Pokemon X and Y – How To Get Heart Scales

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“Morning. Everybody good morning is jp up yet and today. I m going to be be showing you guys how to get some heart scales on pokemon x. Y.

Now kalos region. Does not have as many hard scales lying around and random places. As unova did and after my you know my what somebody called yeah. The how do your pokemon to level 100 easily.

In x y video of people asking oh yeah i m a competitive valor. I m a pokemon lose moves in the daycare..

So how am i gonna get it back with the hard scales and whatnot just talking this guy right here. Believe. It was and he will give you an old ride. Now it has to be an old ride not a good rod.

Not a super rod nearly two gets too broad in this game. I don t even know cuz. I haven t gotten one yet. There s so many things i don t know about this game right now.

But anyway. What you wanna do is just gonna come right here to this route and you want to use your freakin rod right here and just wait it out alright so that one was a bust..

But it s okay. It s gonna keep on casting out lower now the only thing that will appear on this route. If you use an old rod is they ll of disc. If you using a good rod.

Then you will find a star you or you know a clauncher. It s not that good of a deal. So you re gonna just reel listen. It s gonna be a love disc and some of these love discs will be holding hard scales.

Something will not now you can get the tm for thief. Very early in the game trouble net not so much you don t need a treadmill you can get any book..

Among the know speed just to sleep on this love disc. It might have a hard scale. I might not we re just gonna see and hopefully it does it ll tell you if you did steal something from the love disc safe. There.

It is trevenant stole the hook. They love disc sub hard skills. So that s all you guys need or no. There you go.

That is how you easily get hard scales in this game. Thank us for watching this video be sure to rate comment and subscribe for more guides..

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This helped you guys drop a comment down below if this did or did not help you just sum your feedback and yeah. I will see you guys in the next ” ..

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