Pokemon Vega ( Rom Hack )

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“Hey what is a fuse and welcome to pokemon vega. This is a romhack that that has been around for a while now but only available in other languages. And s finally available in english. And you can tell from the intro this game is looking actually incredible the way they manage it to animate that p2 slash machoke thing.

That was absolute incredible this is a pokemon game with real pokemon and fake iman and the fake. One actually pretty awesome so let s jump right into. We do not need to see the instructions oh you re finally here welcome to the world of pokemon. My name is holly people refer to me as the po compressor this world.

Well. I should. It s pretty awesome. I like that isn t having it far and wide by creatures called pokemon for some people pokemon are pets.

I was using for battling lovers use their power to help people in danger as for myself. I study people as a profession. But first tell me a little bit about yourself. Now tell me oh you re a boy or a girl.

We are a boy like in the sprite. It s pretty nice and we ll just put our naming quick. I ve seen some screenshots for this romhack. And it does actually look really good kind of glad i got translated because it s because i m not gonna play as a fan game or wrong hack in a different language and obviously now we can play an english and understand what s going on right so you newman s ball yes.

It is oh i like the rival he s starting to become a pokemon ranger. What was his name now okay his name can be hayden that will do uh was it hayden yes. It was that s right. I remember now his name is hayden fault.

See your very own pokemon legend to the battle forward a lot of dreams and adventures with pok mon awaits let s go sounds pretty good alright first things first we are going to show the options take speed to fast don t know what the default is a slow give it a nice green frame. Because uh at this game of kind of greenish the text is a text logos green lets me a potion from here that d be nice one potion cool the sign say so poster notice. If you re confused also help okay don t need help we got two consoles with very rich here super nez. Seung is run on the back of the cartridge hey.

It s me the moss. Clear the nez super mario bros oops. Does your gumbo haha okay let s go get our starters. But see donna shoes.

You ve used up to the point won t work on these snowy roads. So take these got new pair running shoes already sweet or take this to a town map of the toe hawk region get by the way your father was awesome for you i m pretty go see him. Oh my god we got dad in this game. So i want to what this region looks like it s gonna be an art bag as a town map.

There it is so we just looking pretty nice. I guess this will be the league new island pokemon castle ice island by island lightning island. I guess maybe this could be like articuno motorers zapdos or you know the beasts maps looking pretty nice and we are in a snowy village. Hey bugsy over here sorry for bothering you but i need you to come with me to my lab okey dokey when i can keep my dad waiting i guess that s fine walnuts with a starter pokemon are always puts on the right haydn s here in that case i like to ask the two of you to try lala hey.

It s me the moss mos bot. See it s been a while since i last row you oops wrong would be a lot better cooked. Although the spell mistake them. But well and professor who s this strange man oh that s i m the moss.

My name s maas mero. Remember it well because i ll be on the next test. Sorry moz marrow. But could you let me speak for a little while oh okay well there is my old friend.

But see you re familiar with him too right. I say call him over here. Because i need to ask him a favor as well well..


I think we ve gone a bit off track. Let s get to the real issue here. I call the two of you out here. Because i have a favor to ask of each of you first of all you might have heard about this but recently pok mon.

Species first four to appear due to the meteors in hoenn have started to appear here in the to walk region. The reason. Why they start to appear is an interesting research topic in itself the stepping stone to that i d ask you to take an ecological survey of the current pokemon in the tour. Hawk region.

Let s we have the pokedex nice so far the right now this game is really well written. I like i quite like it in order to encourage you to research things. In a fresh new way are we taking care of the poke ball that you used in hoenn here at the lab. I just i guess looking at the hoenn starters.

Nearly next hayden. I ve heard that you re studying to be a pokemon ranger will you deliver this secure dialer to jackie in nephrite city. Our star like is because i m the program ranger games use the stylus to circle. The pokemon pokemon range game.

And so. Long that s what i played was the end the one where you get the manaphy egg for like dominant pole that was years ago. Understood live it to me and now missions that are wait trying to capture pokemon your own would be dangerous. Win.

It i ll give you a room. I ll give you your own pokemon oh and you too of course faulty. Damn right. But thank you a feeling that i m going to be left out of this.

I guess i m out of here. Oh wait what s marrow. I need to give. Ah yes.

Okay. I ll take good care of this. Much merit mission. Start.

Okay. Well. Then vote see and hate him that free people sit on this desk. Look.

Yeah you each have one of them now choose let s see here. I m gonna call from my headquarters booked. It i guess you can choose first sweet. Oh whoa nym leaf looks pretty cool sprout pokemon.

Oh. That looks cool liquid put might choose axe it reminds me of an chaos from a song the hedgehog and oh the pipe pyro. I saw some lies with the eye in the name. Yeah like hi.

Pierre piyo. A pyro. I don t know we re gonna go for the liquid fence. I got a good name for them quote chaos this program is really quite energetic nice give a nickname.

We shall call you chaos there we go chaos that will do you re getting a new leaf. I take this one then all right you should have a nickname fake iman. But i mean what cancels a great nickname for that hey wait up we just got our pokemons have a little battle sounds good i think the next second one i find i m not gonna nickname..


Unless i find a really good nickname for him. But ranger hate him like a battle this thing better volvox. I m pretty cool. What do you use to proven battles aren t you are we gonna do the tutorial like that we know how to do this i got pounding growl so pound.

This thing yeah pound. It hard all critical hit they actually helped out quite a lot level. 6. Sweet guessing you re trained first you do yes.

Excellent. If you win. You earn prize money and your program will grow sweet. Well.

I d better get going we meet again sometime mission star. Okay. So i guess we just go explore the region now get buy some home go find out dad wherever our dad s gonna be let s go talk to some people in tow hook. There are a lot of problems calls for the snow.

But when rangers are really important here that s good to know this be our dad up here. I mean it looks a bit toward to be my dad to be honest. I don t know brothers called refer is bad for my old bones. Then don t stand on top of a bit rock.

It s gonna be caught her up there and go inside damn dude. He s being silly what are you doing behind this tree well now a link battle with me sure like the trees that color. The trees and the snow looks really nice. It s actually a fairly warm today compared to what we usually get only needed to buy early into to blankets last night.

I m the sweet route 517 kongo that works we ve got cup. So it looks like we have to go south. I should cook. The professor s he will all go i mean just got a find how in pokemon.

I guess okay let s go exploring was there a way to go right was just south. We have to go looking you re right route 501. I guess the route start of 500. So i i guess this should be the right way to go so cooking.

We can fire round here after we get this a nice potion sweet in one battle. I guess not did i put on this grass. There we go whoa a glut child. I kind of want one tell me it could be like a pre evolution of like glalie or snow run.

But make sense they would it mean snow runs revolution alele. But i start from the window. You came out of porcello town. A single pokemon must be a rookie trainer right you can have these if you want got five poker or sweet thank you haha hold capricorn you need pokeballs.

However don t just throw one immediately you need to weaken. It first then throw the ball okay a secret to catching pok mon lads. All right let s see what we can find i might catch that a glut shy old halo. I want tail.

Oh that s boring and their tail. Oh just on the xp. What battle or anything. Oh eyes met that s about it okay.

Cool. What do you have taillow that s what we want to see one sees a thick iman. I want another taillow hearts fun okay one wanting to heal up as well..


But got potions. So i m gonna take one more here just quickly as a potion. Okay go chow let s capture. This and hook will go cool all right what is this if it senses danger.

It will borrow into the snow and wait in the meantime. It will live a diet of snow haha sounds cool. I like the air the purple background for this because ice type obviously i mean i got a guess. That s what clear body and pound okay so i m cold.

I m really calling do this you do what togepi. I m going to kick your bubbles. After this battle will heal up once the chaos is level 10 rm start train like bill child up bam. There we go so one let s come here.

I m gonna follow these trains cuz they have some fake iman. But from the look of it they re all going to have hoenn pokemon well taupe is not exactly heaven still. Hank oh. What s the thinking on that man stop protecting pineco.

If you have no a double protect. I swear okay that would give good that s that will hit you i ll hit you pineco so looks like this talos and glove child s you can find around here maybe a pinecone or two. I m guessing like kid add. One local child s ah so we can fight this kid.

First. Yeah. I battle with the new pokemon. I found recently google child well one more pound bam level.

10. The child icicle child watches switch back just to get the xp mean otherwise. I m definitely a die again surfing. You re a level okay well we made it to route 502.

Some of this be a town to want to heal up. But new route probably new pokemon nope still uh still talos you don t forgot a child just do best switch training. I guess yeah up that way we can go this way no matter. How cold it may be i will remain devoted to shorts.

Okay man good luck with that i just got the town map. In a second. See a where route three or five oh. Four years and then we just head towards that way well whatever talents put in between hello and back into chaos.

One more bubble. There we go okay. I only go back up this way because i guys hearing my blocking this way. Oh.

No it s just a dead end okay for the dark weather. It s gonna be going to the bathroom at night or entering a dark cave. That s the same way here take this hey. I ve got flash already okay cool.

I mean probably gonna need that but was not gonna get hey champ so early on yeah i got my pogrom battle depends partly on luck you re not wrong there to be honest that s one of the reasons. I stopped doing wi fi battles. I had this game in the bag. I was gonna win and then oh just got absolutely haxed out of my butt look like paralyzed paralyzed like confused froze at home.

I got like all the hack secret petition potentially get he got it was awful it was awful. But me it s about the game let s go down that way and kisses a little entrance. We can go down was a football then double battle..


I would get make sure with this lead to deceive new area. Do you know janaka s city. Maybe go down here. Oh no this way.

We came so this should be two janaka study. I think my store battle which i m fine with make sure we do not lose a child just yet almost there. But we should finish it both off sweet the child over five and what we got here we got a lovely polka ball totally worth it and more people to fight so if i i don t know what my depth. My objective is at the moment except for just fine humming pokemon.

But i guess we get to the next town and something will happen if this pinecone stops protecting i mean damn so mike oh so annoying i hate you panko. I hate you i can get up that way find that girl i ll go right. What s down here. Nothing okay go check this place so we can go this way.

What doesn t peel. I guess i free stuff. I want a battle of a strong trainer. A strong trainer.

How long s been happening recently. It s boring. Oh that s cold. I m sensitive a cold.

So i want something to warm me up. Oh yeah. That s nice but uh watch. I do around here iso is okay the city next.

So we ll go this way notice is more root. 5 over 2 still ok when we gonna get to other town. So if i just been battling trainers and stuff it started off good. But now i don t know what i m doing oh god i might end up dying.

It s gonna stick in with chaos and uh hit it once double protect wait for her to protect they go protect again and then we finish it off and then i run home. So we don t need pushers left ovary one i better use it i got poisoned and i m gonna hang out to hit it with ya this is bad bad i m gonna lose to this. Oh wow. I can t beat this thing so i lose.

I guess we have to come back to when i actually get here okay. We are back here if this way leads back to 502 let s go up this way over here. And see where it leads 514 and when you cut to go this way as well okay raven plumes city this game just kind of froze you out they have to go explore yourself. Which i kind of like i guess once we get some hm like cut and rock smash.

We can go different places gotta fight this kid again this time i am not losing learn powder snow so we re just going to destroy a good child just paleness she really switched out. But there must be a hound out so good hiker. We can take out with how to slow really easy turn it around that killed me because i could not kill it aha. We re good now so hopefully we ll be near a town everyone there s nothing up so this whole region covered in snow looks like it might be all the poop.

My center looks pretty nice awesome well i forgot and this part right here next was sewed. We re gonna explore this town and find out what we got to do maybe. It s a do we take. Jim s on this game.

Maybe um means badger slots. So maybe i have no idea what i m doing. But the guys watching i ll see you next time have a great day ” ..


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