PS3 vs PS4 2018 Should you buy a PS3?

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“Guys welcome back to my technology channel today we have the ps3 and the ps4 ps4 and we re gonna be talking about the ps3 and if it s worth it in 2018. Now. As you know the ps3 has been on for over like 13 years or something like that and the ps4 has been on for about four and a half years. Maybe even more than that and i still have a ps3.

It s right here. I haven t used it in like four years ever since the ps4 came out so i m wondering if it s still a good purchase in 2018 as always make sure to leave a like leave a comment down below. And maybe consider subscribing looking at the ps3. A to notice that the ports on the back are not completely old it has usb ports.

An ethernet port hdmi port and an optical port if you look at the ps4 ports. The same ones or presents. So you have newer technology like headsets. They should be compatible with the ps3.

I made a video a couple months back. Where i tried using my turtlebeach stealth 700 on ps3 and it did work everything. Except for the microphone worked for most people that s perfectly fine. I have a ps3 super slim with me here and the design of it isn t the best the sliding door that hides the disc makes this look even older than it is the regular ps3 slim.

However it could still fit in with the newer consoles in my opinion. They perform the same at the end of the day probably the biggest thing that will help you decide if you want a ps3 or not in 2018 is the games available and their prices. There s a library of thousands of games that have been released for ps3 you can buy pretty much all of them used for less than 20 each of course you can probably find some really good games under 10 during holidays when playstation has sells like three weeks ago. I bought the order 1886 and need for speed on ps4 for nine dollars combined.


If i could do that on ps4 imagine what you can do on ps3. I know someone who s played ps4 or xbox. One will probably not want to go back to the graphics of the older consoles so one of the reasons. Someone would want to go back is the memory.

Many times. I ve felt like going back and playing games like the first call of duty black ops modern warfare. 3. Other games like resident evil.

5. And 6. I ve already purchased on ps4 because of that reason if we re talking about ps2 or even gamecube. I ve purchased resident evil.

4. On ps3 and now on ps4 and i ve passed it on each console at least three times. There are just some games you want to keep on playing that are only available on older consoles that would be a reason to have a ps3 if you ve never owned a console. And you want to play some games to spend some time.

And don t really mind not having the latest things then the ps3 can help you save some money while offering some really good titles to play. However if you do own a ps4 and didn t experience. The older consoles like many youngsters. Nowadays then one doesn t really make sense.


I plugged mine in and played battlefield. 4. Which had great graphics back in the day and man do they look bad. I could see someone who has the ps4 is their first console and play ps3 for first time and immediately go back to ps4.

One thing that will immediately cancel out any plans of buying a ps3 is the service playstation now on playstation now you can pretty much play all the best games for ps3 and even ps2 on your ps4 for like 10 a month. Actually feel like getting the ps now service. Just to play the god of war games and red dead redemption in one console. If you like just having one console for everything then get a ps4 and the playstation now subscription.

And you re all set. This is not a sponsored video by the way sure seems like it i know this videos about playstation. But the xbox has backwards compatibility with many great games which really defeats. The purpose of getting older consoles in that case.

I see no reason why someone would get a ps3 or an xbox 360. For that matter earlier. I mentioned how i wanted to go back and play the older call of duty games. I wanted to play multiplayer.

Which brings me to my next point. Many if not all games on the older consoles don t have multiplayer support anymore. If the server s are still up there either empty or run by hackers. Which is just no fun.


If you just want to play a game. And remember the good times. It s best to just move on by the way you don t have to use it as a gaming console. At all a console.

Like the ps3. Slim has a blu ray player in it. So you can watch some good movies. On there.

You can also download netflix and hulu. And just binge. Watch personally. I still love the ps3 console.

Some of my best gaming memories have been on the ps3. I would still have one around. But i probably won t have it plugged in since you could do pretty much everything on ps4 and the ps3 would probably be used like once a year. But just having it opens and possibility to go back for a bit if you want to buy one.

I m sure you could find one with loads of games on sites like ebay for very cheap so to conclude this video an older console. Like the ps3 would not make sense to own in 2018 because most of the good games worth playing today are already available on the ps4. Either remastered or through the playstation now service. The ps3.


Only makes sense if you re going to use it as a dvd player for services like netflix and hulu or just watching movies and also if you just wanted to remind you of the good old times. It wouldn t make sense if you already have a ps4 and have never owned a ps3 in that case. Why play older games with older graphics. You probably will just go back to your ps4 after a day or two anyway.

That s it for this video make sure to leave a like tell me in the comment section. Below. If you still own a ps3 or an xbox 360. Or maybe.

Ps. 2 or something older than that. And if you still play. It regularly also maybe consider subscribing it really helps out the channel.

Thank you guys for watching. And i ll see you guys in the next video. ” ..


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