ProLiant Gen9: Tour of a DL360 Gen9 Server

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“Everyone my name is john bus. Heart. I m. An hp solution.

Center. Engineer. For for ingram. Micro.

Help support servers late systems storage. As well as networking. Technology. Solutions.

Hp in this series of videos were exploring the proliant generation 9 line of servers. What i like to do my videos is like to show you a slide from a popular powerpoint and then explain to you what that means within a management interface today. I ve chosen a proliant dl360p. 9 server now this systems been re unboxed but i still thought there d be a little bit of value and exploring this system in its components.

The system. I have is going to be a little bit different than what you re seeing on the screen. The system on the screen has 8 small form factor hard drives as well as an optical drive now there are different drive configuration options you can get for this system such as you could remove the optical drive. And have 10 small form factor drives or the system.

You ll be looking at today from me. It ll have 4 large form factor drives so typically you re going to be seeing the configuration of what you see on the screen. But i still thought again there was some value in showing you this system alright..


So this the l 360. This is a 1u version of another system that we ve talked about which is a dl380 gen9 server. So it still uses the same chipset as well as processors so we still have the ability to get up to three quarters of a terabyte of ram as well as processors with up to 18 cores each or 36 cores per system. So with that being said let s explore the system okay here s the front of our dl360 gen9 server.

This system is configured with four large form factor hard drives all right so certainly. It s more typical to see small form factor hard drives in the system. But you know they do have options to put large form factor drive. This is what one of the large form factor drives looks like it s very similar to looking to feel as a small form per hectare hard drives.

But obviously. It s it s a little bit larger. There s only one drive in the system. Because it came out of a big data implementation and their redundancy came out of the scale of the solution rather than the internal drives so some other things that are here here is your eye low information.

As well as your serial number and over. Here you ve got some diagnostic leds as well as a usb 30. Port alright. So that s the part of the system let s take a look at the back okay.

This is the back of our dl360 gen9 server right over here is the location for our power supplies this little purple here means hot plug ability. I m at this port wine color as they like to say. And it doesn t snow good right now cuz. I only have one power supply installed.

But i could install a second power supply in this day. If i felt like it i could do that easily by removing this filler panel and installing this drive. So all the gen9 servers..


The 300 series gen9 service take this power supply. So you have the ability to stock. This one part and give out yourself an extra power supply inside your stockroom it ll slide right in. There so some other things we have pci express 30.

Slots you can have up to three of them inside our system right this one s full light and we ve got two that are half pipe. Something else we have our vga port over here. We have for one gig network adapters built onto the motherboard over here we have our dedicated out of band management port our ilo. We wanted the optional serial port.

We could put that here as well as some usb ports and if we wanted to add some more onboard network adapters. We could do that here through a flex lamp slot. And we ll talk a little bit about that once we get in on the inside of this this server. Okay.

This is the top of our dl360 gen9 server before we go inside. I would like to point out this little sticker here you may have seen some marketing material on there the sticker says try the first terabyte on us. And what it is is the free license for a store virtual vsa sande appliance. So virtual santa planets.

Something i would suggest looking into it s a pretty good value that they give it to you for free. It s a nice piece of software with that being said. Let s open this up so right here is the lower pull that back and then one of the things i like to point out right away on the back of the cover on all hp servers is some valuable information on the day to day maintenance of the system such as configuring ram dip switches and whatnot. So.

This is the inside of the system. Again. These are the two power supplies that we installed over here these are the system fans again they re all that port wine purple color..


So we could remove them while the system is on up and running that s one of the fans. And there s the connector could set that over here these are the two processors obviously. These are the memory banks associated with these two processors. I m some other things to point out is here s a micro sd card slot as well as a couple.

Internal usb ports. This is our first riser board. Let me pull that out the tools that are needed for that and we could see that it s got one riser on this side. Which is an 8 x.

Slot. And if we flip it over. We ve got a 16 x. Slot on the other side all right.

So. This is to says will come naturally with the system well by the expansion card and install it in here. And i can get a third riser and this over here. Okay.

I ve come on go along with that now this empty space. Here is for the flex l. amour. The flex lana and motherboard.

So a server definitely comes with four integrated one gigabit adapters. But i have the ability to add an extra adapter and this is actually what a flex lom card looks like all right. And this one here is actually a two port 10 gig based t adapters..


But they have four port one gig. Adapter. So you could have a total of eight gig down on the motherboard or the obviously they have ten gig firebase adapters. As well so this is pretty easy to install i ve already taken apart the back maintenance plate.

But after you do that you re just going to fit this guy in here and push down on little blue lovers. And it s in there. And then you ve got to tighten it up with one thumb screw now. I told you this system was a part of a scale out cluster solution.

So you know it s that it doesn t have any raid controller. The raid controller would go right here. And it s it s an option that you can add on or leave off this guy s kind of has the one hard drive connected to the motherboard. I ve taken a raid controller from from that dl380 that we are looking at so.

It s the same raid controller that goes in this system. There s the connector here here. And this is a p4 48 hour adapter and all we do is is plug this guy in here. There s a couple rubber stoppers.

We need to pull out first though let me grab those set this down i plugged it in and then we would now it comes with an optional longer cable. I didn t grab that from the other server. But you take that you d plug that guy in there if you want it to so so. But it s really easy to install again you just screw that down again.

That s the adapter itself system goes together pretty easily all right so that s a quick tour of a dl360 gen9 server. I hope you enjoy this ” ..

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