Popsocket unboxing and review

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“Guys so today. I got this in the mail. And it s a pot socket. Socket.

So i ordered some from the website. I ll make sure i leave them under description box below so i m going to unbox. It and so let s get started okay so i got my scissors. And i got the phone cases that i m gonna put the pot sockets on so i m going to opened.


It okay so it comes with a little tiny paper that shows like that s like a receipt. Okay. So this is one that i got it s a little galaxy. So it just slides off so excited and i m going to put this one on the black phone case and then this one is not for me.

It s for ali so for christmas. I m not going to open that one and then this is a personalized one that i got and then actually that s my dog right there. So i just got this up middle color. Is um yellow and then the base.


I just got black and so i m putting that one on this one and then i also got a little pop clip. So i m really excited to try that out and i m gonna put that in my room. So now so it s kind of sticky already. But i know that you have to peel the stuff off.

But i m going to see how i like it first so we think hmmm like here. So you just kind of feel at all oh. So it rocks. Only good so now.


I m going to put this one on so i m using the first one as a guide. So now we go okay. So this is what it looks like on the phone. So it pops.

The ones like that and then it pops again so this i really like this one on the phone and that s i just got a black. So it s really good for like texting or pictures or musically and then mason s my dog so it s all fun to like play with them and just be like and i m like kind of go slant. It so you could watch videos. See you like that to watch videos like that it s really fun also i got the poc split and so basically what this does i m not gonna mount it yet.


But so basically you ve mounted on the wall. And you just slide your phone put the pop socket out like that you slide it so it s like that on the wall. And you just slide it in and then hold your phone. So you could do it on earth you could do it on your car or in your room or anyplace on any wall.

And so so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it make sure you give it a thumbs up comment down below and ” ..

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