing with the happenstance islandboss and all these like extra specifics and things that need to go right.

It just isn t there as much and another interesting thing about the hydro pump is that with amazing rng and like in like the crazy lock in like the most optimized attacks and like some things going right. I ve actually had it to where to hydro pumps. So like just uh just like the first wave of the attack actually taking out both pokemon and then the second wave kind of being a waste now in theory. If we get that while vine whip.

Is running. We can cut down time so as we can see right here compared to that other run. If magikarp ate like some extra hydro pumps and we were a little faster against that electabuzz. We d actually be like five to eight seconds ahead of where we were getting to legendary birds so hydroponic plus vine whip.

Doesn t really seem to slow it down. And we just did a lot of damage to the moltres right there. But now this is where this is where it does slow down like this is where it s hard to justify. Because yeah.

The hydro pump. If if somehow just like one use of the whack whack stone hydro pump would be enough to like push it. Where the legendary birds would go down and then maybe on that second use of vine whip. We re good to go and then as hydro pump comes off cooldown.

We re hitting mu or mewtwo for the finishing blows and stuff. It could work. I just think that it s not there because like hydro pump is just so good when you have both of them being used actually i won t try it with two whack whack stones. So the cooldown on hydro pump like i said.

There s a lot of slow things about hydro pump that can be made better and that potentially vine whip. Could augment in some kind of way. And i think you could be possible like if there s some vine whip. People out there try at least like vine whip.

With the hydro pump. And then seeing if that s what it takes to actually start beating up on all these full hydro pump teams. But i m just not seeing it and then that s not even talking about like other things because if we re talking about best you know we just talking about raw. What bin s in game under perfect scenario.

But that s just not how this game plays. This game is a complete freemium app. Game orangy madness. Fest and getting the right pokemon is a major factor in the game.

That it can take an absurd amount of time to near impossibility to get the right bulbasaur to get a full perfect vine whip team the hydro pump is also pretty tricky like i said because we are looking for that move way down. But the resources involved with getting a bulbasaur the time that it takes. Because if we re gonna be making a very good or special recipe that takes longer than the normal recipe for the star. You and then the victreebel adjust the victreebel just doesn t work and in my experience.

I just feel like that s it can t have like give me the victory on the weepinbell with vine whip..

Just takes too many resources. Because the only way that you get it is through the yellow normal recipe and then like trying to get rerolls and stuff. It s just very annoying. I think it is one way of putting it so in my experience you know getting vine whip on specific boat or at least on the weepinbell was a lot more frustrating.

The bulbasaur wasn t too bad. I m saying that getting violent upon the bulbasaur is less frustrating than me than getting like a correct story or something. But it s still like not better. So.

Let s see what happens wow like. See and then we just get a straight up 94000. Crit. Right.

There. And i m going to try the double whack whack on star. Me. But the thing is the thing.

I learned is that you can t double whack whack on the hydro pump. Because you move too far away. Then starmie already being arranged pokemon means. We re gonna start pushing ourselves out of range and then it s hard to kind of make up for that so i m just gonna let this butterfree go down to auto attacks and like i guess maybe.

If we got like perfect hydro pumps to wear maybe bulbasaur was getting knocked back. And then chased by other pokemon and machop is also getting knocked back as well because in like one round of moves in theory. It s there and then if like the actually also no thing to consider is that if we had a stronger bulbasaur. Remember we re losing half of our damage compared to like an optimal bulbasaur.

So maybe that s it like if you have that perfect bulbasaur. Which means if you only won for one good bulbasaur instead of two it seems more likely in this this is my workout. Because now the starmie is getting chased down as we re trying to get all these other attacks in and then everything s hitting and imagine bulbasaur you know one shopping zapdos whilst. Army is taking care of the other pokemon and then we get that attack in there.

So that s this why think like the full hydro pump that already has like insane world record times. What was the fast time i think we re at like a minute so i think is it possible to get sub one minute with the vine whip plus a hydro pump potentially if you have like the best vine whip pokemon and maybe running the triple like this could work except we just got wiped out by something and i wasn t paying attention that s just bad orangie from youtube. When you re like just launches the attack it like perfectly wrecks all your pokemon. But i think we would have finished off all those waves a couple seconds faster if we had just a bulbasaur contributing to a one shot whilst armies using backup and then you re gambling on this double whack whack stone just to make the legendary bird fight consistent and that s kind of it so overall hydra pumps still better vine whip integration if you are really dedicated might have the results and then i guess if like something takes the leaderboard so i feel like you know full vine whip team not gonna take the leaderboard.

It s not gonna be top three. It just it has the damage. It just doesn t have the consistency doesn t have the team wiping that we see from the hydro pump. But maybe taking the best of both worlds could be a first place and if that happens definitely gonna do the update but as it stands hydro pumps the best maybe with johto if we get like a better vine whip pokemon maybe if there s like i don t even know if they d buff find one because it s already the second best move like easily second best move better than hydro pump.

I don t think so if a stronger pokemon was introduced or maybe. It s like it s knocked back. It s nerve for some reason it might actually work out but there we go guys that s going to be hydro pump versus vine whip. If you guys enjoyed the video hope you all have a nice day thank you very much for ” .


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