Prime Lens Comparison! 24mm vs 35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm vs 135mm

canon prime lenses This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Prime Lens Comparison! 24mm vs 35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm vs 135mm. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everyone in today s video. We are going to be doing a photo shoot with with every single prime lens that i earn so you guys can see the differences frickle lengths. When it comes to portrait photography. So we re going to be using the 24.

The 35 the 50 the 85 and the 135. We re gonna do a bunch of different tests shoot some full body photos some close up photos. Some mid length portraits. So you can see the differences between each of these lenses.

If you re stuck on what to get next or maybe you re stuck on which first prime lens. You should add to your kit. So we have so many photos to get through so we re gonna get started so the first test that we re going to do is with myself and madeline. The models standing in the same position.

So you can get a clear indication of all the differences of the focal length. And we are going to start with the widest and work our way up from there so the first. Lens i m using is the sigma 24. 14 and now we re gonna move on to the canon.

35. Mil 14..

Mike to camera will be my. Marker so. Now i m using the canon 50mm. 12 now i m shooting with the canon 85mm ito 12.

So the last ones that i m using is the canon 1 35. Millimeter f2. So now for the next test. I m going to get the model medellin and myself to move around to work to the strengths of each of these lenses.

So again. We re gonna start from the bottom at the 24 and work our way up to the 135 this time with full body shots with madeline filling up the frames. So start with oh. I have to be like really close to get a full body shot with this one okay for full body portraits.

I find that the 24 and 35 have too much distortion makes lens. The 50 is a nice in between focal length. If you don t want that distortion. But you also don t want your photo to look too.

Perfect. Oh wow..

I ll slowly start getting like further and further away. So. I m now in the 85. I m starting to get a lot further away to be able to get a full body shot and then the last ones that we re gonna use is the 135 and this one i need to be standing in a different suburb to be able to shoot a full body photo.

But we re gonna see how the photos turn out the 85 and 135 are by far. My favorites for full length shots both lenses have great compression amazing background to foreground separation. And there is no distortion now. We re gonna try is the mid length landscape photos.

Which is a very popular composition for me. It s one of my favorite with these shots. I find that personal style and taste comes a lot into play with which lens is better. So me.

The 24 has a really cool editorial high fashion kind of look with mid length portraits. The distortion of the 24 can work to your advantage to create some interesting shots. If the 24 has too much distortion for your liking. The 35 has a similar editorial look.

But it s more flattering for your subject. The swell effect in the background is in full swing with the 15 mid length portraits..

Which i find can be a bit distracting in your photos. Depending on what you re going for the 85. Is becoming a pattern for beautiful portraits. The background separation helps your subject pop in the further.

The bucket is stunning and the compression looks really true to life finally. The 135 has the most extreme background separation. Which is perfect. If you re going for a dreamy look with your photos.

I love the compression of these middling shots with this lens as well the last thing. We re going to try as close up fritters as possible in portrait moon. So i m gonna get really close for this one adding in the close up shots to round up all of our tests. You can really start to see how the 24 is not a super versatile lens while the middling shots can have an interesting look to them close ups and full length shots are quite unflattering as this lens for this focal length.

Really distorts faces the 35 has quite a lot of distortion with close up portraits as well but for me personally. It s just enough that you can get away with it especially. If you frame your subject closer to the center of the frame with some negative space at the top. The 50mm again is another great in between lens.

You have a small amount of distortion in your portraits. But rather than feeling like a perfect headshot lens..

It has a more relaxed look. The 85 surprise surprise is a beautiful lens for extreme closeup portraits. The lack of distortion as well as the background. Foreground separation can render.

Some amazing photos. My favorite for close ups of surgery. Oh yeah. That one is a good button and finally the 135 this lens has a similar look to the 85.

But allows you to shoot even closer to your subject and really pulls out the background almost completely. It s perfect. If you re shooting in a busy or less than ideal location. So those are all the tests that we re going to do today with all my prime lenses.

I really hope you guys enjoyed watching today s video and seeing the difference between all these focal lengths. I would love to hear from you guys in the comments. Which ones were your favorite or which ones are your favorite prime lenses and for what reason as you guys know the 35 is my favorite prime lens for portrait photography. But i just want to say thank you so much for watching i make new videos every single wednesday.

So i will ” ..

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