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“Essential to turntable is an updated version of their very popular essential model. While the the original essential was already a beautiful turntable boasting excellent build quality and sound they upgraded the essential tool with a new more robust tone arm design and upgraded the cartridge from an order phone om 3e to the om 5e cartridge inside the box you get the turntable base one slip mat. One drive belt two counterweight. A 45 adapter and she ll weight.

A cartridge alignment protractor. An allen wrench. The antis gateway. The power adapter and the dust cover.


Which is not shown before getting started. It s important to note. Turntables are delicate and we recommend using the utmost care. While assembling them place.

The box on a solid flat surface and make sure not to throw anything away just yet. There could be crucial accessories hidden inside the phone place the turntable on a level surface and we will begin by removing the cardboard insert between the body and the platter. This is installed to ensure there is no movement while being shipped simply grab it from both corners and slide. It towards the front of the turntable next.


We will apply the drive belt this can be a little tricky. But just take your time and be sure not to stretch the belt. Too much we recommend starting from the pulley on the top left corner. And with two hands anchor the belt on one side of the platter.

While the other slowly fits the rest of the belt around one of the greatest features on the essential. Two is the exposed pulley system. Allowing a quick change of speed by moving the belt from top to bottom or 33 to 45 rpms. You can go ahead and place the slip mat onto the platter.


Now as well up next. We will apply the tonearm counterweight face the dial side towards the front of the turntable and with a gentle twisting motion. Apply the counterweight to the back of the tonearm assembly for further details on how to properly calibrate the counterweight. Please refer to the user manual.

While we re at it you should not place. The anti scale weight on the tonearm as well. Please note. The three notches on the back of the tonearm depending on the weight of the cartridge each notch applies to this and again to properly calibrate refer to the user manual for further.


Detailed instructions and finally we will place a dust cover onto the turntable by aligning. The hinges with the slots on the dust cover and gently push down until. It s stunningly fit projects essential to turntable is the obvious choice for those wanting to break into the audiophile world and keep to their budget. It comes at black white and red and is available at turntable app comm.

” ..

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