Possibly The Best Keyboard for Mac Users – Azio MK Mac Mechanical Keyboard

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“Guys today we re going to be talking about clickety clack and driving people crazy crazy doing your typing. Because mechanical keyboards are awesome that they are annoying to some just be honest with each other here hey guys so today is part two of the series i m doing on all the products. I used when i upgraded my desk back a little bit ago so today we re doing the ezio mk mac mechanical keyboard so the reason i upgraded was i love the look of the old mac keyboard the wireless. Very clean very crisp normal mac kind of stuff but they re the keys are so flat.

It doesn t give you a lot of tactile feedback. When you re typing. And it s a tiny keyboard. So it doesn t have a full 10 key off to the side and for productivity reasons.

A full size keyboard with some tactile feedback. It s just way way better. So that s why i decided to upgrade to this seo. It s one of the only mac keyboards out there that has the mac layout.

That s mechanical that looks sweet. It s designed almost exactly like the old school mac keyboards from back in the day. I found this keyboard. Because lou on unbox therapy.


When my favorite unbox review youtube guys had talked about it so i had to gorder. It and i have to say i ve been thrilled with it so let s get down to the brass tacks on this keyboard. So the a zo keyboard is a mechanical keyboard. It has brown k switches.

Which give you that nice tactile clickety clack. It is a full size keyboard with a full 10 key. It is mac layout. So it has your expose your dashboard your brightness controls.

Etc. Etc. It has an aluminum faceplate with a vblast finish. Which i think looks clean af it looks really good blends really well with a mac kind of setup.

It s just the kind of brushed aluminum finish. Mac has a lot of their stuff this goes right along with it it matches. Very nice it does have a cool little dedicated rolling wheel for your sound. That is very useful for turning the sound up and down quickly.


And you also can push it down to mute. It it has a detachable palm rest. Which is very easy to take on and off. I prefer to use it because i feel like it put your hands at a much better angle for typing.

But you wouldn t have to if you really like that minimalistic look. However it is white and i think it still goes along with everything really great the one i have here is the wired version. Which does have a braided usb cable that goes to your computer. And it is backlit.

I got this one because i think the backlighting is sweet and it helps in a dim environment at night. When i m doing editing stuff to have those backlit keys to be able to see things a little easier and let s be honest it just looks dope. So yeah. This does come in a wireless version also however.

I m not going to put in on that one because it has some negative reviews online about losing connectivity. I can t confirm or deny i haven t i don t have or have i tested the wireless version. I didn t want the wireless version anyway though because the wireless version is not backlit. So yeah they have a wireless version with no backlighting and the wired version has a braided usb cable and does have backlighting.


This mechanical keyboard does have the brown case witches which are kind of middle in the road on the clickity clack. I think the blue ones are way more clicky if i m not mistaken so i don t know it s not terribly terribly loud. But it does produce a nice tactile feedback little sample right here overall been very happy this keyboard. Like i said.

It s well made it s got nice rubber pads on the bottom. So it s very grippy on your desk has enough weight to it because of that aluminum faceplate that it feels solid. When it s sitting on your desk. It doesn t slide around it feels well made well put together.

I ve had no issues with it having a full 10 key has really helped me with productivity. When i m typing in numbers. It s much quicker having the full layout for you for me to map different shortcuts and stuff and premiere pro has been hugely useful and i actually really love the little scroll wheel for turning the volume up and down. It s a very fast way to get the volume up and down you can tap it real quick and it mutes it i ve been extremely pleased with it you can adjust the level of the backlighting up and down.

I keep mine on max like i said is the backlight necessary absolutely not but it does look cool so and at night. I feel like it does help when it s dim or in the evenings. When i have a lot of lights down it does help you see those keys a little better if you ve never used a mechanical keyboard i suggest you give it a try most people when they first hear the clicking think it s a little annoying. But then after they type on it they re addicted.


I had a friend of ours jason and lane were here a couple weeks ago. And she used it and then she went home and ordered one because there is something addictive about that tactile feedback of the clicking the clicking keys that really just it s satisfying. I don t know what it is it s weird. It s a satisfying kind of thing to get that feedback and hear that clicking when you re typing.

So yeah guys that s it on the keyboard this was a short one. But it s just a keyboard. So there s not too too much to talk about but like i said. I ve been extremely happy with it if you re looking for mechanical keyboard i suggest you look into this one that if you haven t ever used a mechanical keyboard i suggest you try one i think they re addictive and they re awesome alright guys.

That s it for me today if you have any questions that i didn t cover please feel free to ask below and i ll answer them to the best of my ability hopefully this video is useful if it was please feel free to like share subscribe. If you haven t already and we will see you guys in the next video. ” ..


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